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Polymer Journal
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Fine Dispersion and Property Differentiation of Nanoscale Silicate Platelets and Spheres in Epoxy Nanocomposites
( pp.239 - 245 )
Chien-Chia Chu1), Jiang-Jen Lin1), Chang-Ru Shiu1) and Chang-Chin Kwan2)

Synthesis and Photochemical Reaction of Poly(ester)s Containing Donor–Acceptor Type Norbornadiene Residues in the Both Main and Side Chains
( pp.246 - 254 )
Yoshitomo Ono1), Naoyuki Kawashima1), Hiroto Kudo1), Takabumi Nagai2) and Tadatomi Nishikubo1)

Structure, Solution Aggregation and UV Curing of Hyperbranched Poly(ester-amine)s with Terminal Acrylate Groups
( pp.255 - 261 )
Li-Ming Tang1), Yu Fang1) and Ji Feng1)

Ring Opening Polymerization of Oxetane by Use of Silicate Gel of Rare Earth Metal
( pp.262 - 269 )
Osamu Moriya1), Shin-ichi Yamamoto1), Toshio Sugizaki2), Jun Maeda2), Atsuko Kamejima2), Takeo Kumon3) and Toshifumi Kageyama3)

New Negative-type Photosensitive Alkaline-developable Semi-aromatic Polyimides with Low Dielectric Constants Based on Poly(amic acid) from Aromatic Diamine Containing Adamantyl Units and Alicyclic Dianhydrides, A Cross-linker, and A Photoacid Generator
( pp.270 - 276 )
Yasufumi Watanabe1), Yuji Shibasaki1), Shinji Ando1) and Mitsuru Ueda1)

Cholesteric Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers Prepared from Ionic Bis–Olefinic Crosslinking Units
( pp.277 - 283 )
Fan-Bao Meng1), Bao-Yan Zhang1), Qian-Yue Li1) and Ji Qi1)

Synthesis of Dendritic, Non-Kekulé-, and Nondisjoint-type Triphenylmethanes Terminated with Galvinoxyl Radicals
( pp.284 - 293 )
Eiji Fukuzaki1), Naoki Takahashi1), Shingo Imai1), Hiroyuki Nishide1) and Andrzej Rajca2)

Solvent Effect on Junction Size in Syndiotactic Polystyrene Physical Gel
( pp.294 - 298 )
Hidenobu Shimizu, Takuya Wakayama, Risei Wada, Masaru Okabe and Fumihiko Tanaka

Synthesis, Chiroptical Properties, and Chiral Recognition Ability of Optically Active Polymethacrylamides Having Various Tacticities
( pp.299 - 308 )
Kohei Morioka1), Yutaka Isobe1), Shigeki Habaue2) and Yoshio Okamoto1)

Study of a Naturally Drying Lacquer Hybridized with Organic Silane
( pp.309 - 315 )
Rong Lu1), Takayuki Honda1), Takahisa Ishimura1) and Tetsuo Miyakoshi1)

Analysis of Compositional Drift in Methyl Methacrylate and n-Butyl Acrylate Copolymers Synthesized by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Using 13C{1H} NMR Spectroscopy
( pp.316 - 323 )
Ajaib Singh Brar1) and Sukhdeep Kaur1)

Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering from Polystyrene Polymacromonomers in Cyclohexane
( pp.324 - 331 )
Keiji Amitani1), Ken Terao1), Yo Nakamura1) and Takashi Norisuye1)



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