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Polymer Journal
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Several Interesting Fields Exploited through Understanding of Polymeric Effects on Liquid Crystals of Main-Chain Polyesters
( pp.611 - 638 )
Masatoshi Tokita1) and Junji Watanabe1)

Non-Polar Polymer Nanotubes and Nanowires Fabricated by Wetting Anodic Aluminium Oxide Template
( pp.639 - 642 )
Xilin She1), Guojun Song1), Jianjiang Li1), Ping Han1), Shujing Yang1), Wang Shulong1) and Zhi Peng1)

First Cumulant of the Dynamic Structure Factor for Flexible Polymers. Excluded-Volume Effects
( pp.643 - 650 )
Masashi Osa1), Nobuo Sawatari1), Takenao Yoshizaki1) and Hiromi Yamakawa1)

Polymerization of Aniline through Simultaneous Chemical and Electrochemical Routes
( pp.651 - 658 )
Ali Eftekhari1) and Parvaneh Jafarkhani1)

A Comparative Study of Conductive Polypyrrole and Polyaniline Coatings on Electro-Active Papers
( pp.659 - 668 )
Jaehwan Kim1), S. D. Deshpande1)2), Sungryul Yun1) and Qubo Li1)

Fast and Large Stretching Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide (TFSI)-doped Polypyrrole Actuators and Their Applications to Small Devices
( pp.669 - 677 )
Tetsuji Zama1)2), Noboru Tanaka1), Wataru Takashima2) and Keiichi Kaneto2)

Transmission Holographic Gratings Using Siloxane-containing Liquid Crystalline Compounds. Importance of Chemical Structure of Polymer Matrix Components
( pp.678 - 685 )
Man He1), Yeong Hee Cho1) and Yusuke Kawakami1)

The Role of Hard Segments of Aqueous Polyurethane-urea Dispersion in Determining the Colloidal Characteristics and Physical Properties
( pp.686 - 693 )
Tsutomu Tawa1) and Shinzaburo Ito1)

Conversion and Separation Pattern of Lignocellulosic Carbohydrates through the Phase-separation System
( pp.694 - 702 )
Keigo Mikame1) and Masamitsu Funaoka1)

Preparation of Polypyrrole by Emulsion Polymerization Using Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
( pp.703 - 709 )
Masato Amaike1) and Hiroyuki Yamamoto2)

Synthesis of Poly(butylene succinate) and Poly(ethylene succinate) Including Diglycollate Moiety
( pp.710 - 715 )
Akihiro Oishi1), Min Zhang1), Kazuo Nakayama1), Takashi Masuda1) and Yoichi Taguchi1)

Synthesis and Characterization of Main Chain Polyimides Containing Chalcone Derivatives for LC Alignment
( pp.716 - 723 )
Helena Tunell1), Muhammed Selo1), Kent Skarp1) and Jöns Hilborn2)

Influence of Wavelength of Light on Photoinduced Orientation of Azobenzene-Containing Polymethacrylate Film
( pp.724 - 731 )
Emi Uchida1) and Nobuhiro Kawatsuki1)

Template-free Formation of Microspheres Based on Poly(N-methylaniline)
( pp.732 - 736 )
Kei Sanada1), Rahul Patil2), Yousuke Ooyama1), Jun Yano3) and Yutaka Harima1)

Biosynthesis of Terpolythioesters with 3-Mercaptopropionate Unit
( pp.737 - 741 )
Hiroshi Kimura1), Kiminari Mouri1) and Yasutaka Kamei1)



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