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Polymer Journal
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Surface Grafting of Polymers onto Nanoparticles in a Solvent-Free Dry-System and Applications of Polymer-grafted Nanoparticles as Novel Functional Hybrid Materials
( pp.983 - 1000 )
Norio Tsubokawa1)

A Numerical Modeling of Dynamic Curing Process of Tire by Finite Element
( pp.1001 - 1010 )
Xiangqiao Yan1)

Structure and Mechanical Properties of PP/EPDM/Attapulgite Ternary Blends
( pp.1011 - 1017 )
Xiang Gao1), Li-xin Mao1), Ri-guang Jin1), Li-qun Zhang2) and Ming Tian2)

Cross-linking of Grafted Copolymer on Colloidal Silica and Introduction of Surface Amino Group
( pp.1018 - 1024 )
Ju-Hyung Lee1), Bong-Soo Kim1), Jang-Oo Lee1), Sousuke Imaoka2) and Kohji Yoshinaga2)

Nanocables Prepared from Polyamide 66 nanotubes Enveloping Pt nanowires by a Secondary-template Method
( pp.1025 - 1029 )
X. L. She1), G. J. Song1), Z. Peng1), J. J. Li1), C. T. Lim2), E. P. S. Tan2), L. Lv3) and X. S. Zhao3)

Enthalpy Relaxation of Liquid Crystalline Polymer with Cyanobiphenyl Group in the Side Chain: Activation Energy Spectrum Analysis
( pp.1030 - 1039 )
Yutaka Tanaka1)

Biocompatible Hydrogel Formation of Gelatin from Cold Water Fish via Enzymatic Networking
( pp.1040 - 1046 )
Young-Jin Kim1) and Hiroshi Uyama2)

Asymmetric Polymerizations of N-Substituted Maleimides Bearing L-Leucine Ester Derivatives and Chiral Recognition Abilities of Their Polymers
( pp.1047 - 1059 )
Tsutomu Oishi1), Huajing Gao1), Taro Nakamura1), Yukio Isobe1) and Kenjiro Onimura1)

Preparation of Porous PVDF Nanofiber from PVDF/PVP Blend by Electrospray Deposition
( pp.1060 - 1064 )
Muhamad Nasir1), Hidetoshi Matsumoto1), Mie Minagawa1), Akihiko Tanioka1), Tetsuya Danno2) and Hideo Horibe3)

Synthesis of Sugar-Polysiloxane Hybrids Having Rigid Main-Chains and Formation of their Nano Aggregates
( pp.1065 - 1070 )
Koutarou Beppu1), Yoshiro Kaneko1), Jun-ichi Kadokawa1), Hidezo Mori2) and Takehiro Nishikawa2)

A Supramolecular Chiroptical Switch Based on Chitosan and Anionic Porphyrin Complex Film
( pp.1071 - 1077 )
Bo Liao1)2), Ruigang Liu1) and Yong Huang1)3)

Synthesis of Temperature-Responsive Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Hydrogel by Free-Radical Polymerization of Methacrylamide Using Water-Soluble Rigid Polysiloxane Having Acryamido Side-Chains as a Cross-linking Agent
( pp.1078 - 1081 )
Yoshiro Kaneko1), Katsuhiro Noguchi1) and Jun-ichi Kadokawa1)

Phase Diagram of Dilute Micelle Solutions of Polyoxyethylene Alkyl Ethers
( pp.1082 - 1083 )
Yoshiyuki Einaga1)



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