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Polymer Journal
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Development of Fluorinated Polymeric Functional Materials Using Fluorinated Organic Peroxide as Key Material
( pp.637 - 650 )
Hideo Sawada1)

Poly(1-n-octadecylpyrrole) Films with ‘Needle’-like Morphology
( pp.652 - 653 )
Hu Yan1), Yutaka Hattori1), Junichi Fujisato1) and Naoki Toshima1)

Preparation of Polyimide-Silica Nanocomposites from Nanoscale Colloidal Silica
( pp.654 - 658 )
Jiann-Wen Huang1), Ya-Lan Wen2), Chiun-Chia Kang3) and Mou-Yung Yeh4)5)

Photoinduced Holographic Gratings in Azobenzene-Functionalized Poly(amideimide)s
( pp.659 - 669 )
Ewa Schab-Balcerzak1), Anna Sobolewska2), Andrzej Miniewicz2), Jan Jurusik1) and Bozena Jarzabek1)

Formation of β-Phase Crystalline Structure of PVDF Nanofiber by Electrospray Deposition: Additive Effect of Ionic Fluorinated Surfactant
( pp.670 - 674 )
Muhamad Nasir1), Hidetoshi Matsumoto1), Mie Minagawa1), Akihiko Tanioka1), Tetsuya Danno2) and Hideo Horibe3)

Triarylamine-Bearing Poly(1,4-phenylenevinylene): Facile Preparation and Its Durable Aminium Polyradical
( pp.675 - 683 )
Takashi Kurata1), Yong-Jin Pu1) and Hiroyuki Nishide1)

Effects of Static and Dynamic Forces on Surface Viscoelastic Response of Polymer Films in Scanning Viscoelasticity Microscopy
( pp.684 - 689 )
Kei-ichi Akabori1), Keiji Tanaka1), Noriaki Satomi1), Toshihiko Nagamura1), Atsushi Takahara2) and Tisato Kajiyama3)

Synthesis and Properties of Helical Poly(macromonomer) Consisting of Polyacetylene Main Chain and Poly(methyl methacrylate) Side Chains
( pp.690 - 695 )
Masashi Shiotsuki1), Wei Zhang1) and Toshio Masuda1)

Studies on the Thermal Properties and Flame Retardancy of Epoxy Resins Modified with Polysiloxane Containing Organophosphorus and Epoxide Groups
( pp.696 - 702 )
Menghua Hou1)2), Weiqu Liu1), Qianqian Su1)2) and Yunfeng Liu1)2)

Structure and Properties of Low-Substituted Hydroxypropylcellulose Films and Fibers Regenerated from Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide Solution
( pp.703 - 711 )
Miki Kiyose1), Eriko Yamamoto1), Chihiro Yamane1), Takehiko Midorikawa1) and Toshisada Takahashi1)

Preparations of Aromatic Diamine Monomers and Copolyamides Containing Phosphorylcholine Moiety and the Biocompatibility of Copolyamides
( pp.712 - 721 )
Yu Nagase1), Masataka Oku1), Yasuhiko Iwasaki2) and Kazuhiko Ishihara3)

Crystallization Behavior of Polypropylene Filled with Modified Carbon Black
( pp.722 - 730 )
Jing Chen1), Xianhui Li1) and Chifei Wu1)

Synthesis and Property of Poly(arylene sulfone)s Containing 9,9-Diarylfluorene Moiety in the Main Chain
( pp.731 - 736 )
Surasak Seesukphronrarak1) and Toshikazu Takata1)

Micromorphology Memory in Amphiphilic Polypeptides
( pp.737 - 744 )
Tatsuo Kaneko1), Taiki Shimokuri1), Shinji Tanaka1)2) and Mitsuru Akashi1)

Polymer Possessing Diaza-18-crown 6-Ether Linked by π-Conjugated Aminopenta-2,4-dienylidene Groups Generated by Ring-opening of Pyridinium Ring
( pp.745 - 748 )
Isao Yamaguchi1), Saki Shingai1) and Moriyuki Sato1)



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