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Polymer Journal
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Molecular Motion in Amorphous Polyurethane
( pp.115 - 119 )
Masanobu Nagura1) and Eiichi Wada1)

An After-Effect of Pressure to the ESR Spectra of Irradiated PMMA
( pp.120 - 123 )
Joseph Tino1) and Ferenc Szocs1)

Determination of the Sequence Distribution of Chlorines in Chlorinated Polyethylenes with the Aid of Monte Carlo Simulation
( pp.124 - 135 )
Takanori Saito1) and Yukihiro Matsumura1)

Radiation-Induced Heterogeneous Polymerization. I. Kinetic Study of Bulk Polymerization of Acrylonitrile
( pp.136 - 142 )
Takeshi Wada1), Terutaka Watanabe1) and Masaaki Takehisa1)

Antiplasticization in the Slightly Plasticized Poly(vinyl chloride)
( pp.143 - 153 )
Noriyuki Kinjo1) and Tsurutaro Nakagawa1)

The Effects of High-Molecular-Weight Components on the Viscoelastic Properties of Polystyrene
( pp.154 - 162 )
W. M. Prest, Jr.1) and Roger S. Porter1)

Blending Laws for High-Molecular-Weight Polymer Melts
( pp.163 - 171 )
W. M. Prest, Jr.1)

Structural Studies of Polyformals, [–OCH2O–(CH2)m–]n. I. Poly (1,3-dioxepane)
( pp.172 - 182 )
Shintaro Sasaki1), Yasuhiro Takahashi1) and Hiroyuki Tadokoro1)

Study of Linear Poly(p-chlorostyrene)–Diluent Systems. II. The Conformations in Poly(p-chlorostyrene)–Endothermic Solvent (ethylbenzene) and Poly(p-chlorostyrene)–Exothermic Solvent (t-butyl acetate) by Light and X-Ray Small-Angle Scatterings
( pp.183 - 193 )
Yoshinobu Izumi1), Kazuyuki Shinbo1), Nobuhisa Kato1), Akio Chiba1) and Yasuhiro Miyake1)

Polymerization of Propiolaldehyde. II. Radical Copolymerization of Propiolaldehyde with Styrene
( pp.194 - 199 )
Kazukiyo Kobayashi1) and Hiroshi Sumitomo1)

Cationic Polymerization of Cyclic Ethers Initiated by Macromolecular Dioxolenium Perchlorate
( pp.200 - 204 )
Yuya Yamashita1) and Kazumasa Chiba1)

Study of Linear Poly(p-chiorostyrene)–Diluent Systems. III. Unperturbed Chain Dimensions in Eleven Theta Solvents
( pp.205 - 212 )
Yoshinobu Izumi1) and Yasuhiro Miyake1)

Spherulites of Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)
( pp.213 - 214 )
Shozo Horikiri1) and Keiko Kodera1)



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