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Polymer Journal
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Photosensitive Ionomer. VI. Image Formation by the Use of Mercurous Copoly(vinyl alcohol–maleate)
( pp.351 - 357 )
Kazuyuki Sugita1), Hisashi Muroga1) and Shin Suzuki1)

Infrared Absorption Spectra of Alternating Copolymers of Butadiene with Acrylonitrile and Deuterated Analogues
( pp.358 - 365 )
Junji Furukawa1), Eiichi Kobayashi2), Kumiko Uratani2), Yutaka Iseda2), Junzo Umemura2) and Tohru Takenaka2)

Synthesis of High Polymers with a Light Absorption Band in the Visible Region by Interfacial Polycondensation Reaction
( pp.366 - 371 )
Motoharu Shiba1), Hidenori Hiramasu1), Hiroto Nakano1), Yasuaki Kawano1), Yoshimichi Shigeri2) and Tamotsu Kondo2)

Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Resins Cured with Aliphatic Amines
( pp.372 - 378 )
Katsuhiko Kanari1) and Takeo Ozawa1)

The Melting Temperature of a Thermally Reversible Gel. II. Ethylene–Vinyl Acetate Copolymer–Organic Solvent Gels
( pp.379 - 384 )
Akira Takahashi1)

Paramagnetically Shifted High-Resolution Proton NMR Spectra of Poly(methyl methacrylate) by the use of Tris(dipiyalomethanato)europium(III).
( pp.385 - 391 )
Shigetoshi Amiya1), Isao Ando1) and Riichirô Chûjô1)

A Proposed Mechanism for the Solid-state Polymerization of Cyclic Monomers in Lattice Defects
( pp.392 - 400 )
Geoffrey Charles Eastmond1)

The Effects of Magnetic Fields on the Structure of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals of Polypeptides
( pp.401 - 408 )
Eisaku Iizuka1)

Excluded-Volume Effects in Dilute Polymer Solutions. V. Butyl Rubber in Various Solvents
( pp.409 - 420 )
Toshiya Tsuji1) and Hiroshi Fujita2)

Structure and Reactivity of the Magnesium Alkyl–2-Alkoxyethanol System as an Initiator for Styrene Polymerization
( pp.421 - 425 )
Tadashi Narita1), Takashi Yasumura1) and Teiji Tsuruta1)

Free-Cationic Polymerization of Styrere by Radiation
( pp.426 - 436 )
Kanae Hayashi1), Koichiro Hayashi1) and Seizo Okamura1)

Anode-Initiated Polymerizations of Olefins and Tetrahydrofuran
( pp.437 - 445 )
Seiichi Nakahama1), Keiichi Hashimoto1) and Noboru Yamazaki1)

Intrinsic Viscosity of Flexible Ring Polymers with Small Excluded Volume
( pp.446 - 451 )
Genzo Tanaka1) and Hiromi Yamakawa1)

Light-Scattering Patterns from Random Assembly of Anisotropic Rod-like Structures with their Principal Optic Axes Oriented in Cylindrical Symmetry with Respect to Their Own Rod Axes
( pp.452 - 459 )
Yukinobu Murakami1), Norio Hayashi1), Takeji Hashimoto1) and Hiromichi Kawai1)

Raman Scattering and Electronic Spectra of Poly(acetylene)
( pp.460 - 462 )
Hideki Shirakawa1), Takeo Ito1) and Sakuji Ikeda1)



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