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Polymer Journal
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Novel Synthesis of Polymers with Well-Defined Structures Based on Selective Reaction of Cyclic Sulfides and Cyclic Ethers Catalyzed by Quaternary Onium Salts
( pp.1 - 15 )
Atsushi Kameyama1) and Tadatomi Nishikubo2)

Living Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Ethers Using a Strong Lewis Acid without Stabilizing Additives: Effective Interaction of Monomers with Growing Ends and/or SnCl4
( pp.16 - 17 )
Motomasa Yonezumi1), Shokyoku Kanaoka1), Satoshi Okumoto2) and Sadahito Aoshima1)

Structural Study of Silk-like Peptides Modified by the Addition of the Cell Adhesive Sequence, RGD, Using 13C CP/MAS NMR
( pp.18 - 19 )
Chikako Tanaka1)2), Atsushi Asano2), Takuzo Kurotsu2) and Tetsuo Asakura1)

Fluorescent Hyperbranched Polyamine with s-Triazine: Synthesis, Characterization and Properties Evaluation
( pp.20 - 25 )
Sibdas S. Mahapatra1) and Niranjan Karak1)

Reassessment of Free-Radical Polymerization Mechanism of Allyl Acetate Based on End-Group Determination of Resulting Oligomers by MALDI-TOF-MS Spectrometry
( pp.26 - 33 )
Akira Matsumoto1), Takeo Kumagai1), Hiroyuki Aota1), Hideya Kawasaki1) and Ryuichi Arakawa1)

Preparation of Modified Low-Melting Point Polypropylene: Effect of Tacticity for Modification
( pp.34 - 39 )
Ryo Aburatani1), Shuji Machida1), Harumi Nakashima1) and Takenori Fujimura1)

A Simple Preparation of C60-Poly(ethylene glycol) Gel and its Properties
( pp.40 - 45 )
Hiroyuki Wakai1), Takuya Momoi1), Takeshi Yamauchi1)2) and Norio Tsubokawa1)2)

The Synthesis of Complex Polymer Electrolytes Based on Alginic Acid and Poly(1-vinylimidazole) and Application in Tyrosinase Immobilization
( pp.46 - 50 )
Müjgan Kartal1), Senem Kiralp Kayahan1), Ayhan Bozkurt2) and Levent Toppare1)

Study on Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Characterizations of Nano-SiC/Epoxy Composites
( pp.51 - 57 )
Tianle Zhou1)2), Xin Wang1), Mingyuan Gu3) and Dangsheng Xiong2)

Effects of Chain Ends and Three-Segment Interactions on Second and Third Virial Coefficients of Four-Arm Star Polystyrenes
( pp.58 - 62 )
Yasuhiro Nishi1), Yo Nakamura2) and Takashi Norisuye1)

Biphasic Polycondensation of 4-Bromo-2,6-dimethylphenol Using Silica Gel as a Promoter
( pp.63 - 68 )
Yuji Shibasaki1), Maiko Takahashi1), Manabu Tanaka2), Junko N Kondo2) and Yoshiyuki Oishi1)

Synthesis and Characterizations of Graft Copolymer of Ethylcellulose with Poly(caprolactone monoacrylate)
( pp.69 - 73 )
Dongshan Wang1)2), Changzhong Chen1)3), Yingnan Xuan1), Yong Huang1)4) and Jiarui Shen2)

Mechanical and Thermal Properties of a Hot-melt Adhesive of Tribrock Copolymer Added with a Miscible Homopolymer
( pp.74 - 82 )
Hideki Kondo1) and Akihiko Toda1)

Transport Coefficients of Poly(diisopropyl fumarate) in Dilute Solution
( pp.83 - 89 )
Masayuki Nakatsuji1), Kouta Soutoku1), Masashi Osa1) and Takenao Yoshizaki1)

Macroporous Silicagel Substrate for Stereoregular Template Polymerization of Methacrylic Acid Using Stereocomplex Assembled Thin Films
( pp.90 - 93 )
Hiroharu Ajiro1)2), Daisuke Kamei1) and Mitsuru Akashi1)2)



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