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Polymer Journal
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A new era of Polymer Journal: a message from the SPSJ President ( p.1 )
Mitsuo Sawamoto President1

Enhancing Polymer Journal's international impact ( p.2 )
Toshikazu Takata Editor-in-Chief1

Synthesis and structure determination of helical polymers ( pp.3 - 16 )
Eiji Yashima1

Carbonyl-phosphine hetero-ligated half-metallocene iron(II) catalysts for living radical polymerization: concomitant activity and stability ( pp.17 - 24 )
Muneki Ishio1, Takaya Terashima1, Makoto Ouchi1 and Mitsuo Sawamoto1

Molecular dynamics and orientation of stretched rubber by solid-state 13C NMR ( pp.25 - 30 )
Hideaki Kimura1, Hidehiko Dohi1, Marina Kotani1, Takanobu Matsunaga1, Kazuo Yamauchi2, Hironori Kaji3, Hiromichi Kurosu4 and Tetsuo Asakura2

Enantioseparation using amylose esters as chiral stationary phases for high-performance liquid chromatography ( pp.31 - 36 )
Yuri Sugiura1, Chiyo Yamamoto2, Tomoyuki Ikai3, Masami Kamigaito1 and Yoshio Okamoto3,4

Quantum yield and morphology control of BODIPY-based supramolecular self-assembly with a chiral polymer inhibitor ( pp.37 - 42 )
Atsushi Nagai1, Kenta Kokado1, Junpei Miyake1 and Yoshiki Chujo1

Synthesis of block copolymers consisting of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and polystyrene segments through ionic interaction and their self-assembly behavior ( pp.43 - 50 )
Tomoya Higashihara1, Ayumi Takahashi1, Syuhei Tajima1, Sangwoo Jin2, Yecheol Rho2, Moonhor Ree2 and Mitsuru Ueda1

Properties and curing kinetics of C21-based reactive polyamides as epoxy-curing agents derived from tung oil ( pp.51 - 57 )
Kun Huang1,2, Jianling Xia1,2,3, Xiaohua Yang1, Mei Li1 and Haiyang Ding1

Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)-based hybrid materials with reactive zirconium oxide nanocrystals ( pp.58 - 65 )
Takeshi Otsuka,1,2 and Yoshiki Chujo2

Effects of properties of the surface layer of seed particles on the formation of golf ball-like polymer particles by seeded dispersion polymerization* ( pp.66 - 71 )
Natsumi Konishi1, Teruhisa Fujibayashi1, Takuya Tanaka1, Hideto Minami1 and Masayoshi Okubo1

Direct condensation polymerization of N-alkylated p-aminobenzoic acid and packing of rigid-rod main chains with flexible side chains ( pp.72 - 80 )
Yuji Shibasaki1, Yoko Abe1, Natsuki Sato2, Atsuhiro Fujimori2 and Yoshiyuki Oishi1

A two-dimensional IR correlation spectroscopic study of the conformational changes in syndiotactic polypropylene during crystallization ( pp.81 - 85 )
Kai Zheng1,2, Ruigang Liu1 and Yong Huang1,3

Development of chemically amplified reaction development patterning ( pp.86 - 94 )
Xu Cheng1, Akio Takahashi1 and Toshiyuki Oyama1

Layer-by-layer fabrication of well-packed gold nanoparticle assemblies guided by a β-sheet peptide network ( pp.95 - 99 )
Nobuyuki Higashi1, Toshikazu Takagi1 and Tomoyuki Koga1

Spontaneous extrusion of porous amphiphilic triblock copolymeric microfibers under microfluidic conditions ( pp.100 - 102 )
Mohana Marimuthu1 and Sanghyo Kim1



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