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Polymer Journal
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Preparation of smart soft materials using molecular complexes ( pp.277 - 289 )
Takashi Miyata1,2,3

Synthesis and properties of N-substituted maleimides conjugated with 1,4-phenylene or 2,5-thienylene polymers ( pp.290 - 297 )
Kenjiro Onimura1, Mieko Matsushima1, Kazuhiro Yamabuki1 and Tsutomu Oishi1

A carbon network backbone polymer functionalized with polymer brushes ( pp.298 - 303 )
Jeffrey F Greco1 and Patricia A Bianconi1

Tuning the hydrophilic–hydrophobic balance of block-graft copolymers by click strategy: synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic PCL-b-(PαN3CL-g-PBA) copolymers ( pp.304 - 312 )
Ren-Shen Lee1 and Yi-Ting Huang1

Synthesis of thermoresponsive polysilsesquioxane with methoxyethylamide group and crown ether ( pp.313 - 318 )
Tomonori Matsuoka1, Shin-ichi Yamamoto1, Osamu Moriya1, Mikihiro Kashio2 and Toshio Sugizaki2

Significantly improved performance of rubber/silica composites by addition of sorbic acid ( pp.319 - 326 )
Baochun Guo1, Feng Chen1, Yanda Lei1 and Weiwei Chen1

New poly(4,4′-dicyano-4″-vinyl-triphenylamine) host material for single-layer Ir complex phosphorescent light-emitting devices ( pp.327 - 335 )
Yi-Kai Fang1, Wen-Ya Lee1, Chi-Shen Tuan2, Ling-Hui Lu2, Wan-Jung Teng2 and Wen-Chang Chen1

Fluorescent Fe(II) metallo-supramolecular polymers: metal-ion-directed self-assembly of new bisterpyridines containing triethylene glycol chains ( pp.336 - 341 )
Ravindra R Pal1, Masayoshi Higuchi1,2, Yuichi Negishi3, Tatsuya Tsukuda4 and Dirk G Kurth5

Synthesis and characterization of cellulose-b-polystyrene ( pp.342 - 348 )
Shunsuke Yagi1, Natsuki Kasuya2 and Kiyoharu Fukuda2

Smectic structure and glass transition in poly(butylene terephthalate) ( pp.349 - 353 )
Takashi Konishi1 and Yoshihisa Miyamoto1

Local conformation of serine residues in a silk model peptide, (Ala–Gly–Ser–Gly–Ala–Gly)5, studied with solid-state NMR:REDOR ( pp.354 - 356 )
Yu Suzuki1 and Tetsuo Asakura1



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