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Polymer Journal
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Hyperbranched poly(ether sulfone)s: preparation and application to ion-exchange membranes ( pp.697 - 705 )
Masa-aki Kakimoto1, Stephen J Grunzinger1,2 and Teruaki Hayakawa1

Synthesis of crosslinked poly(orthosilicate)s based on cyclohexanediol derivatives and their swelling properties ( pp.706 - 710 )
Koksal Karadag1, Gulsah Onaran1 and Hayal Bulbul Sonmez1

Curing and thermal properties of copolymer epoxy resins prepared by copolymerized bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin with liquefied Dendrocalamus latiflorus ( pp.711 - 715 )
Chiou-Chang Wu1 and Wen-Jau Lee1

Predominant methyl radical initiation preceded by β-scission of alkoxy radicals in allyl polymerization with organic peroxide initiators at elevated temperatures ( pp.716 - 721 )
Satoshi Inoue1,2, Takeo Kumagai1, Hajime Tamezawa1, Hiroyuki Aota1, Akira Matsumoto1, Katsutoshi Yokoyama2, Yasuo Matoba2 and Michirou Shibano2

Highly efficient enzymatic catalysis for cyclocarbonate polymerization ( pp.722 - 727 )
Xiao-hua Luo1, Jun Feng1, Hua-fen Wang1, Wei Su1, Xian-zheng Zhang1 and Ren-xi Zhuo1

Magnetic and optical studies on polyvinylpyrrolidone thin films doped with rare earth metal salts ( pp.728 - 734 )
Mohammad Ahmed-Fouad Basha1

A Monte Carlo study of the second virial coefficient of semiflexible ring polymers ( pp.735 - 744 )
Daichi Ida1, Daisuke Nakatomi1 and Takenao Yoshizaki1

Influence of maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene on the dispersion of clay in polypropylene/clay nanocomposites ( pp.745 - 751 )
Weiheng Yuan1, Min Guo1, Zhuang Miao1 and Yiqun Liu1

Effect of flexible spacer length on the mesophase structures of main-chain/side-chain liquid crystalline polymers based on ethyl cellulose ( pp.752 - 758 )
Tianhui Hu1, Jie Yi1, Jianbo Xiao1 and Hailiang Zhang1

Tuning of solubility and gelation ability of oligomeric electrolyte by anion exchange ( pp.759 - 765 )
Nagatoshi Koumura1, Hajime Matsumoto2, Hajime Kawanami3, Nobuyuki Tamaoki4,5 and Masaru Yoshida4

Synthesis of antibacterial polymers from 2-dimethylamino ethyl methacrylate quaternized by dimethyl sulfate ( pp.766 - 771 )
Huajiang Zuo1,2, Dingcai Wu1,3 and Ruowen Fu1,3

Macrostructural order and optical properties of polyfluorene-based polymer films ( pp.772 - 775 )
Shotaro Hayashi1, Shinsuke Inagi1 and Toshio Fuchigami1



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