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Polymer Journal
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Recent developments in metal-catalyzed living radical polymerization ( pp.105 - 120 )
Masami Kamigaito1

Alternating copolymerization of CO2 with propylene oxide and terpolymerization with aliphatic epoxides by bifunctional cobalt Salen complex ( pp.121 - 125 )
Hongchun Li1 and Yongsheng Niu1

New ionic liquids with hydrolytically stable anions as alternatives to hexafluorophosphate and tetrafluoroborate salts in the free radical polymerization and preparation of ion-conducting composites ( pp.126 - 135 )
Yakov S Vygodskii1, Dmitrii A Sapozhnikov1, Alexander S Shaplov1, Elena I Lozinskaya1, Nikolai V Ignat'Ev2, Michael Schulte2, Petr S Vlasov3 and Inna A Malyshkina4

Synthesis and characterization of poly(multidimethylsiloxane-1,4-ethynylenephenyleneethynylene)s ( pp.136 - 140 )
Fei Gao1, Farong Huang1, Lemin Tang1 and Lei Du1

Synthesis of side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylenes bearing succinic acid spacer ( pp.141 - 146 )
Kenichi Mizuta1, Noriyuki Hiraga1, Tomokazu Koga1, Kazuhiro Yamabuki1, Kenjiro Onimura1 and Tsutomu Oishi1

Asymmetric anionic polymerization of N-substituted maleimides bearing an azo group with chiral anionic initiators ( pp.147 - 154 )
Tsutomu Oishi1, Motohisa Azechi1, Kanako Kamei1, Yukio Isobe1 and Kenjiro Onimura1

The static structure of polyrotaxane in solution investigated by contrast variation small-angle neutron scattering ( pp.155 - 163 )
Hitoshi Endo1,3, Koichi Mayumi2, Noboru Osaka1,4, Kohzo Ito2 and Mitsuhiro Shibayama1

Cloud points in aqueous solutions of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) synthesized by aqueous redox polymerization ( pp.164 - 170 )
Tomoyo Ise1, Kouta Nagaoka1, Masashi Osa1 and Takenao Yoshizaki1

Vinylidene fluoride telomers for piezoelectric devices ( pp.171 - 179 )
Nelly Durand1, Bruno Ameduri1, Kazuto Takashima2,3, Kenji Ishida4, Satoshi Horie4 and Yasukiyo Ueda4

The influence of arylene ether positions and phenyl substituents on the physical properties of functional fluorinated polymers ( pp.180 - 185 )
Chun-Che Lee1 and Wen-Yao Huang1

Synthesis and characterization of an exfoliated modified syndiotactic polystyrene/Mg–Al-layered double-hydroxide nanocomposite ( pp.186 - 193 )
Mehdi Jaymand1

Spiders' mechanical lifelines provide a key for the study of trust in the quality of materials ( pp.194 - 199 )
Shigeyoshi Osaki1

Evolution of spiders from nocturnal to diurnal gave spider silks mechanical resistance against UV irradiation ( pp.200 - 204 )
Shigeyoshi Osaki1 and Masao Osaki2

Rheological behavior of aminosaccharide-based glycopolymers obtained from ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymers ( pp.205 - 213 )
Maria L Cerrada1, Carolina Ruiz1, Manuel Sánchez-Chaves1 and Marta Fernández-García1

Some insights into the structural relaxation of spin-cast, glassy polymer thin films ( pp.214 - 217 )
Izaro López García1, Joseph L Keddie1 and Michele Sferrazza2

Segmental orientation of a single polymer chain in Langmuir–Blodgett films studied by defocus fluorescence imaging ( pp.218 - 221 )
Hiroyuki Aoki1,2, Toshiaki Takahashi1 and Shinzaburo Ito1,2



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