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Polymer Journal
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Preparation of a nanocomposite of magnetic, conducting nanoporous polyaniline and hollow manganese ferrite ( pp.745 - 750 )
Seyed Hossein Hosseini1, Rahmatollah Rahimi2 and Hamed Kerdari3

Phase separation in mixtures of flexible and semiflexible polymers ( pp.751 - 756 )
Narayan P Adhikari1 and Ekkehard Straube1

Intermolecular interactions of brush-like polymers ( pp.757 - 761 )
Yo Nakamura1

Lamellar orientation and interlamellar cracks in co-crystallized poly(ethylene oxide)/poly(L-lactic acid) blend ( pp.762 - 769 )
Ya-Ting Hsieh1, Siti Nurkhamidah1 and Eamor M Woo1

Transfer hydrogenation of ketones catalyzed by PEG-armed ruthenium-microgel star polymers: microgel-core reaction space for active, versatile and recyclable catalysis ( pp.770 - 777 )
Takaya Terashima1, Makoto Ouchi1, Tsuyoshi Ando1,2 and Mitsuo Sawamoto1

pH-responsive disruption of ‘liquid marbles’ prepared from water and poly(6-(acrylamido) hexanoic acid)-grafted silica particles ( pp.778 - 784 )
Masamichi Inoue1, Syuji Fujii2, Yoshinobu Nakamura2, Yasuhiko Iwasaki3 and Shin-ichi Yusa1

Ring-opening copolymerization of L-lactide and ε-caprolactone in supercritical carbon dioxide using triblock oligomers of caprolactone and PEG as stabilizers ( pp.785 - 791 )
Mehmet Yılmaz1, Sinan Eğri2, Nuray Yıldız1, Ayla Çalımlı1 and Erhan Pişkin3

The use of polyfunctional monomers in the radical cure of chlorinated polyethylene ( pp.792 - 800 )
Maria Daniela Stelescu1, Elena Manaila2 and Niculina Zuga3

Impact modification of a PET–PBT blend using different impact modifiers ( pp.801 - 808 )
Rashmi Nitin Baxi1, Shailkumar Umakant Pathak2 and Dilip Ramkrishna Peshwe2

Bio-based biodegradable hydrogels prepared by crosslinking of microbial poly(γ-glutamic acid) with L-lysine in aqueous solution ( p.809 )
Saeko Murakami, Nobuyoshi Aoki and Shuichi Matsumura



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