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Polymer Journal
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Chiral amplification in double-stranded helical polymers through chiral and achiral amidinium–carboxylate salt bridges ( pp.1071 - 1076 )
Wataru Makiguchi1, Shinzo Kobayashi1, Yoshio Furusho1,2 and Eiji Yashima1

Preparation of 20-nm poly(styrene derivative) particles via polymerization with nonionic surfactant at the phase-inversion temperature ( pp.1077 - 1081 )
Kiyoshi Suzuki1, Kohei Nishiyama1, Isao Yamanaka1, Takatoshi Koshiba1 and Shuzaemon Satoh1

Iodine transfer dispersion polymerization with CHI3 and reversible chain transfer-catalyzed dispersion polymerization with N-iodosuccinimide of methyl methacrylate in supercritical carbon dioxide ( pp.1082 - 1086 )
Tomoya Taniyama1, Taisuke Kuroda1, Hideto Minami1 and Masayoshi Okubo1,2

Synthesis, characterization and properties of amphiphilic block copolymers of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and polydimethylsiloxane prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization ( pp.1087 - 1097 )
Serkan Bas1 and Mark D Soucek2

Study of the rheological properties and crystallization behavior of branched PP/silicate composites ( pp.1098 - 1104 )
Kyung Hwa Yoon1, Sung Park2 and Youn Cheol Kim1

Dispersion and release of embelin from electrospun, biodegradable, polymeric membranes ( pp.1105 - 1111 )
Pablo R Cortez Tornello1,2, Gabriela E Feresin2, Alejandro Tapia2, Itiara G Veiga3, Ângela M Moraes3, Gustavo A Abraham1 and Teresita R Cuadrado1

Preparation of hemispherical polystyrene particles utilizing the solvent evaporation method in aqueous dispersed systems ( pp.1112 - 1116 )
Takuya Tanaka1, Tomoe Yamagami1, Tatsuhiro Nogami1, Hideto Minami1 and Masayoshi Okubo1,2

Immobilization of acid phosphatase on a polyaniline/poly(acrylic acid) composite film for use as the anode of a fuel cell driven with L-ascorbic acid 2-phosphate ( pp.1117 - 1122 )
Toshimasa Homma1, Mizuki Kondo1, Takashi Kuwahara1 and Masato Shimomura1

Studies on photoreactive and biodegradable copolymers composed of poly(ε-caprolactone) and 4-hydroxycinnamic acid ( pp.1123 - 1130 )
Jihang Li1, Huaqing Xu1, Na Hu1, Dongjian Shi1, Weifu Dong1, Chao Wu1 and Mingqing Chen1

Preparation and characterization of organosoluble polyimide/BaTiO3 composite films with mechanical- and chemical-treated ceramic fillers ( pp.1131 - 1137 )
Chia-Yang Lin1, Dong-Hau Kuo1, Fong-Ren Sie1, Ju-Yin Cheng1 and Guey-Sheng Liou2

A study of the layered microstructure and electrical resistivity of an injection-molded metallic fiber-filled polymer composites ( pp.1138 - 1144 )
Haihong Wu1, Xingzhi Sun1, Gangyi Cai1 and Zhenfeng Zhao2



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