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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.44 No.12 (2012)

Polymer Journal
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Topological polymer chemistry for designing multicyclic macromolecular architectures ( pp.1159 - 1169 )
Yasuyuki Tezuka1

Development and industrialization of a biaxially stretched nano-alloyed film ( pp.1170 - 1178 )
Tetsuya Tsunekawa1, Takuji Higashioji1, Hirofumi Hosokawa1, Akira Kubota1 and Ichiro Ishizuka1

The synthesis of copolymers, blends and composites based on poly(butylene succinate) ( pp.1179 - 1190 )
Sung Yeon Hwang1, Eui Sang Yoo2 and Seung Soon Im1

Optical, electro-optic and optoelectronic properties of natural and chemically modified DNAs ( pp.1191 - 1208 )
Young-Wan Kwon1, Dong Hoon Choi1,2 and Jung-Il Jin1

Synthesis of π-conjugated poly(thienylenearylene)s with nickel-catalyzed C–H functionalization polycondensation ( pp.1209 - 1213 )
Shunsuke Tamba1, Youhei Okubo1, Atsushi Sugie1 and Atsunori Mori1

Graft polymerization of acrylamide monomers from polysilsesquioxane containing xanthate groups ( pp.1214 - 1221 )
Mikihiro Kashio1, Toshio Sugizaki1, Yohei Miyasaka2, Osamu Moriya2 and Tadatomi Nishikubo3

Synthesis of trisiloxane-containing alicyclic tetracarboxylic dianhydrides and the characterization of polyimides ( pp.1222 - 1229 )
Tohru Kikuchi1

Green synthesis process of a polyurethane-silver nanocomposite having biocide surfaces ( pp.1230 - 1237 )
Issam Mtimet1, Laurence Lecamp1, Nasreddine Kebir1, Fabrice Burel1 and Thierry Jouenne2

Fabrication of conductive and transparent single-walled carbon nanotube films with PEDOT ( pp.1238 - 1243 )
Hyungduk Yun1, Jong Hun Han2 and Sanghyo Kim1



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