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Polymer Journal
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Miniemulsion polymerization based on in situ surfactant formation without high-energy homogenization: effects of organic acid and counter ion ( pp.375 - 381 )
Yi Guo1, Victoria L Teo1, S R Simon Ting1 and Per B Zetterlund1

Studies on the damping properties of polyacrylate emulsion/hindered phenol hybrids ( pp.382 - 387 )
Xu Zhou1, Guixin Zhang1, Weizhou Zhang1, Weihong Guo1 and Jikui Wang1

Sulfonation of chlorinated polypropylene and its influence on the microstructure and the electric properties of polypropylene/chlorinated polypropylene/polyaniline composites ( pp.388 - 395 )
Lin Yang1,2, Zhiye Zhang1, Xinlong Wang1, Jinyao Chen2 and Huilin Li2

Preparation of stimulus-sensitive gel particles with a DNA-dye complex and their pH sensitivity ( pp.396 - 400 )
Takashi Nishiyama1, Yoshiharu Kagami2, Takeshi Yamauchi1,3 and Norio Tsubokawa1,3

Synthesis and study of polycyanurates based on 2-carbazol-4,6-dichloro-s-triazine ( pp.401 - 409 )
Shahrukh T Asundaria1, Vinodchandra B Patel1 and Keshav C Patel1

Photomobile polymers from commercially available compounds: photoinduced deformation of side-chain polymers containing hydrogen-bonded photoreactive compounds ( pp.410 - 414 )
Mizuho Kondo1, Masahiko Takemoto1, Ryohei Fukae2 and Nobuhiro Kawatsuki1

Proton conduction of DNA–imidazole composite material under anhydrous condition ( pp.415 - 420 )
Masanori Yamada1 and Akito Goto1

The effect of using the two-step extrusion method on the oxidation induction time value of recycled high density polyethylene ( pp.421 - 426 )
Yan Li1, Haiyan Xu1 and Chifei Wu1

The rheological behavior and thermal conductivity of melt-compounded polycarbonate/vapor-grown carbon fiber composites ( pp.427 - 432 )
Jittiwat Nithikarnjanatharn1, Hisai Ueda1, Shuichi Tanoue1, Hideyuki Uematsu1 and Yoshiyuki Iemoto1

Microcellular foaming of PP/EPDM/organoclay nanocomposites: the effect of the distribution of nanoclay on foam morphology ( pp.433 - 438 )
Mohsen Keramati1, Ismail Ghasemi1, Mohammad Karrabi1 and Hamed Azizi1

Electron-induced reactive processing of thermoplastic vulcanizate based on polypropylene and ethylene propylene diene terpolymer rubber ( pp.439 - 448 )
Varun Thakur1, Uwe Gohs1, Udo Wagenknecht1 and Gert Heinrich1,2



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