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Polymer Journal
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Characteristics of bacterial biofilm associated with implant material in clinical practice ( pp.137 - 152 )
Venkatesan Nandakumar1, Samuel Chittaranjan2, Valikapathalil Mathew Kurian3 and Mukesh Doble1

Effect of partitioning of monomer and emulsifier in aqueous media on particle formation in emulsion homopolymerization of hydrophobic and hydrophilic monomers with a nonionic emulsifier ( pp.153 - 159 )
Nami Matsusaka1, Toyoko Suzuki1 and Masayoshi Okubo1,2

Investigation of the chiroptical behavior of optically active polyaniline synthesized from naturally occurring amino acids ( pp.160 - 165 )
Sudha 1, Devendra Kumar1 and Mitsumasa Iwamoto2

Synthesis and characterization of sulfonated poly (arylene ether sulfone)/silicotungstic acid composite membranes for fuel cells ( pp.166 - 172 )
Paradesi Deivanayagam1, Alwar Ramanujam Ramamoorthy1 and Sellamuthu N Jaisankar2

Coagulation dimension of freezable bound solvent in isotactic polypropylene/o-dichlorobenzene gel ( pp.173 - 178 )
Narumi Fujiwara1, Hiroyuki Tanimura1, Tsunehiko Nakasugi1, Takahiko Nakaoki1, Kazuko Inoue1, Junpei Miki1, Manshi Ohyanagi1, Daisuke Yamaguchi2 and Satoshi Koizumi2

Multi-length scale evaluation of the temperature-tunable mechanical properties of a lyotropic mesophase ( pp.179 - 187 )
Sungwon Lee1, Sönke Seifert2 and Millicent A Firestone1

Detection of melting point depression and crystallization of polycaprolactone (PCL) in scCO2 by infrared spectroscopy ( pp.188 - 192 )
Catherine A Kelly1, Katherine L Harrison2, Gary A Leeke1 and Mike J Jenkins2

Influence of the primary structure of the main chain on backbone stiffness of cylindrical rod brushes ( pp.193 - 201 )
Yuta Saito1, Le Thi Ngoc Lien1, Yuji Jinbo2, Jiro Kumaki1, Atsushi Narumi1 and Seigou Kawaguchi1

Self-assembled nanoparticles of PLGA-conjugated glucosamine as a sustained transdermal drug delivery vehicle ( pp.202 - 209 )
Mohana Marimuthu1, Devasier Bennet1 and Sanghyo Kim1

Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-modified silica beads with hyperbranched polysiloxysilane for three-dimensional cell cultivation ( pp.210 - 215 )
Bo Ra Park1, Yuta Nabae1, Melira Surapati1, Teruaki Hayakawa1 and Masa-aki Kakimoto1

Synthesis of miktoarm star copolymer Ru(II) complexes by click-to-chelate approach ( pp.216 - 225 )
Nao Xiao1, Yougen Chen1, Xiande Shen2, Chunhong Zhang2, Shigenobu Yano3, Michael Gottschaldt4, Ulrich S Schubert4, Toyoji Kakuchi1 and Toshifumi Satoh1

The effects of carboxymethyl chitosan on the regulation of the proliferation, differentiation and cytokine expression of peripheral blood mononuclear cells ( pp.226 - 232 )
Wenhua Xu1,2, Baoqin Han2, Yee Liang3, Xiaoying Kong2, Mi Rong2 and Wanshun Liu2



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