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Polymer Journal
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Direct observation and mutual diffusion of cyclic polymers ( pp.783 - 789 )
Daisuke Kawaguchi1

Synthesis and properties of conjugated polymers from 3,6-di(4-chlorophenyl)-3,6-dihydrophthalic acid diethyl ester and application to the photo-sensitizer of a solar cell ( pp.790 - 796 )
Atsushi Morikawa1 and Hirotoshi Kakuta1

Nanoscale structures of radiation-grafted polymer electrolyte membranes investigated via a small-angle neutron scattering technique ( pp.797 - 801 )
Shin-ichi Sawada1, Daisuke Yamaguchi2, Ananda Putra2, Satoshi Koizumi3 and Yasunari Maekawa1

Particle scattering function of a two-dimensional flexible macromolecule
( pp.802 - 812 )
Masukazu Hirata1,2

Preparation of fractal-like structures of insoluble polythiophene via solvent vapor annealing of solid thermocleavable polythiophene films and subsequent thermal curing ( pp.813 - 818 )
Jinhua Sun1,2, Guangfeng Wu1 and Jianxin Geng2

Thin, transparent conductive films fabricated from conducting polymer nanofibers ( pp.819 - 823 )
Borjigin Aronggaowa1, Masahiro Kawasaki1 and Takeshi Shimomura1

Nanoincorporation of iron oxides into carrageenan gels and magnetometric and morphological characterizations of the composite products ( pp.824 - 833 )
Kazuyuki Oya1, Takahiro Tsuru1, Yoshikuni Teramoto1 and Yoshiyuki Nishio1

In situ synthesis of polyisoprene/grafted single-walled carbon nanotube composites ( pp.834 - 838 )
Liqiang Cui1,2, Junsheng Yu1, Xinge Yu1, Yinghai Lv2, Guijiang Li2 and Shixue Zhou2

Preparation of novel polyimide hybrid materials by multi-layered charge-transfer complex formation ( pp.839 - 844 )
Ryohei Watari1, Masamichi Nishihara2, Hiroo Tajiri3, Hideyuki Otsuka1,4 and Atsushi Takahara1,2,4

Effect of biopolymers on the characteristics and cytocompatibility of biocomposite nanofibrous scaffolds ( pp.845 - 853 )
Young Eun Kim1 and Young-Jin Kim1

A novel approach for the parallel synthesis of glycopeptides by combining solid-phase peptide synthesis and dendrimer-supported enzymatic modifications ( pp.854 - 862 )
Takahiko Matsushita1, Seiji Handa1, Kentaro Naruchi2, Fayna Garcia-Martin1, Hiroshi Hinou1,2 and Shin-Ichiro Nishimura1,2

Simulation of conversion profiles inside a thick dental material photopolymerized in the presence of nanofillers ( pp.863 - 870 )
Samir Bayou1, Mohamed Mouzali1, Faten Aloui2, Laurence Lecamp2 and Philippe Lebaudy2

Factors affecting the surface and release properties of thin polydimethylsiloxane films ( pp.871 - 878 )
Sindhu Vudayagiri1, Michael Daniel Junker2 and Anne Ladegaard Skov1



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