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Polymer Journal
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Reorganization of polymer structures based on dynamic covalent chemistry: polymer reactions by dynamic covalent exchanges of alkoxyamine units ( pp.879 - 891 )
Hideyuki Otsuka1,2

Development of polyion complex vesicles (PICsomes) from block copolymers for biomedical applications ( pp.892 - 897 )
Akihiro Kishimura1

A study on template effects using irregular porous isotactic poly(methyl methacrylate) films constructed with syndiotactic rich poly(methacrylic acid) and isotactic poly(methyl methacrylate) ( pp.898 - 903 )
Masumi Maegawa1, Hiroharu Ajiro1,2, Daisuke Kamei1 and Mitsuru Akashi1,2

Aqueous emulsion homo- and copolymerization of 1,3-dienes and styrene in the presence of Cp2TiCl2 ( pp.904 - 908 )
Stefania Pragliola1, Teresa Acierno1 and Pasquale Longo1

Synthesis of poly(ether sulfone)s by self-polycondensation of AB-type monomers ( pp.909 - 914 )
Kazuya Matsumoto1, Hitoshi Komuro1, Takuya Kai1 and Mitsutoshi Jikei1

Nucleation and polymorphism of trans-1,4-polyisoprene containing copper phthalocyanine ( pp.915 - 920 )
Tomoya Tsuboi1, Masashi Harada1, Kei Ishii1, Susumu Fujiwara1 and Takashi Itoh1

Crystallization behavior and higher-order structure in miscible crystalline/crystalline polymer blends ( pp.921 - 928 )
Fuminori Arai1, Kazuya Shinohara1, Noriaki Nagasawa1, Hiroki Takeshita1, Katsuhiko Takenaka1, Masamitsu Miya1 and Tomoo Shiomi1

Miscibility and morphology of binary crystalline blends of poly(L-lactide) and poly(butylene adipate) ( pp.929 - 937 )
Lifen Zhao1, Xinyu Peng1, Xin Liu1, Yanmin Wang1, Shengxue Qin1 and Jun Zhang1

Preparation and characterization of isotactic polypropylene/zinc oxide microcomposites with antibacterial activity ( pp.938 - 945 )
Clara Silvestre1, Sossio Cimmino1, Marilena Pezzuto1, Antonella Marra2, Veronica Ambrogi2, Jeannette Dexpert-Ghys3, Marc Verelst3, Sylvain Augier4, Ida Romano5 and Donatella Duraccio1

Thermoelectrical characterization of new material based on PANI/zeolite HY composite, used for the detection of carbon dioxide ( pp.946 - 954 )
Zitouni Safidine1, Zahra Ghebache1 and Saad Lamouri1

A crystalline supramolecular polymer with self-healing capability at room temperature ( pp.955 - 961 )
Nobuhiro Oya1, Tabito Ikezaki1 and Naoko Yoshie1

Synthesis of diblock functional poly(ε-caprolactone) amphiphilic copolymers grafted with bioactive molecules and characterization of their micelles ( pp.962 - 970 )
Yi-Ting Huang1, Kang-Yu Peng2, Fang-Chyou Chiu1 and Ren-Shen Lee2

Synthesis of a thermosensitive polycation by random copolymerization of N-vinylformamide and N-vinylbutyramide ( pp.971 - 978 )
Wanpen Tachaboonyakiat1, Hiroharu Ajiro2,3 and Mitsuru Akashi2,3

Synthesis and properties of dithienometallole-pyridinochalcogenadiazole alternate polymers ( pp.979 - 984 )
Joji Ohshita1, Masayuki Miyazaki1, Fei-Bao Zhang1, Daiki Tanaka1 and Yasushi Morihara2

Water-soluble complexes formed from hydrogen bonding interactions between a poly(ethylene glycol)-containing triblock copolymer and poly(methacrylic acid) ( pp.985 - 992 )
Yuuichi Yokoyama1,2 and Shin-ichi Yusa1

Preparation of polymer-protected NiMoPt alloy nanoparticles dispersible in water over a wide pH range by a hot-soap method and ligand-exchange reaction ( pp.993 - 996 )
Takanori Imai1, Yoshimoto Abe1, Keishi Nishio2, Ryuji Tamura2, Hirobumi Shibata3, Tohru Kineri4, Satoru Tsukada1 and Takahiro Gunji1

Nanoscale investigations of synthetic spider silk fibers modified by physical and chemical processes ( pp.997 - 1006 )
Gabriela M Menezes1, Florence Teulé2, Randolph V Lewis2, Luciano P Silva1 and Elibio L Rech1



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