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Polymer Journal
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Hemocompatibility of zwitterionic interfaces and membranes ( pp.436 - 443 )
Mei-Chan Sin1, Sheng-Han Chen1 and Yung Chang1

Recombinant elastomeric protein biopolymers: progress and prospects ( pp.444 - 451 )
Monica S Tjin1, Pearlie Low1 and Eileen Fong1

Phenolic film engineering for template-mediated microcapsule preparation ( pp.452 - 459 )
Hirotaka Ejima1,2, Joseph J Richardson2 and Frank Caruso2

Surface engineering of nanoparticles for therapeutic applications ( pp.460 - 468 )
Kenya Kobayashi1, Jinjian Wei2, Ryo Iida2, Kuniharu Ijiro3 and Kenichi Niikura3

Development of functional polyplex micelles for systemic gene therapy ( pp.469 - 475 )
Kensuke Osada1,2

Design of gene-activated matrix for the repair of skin and cartilage ( pp.476 - 482 )
Chunfen Wang1, Lie Ma1 and Changyou Gao1

New directions in the design of phenylboronate-functionalized polymers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications ( pp.483 - 491 )
Akira Matsumoto1, Kazunori Kataoka2 and Yuji Miyahara1

Near-infrared light-responsive shape-memory poly(ε-caprolactone) films that actuate in physiological temperature range ( pp.492 - 498 )
Qinghui Shou1,2, Koichiro Uto2, Masanobu Iwanaga3, Mitsuhiro Ebara2 and Takao Aoyagi1,2

Biomineralization-inspired approach to the development of hybrid materials: preparation of patterned polymer/strontium carbonate thin films using thermoresponsive polymer brush matrices ( pp.499 - 504 )
Yulai Han1, Tatsuya Nishimura1 and Takashi Kato1

Development of an antibacterial chitin betainate wound dressing ( pp.505 - 510 )
Wanpen Tachaboonyakiat1,2, Ekkachai Sukpaiboon1 and Onruthai Pinyakong3



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