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Polymer Journal
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Experimental verification of homogeneity in polymer gels ( pp.517 - 523 )
Takamasa Sakai1

Control of extracellular microenvironments using polymer/protein nanofilms for the development of three-dimensional human tissue chips ( pp.524 - 536 )
Michiya Matsusaki1 and Mitsuru Akashi1

Interaction between synthetic particles and biomacromolecules: fundamental study of nonspecific interaction and design of nanoparticles that recognize target molecules ( pp.537 - 545 )
Yu Hoshino1, Haejoo Lee1 and Yoshiko Miura1

Synthesis and characterization of a mechanically linked transformable polymer ( pp.546 - 552 )
Daisuke Aoki1, Satoshi Uchida1 and Toshikazu Takata1

Synthesis of main chain-type liquid crystalline polyrotaxanes: influence of the wheel components and their mobility on liquid crystalline properties ( pp.553 - 558 )
Yoko Abe1, Hisashi Okamura1, Satoshi Uchida1 and Toshikazu Takata1

Chiroptical properties of cholesteric liquid crystals of chitosan phenylcarbamate in ionic liquids ( pp.559 - 567 )
Junichi Sato1, Nobuhiro Morioka1, Yoshikuni Teramoto1 and Yoshiyuki Nishio1

Effects of partial miscibility on the structure and properties of novel high performance blends composed of poly(p-phenylene sulfide) and poly(phenylsulfone) ( pp.568 - 575 )
Saori Nara1 and Hideko T Oyama1

The preparation of well-controlled poly(N-cyclohexyl-exo-norbornene-5,6-dicarboximide) polymers ( pp.576 - 583 )
Andrew M Spring1, Feng Yu1, Feng Qiu1, Kazuhiro Yamamoto1 and Shiyoshi Yokoyama1

The structure and viscoelasticity of novolac resins ( pp.584 - 591 )
Satoshi Maji1, Osamu Urakawa2 and Tadashi Inoue2

Polymer foam-reinforced hydrogels inspired by plant body frameworks as high-performance soft matter ( pp.592 - 597 )
Naozumi Teramoto1, Ousuke Shigehiro1, Yoshihisa Ogawa1, Yoshiki Maruyama1, Toshiaki Shimasaki1 and Mitsuhiro Shibata1

Cross-linking and damping properties of poly(caprolactone-co-glycidyl methacrylate) ( pp.598 - 608 )
Hang Shen1,2,3, Jianding Chen4 and Mohamed Taha1,2,3

Fluorescent poly(boron enaminoketonate)s: synthesis via the direct modification of polyisoxazoles obtained from the click polymerization of a homoditopic nitrile N-oxide and diynes ( pp.609 - 616 )
Tohru Matsumura1, Yasuhito Koyama2, Satoshi Uchida1, Morio Yonekawa1, Tatsuto Yui3, Osamu Ishitani4 and Toshikazu Takata1

Chain-length dependence of polyion complex architecture bearing phosphobetaine block explored using SAXS and FFF-MALS ( pp.617 - 622 )
Shunsuke Sakamoto1,2, Yusuke Sanada1,2, Mizuha Sakashita1,2, Koichi Nishina1, Keita Nakai3, Shin-ichi Yusa3 and Kazuo Sakurai1,2



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