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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.47 No.11 (2015)

Polymer Journal
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N-Heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed dimerization, cyclotetramerization and polymerization of Michael acceptors ( pp.713 - 718 )
Shin-ichi Matsuoka1

Dynamic structure and functionalization of polymer interfaces ( pp.719 - 726 )
Atsuomi Shundo1,2

Salt-induced reinforcement of anionic bio-polyureas with high transparency ( pp.727 - 732 )
Xin Jin1, Seiji Tateyama1 and Tatsuo Kaneko1

Synthesis of new D-A polymers containing disilanobithiophene donor and application to bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells ( pp.733 - 738 )
Makoto Nakashima1, Takanori Otsura2, Hiroyoshi Naito2 and Joji Ohshita1

Temperature and light-induced self-assembly changes of a tetra-arm diblock copolymer in an ionic liquid ( pp.739 - 746 )
Xiaofeng Ma1, Ryoji Usui1, Yuzo Kitazawa1, Hisashi Kokubo1 and Masayoshi Watanabe1

Control of interparticle spacing in stable aggregates of gold nanoparticles by light irradiation ( pp.747 - 752 )
Kazuo Tanaka1, Kensuke Naka2, Eisuke Miyoshi1, Asako Narita1 and Yoshiki Chujo1

A new conjugated poly(pyridinium salt) derived from phenanthridine diamine: its synthesis, optical properties and interaction with calf thymus DNA ( pp.753 - 759 )
Yujiao Sun1, Jing Wang2, Lu Jin1, Ying Chang1, Jingjing Duan1 and Yan Lu1



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