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Polymer Journal
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Formal aryne/ethylene copolymerization to form polyethylene containing o-arylene units in the main chain ( pp.474 - 480 )
Shingo Ito1, Wenhan Wang1 and Kyoko Nozaki1

Melt memory of a spherulite nucleus formed through a seeding process in the crystal growth of isotactic polystyrene ( pp.481 - 486 )
Masato Hashimoto1, Junko O'ishi1, Sayoko Moriya1 and Susumu Fujiwara1

A Monte Carlo study of the intrinsic viscosity of semiflexible ring polymers ( pp.487 - 492 )
Yuki Ono1 and Daichi Ida1

The role of a polyester-based thermoplastic elastomer in the crystallization of an aliphatic polyketone terpolymer ( pp.493 - 497 )
Youngho Eom1, Jeongsik Bae1 and Byoung Chul Kim1

Periodic nanopatterns from polymer blends via directional solidification and subsequent epitaxial crystallization ( pp.498 - 504 )
Xin Zhang1, Hirotaka Ejima1 and Naoko Yoshie1

Enhanced cellular affinity for poly(lactic acid) surfaces modified with titanium oxide ( pp.505 - 512 )
Hisao Matsuno1, Ruriko Matsuyama1, Arisa Yamamoto2 and Keiji Tanaka1,2,3

Synthesis of 1,3,4-thiadiazole-based donor–acceptor alternating copolymers for polymer solar cells with high open-circuit voltage ( pp.513 - 521 )
Seijiro Fukuta1,2, Zhongqiang Wang3, Satoshi Miyane1,2, Tomoyuki Koganezawa4, Takeshi Sano5, Junji Kido3, Hideharu Mori1,3, Mitsuru Ueda6 and Tomoya Higashihara1,2,7

Improvement of thermoelectric properties of composite films of PEDOT-PSS with xylitol by means of stretching and solvent treatment ( pp.522 - 526 )
Shoko Ichikawa1 and Naoki Toshima1,2



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