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Polymer Journal
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Nanoporous polystyrene prepared via the selective removal of the low Mw component in polystyrene blends ( pp.983 - 990 )
Fan-Yen Lin1, Chad Daley1, Jeremy Flannery1, Sonia Zhang1, Yu Chai1 and James A Forrest1,2

Dilute solution properties of poly(di-tert-butyl fumarate) ( pp.991 - 997 )
Nozomi Awazu1, Takuya Komatsubara1, Masashi Osa1,2, Takenao Yoshizaki1 and Jiro Shimada1

Water-soluble complex formation of fullerenes with a biocompatible polymer ( pp.999 - 1005 )
Tetsuya Ohata1, Kazuhiko Ishihara2, Yasuhiko Iwasaki3, Arunee Sangsuwan3, Shota Fujii4,5, Kazuo Sakurai4,5, Yuki Ohara1 and Shin-ichi Yusa1

Synthesis of hyperbranched-linear poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) polymers with a poly(siloxysilane) hyperbranched macroinitiator, and their application to cell culture on glass substrates ( pp.1007 - 1012 )
Renaud Gillet1, Hideaki Sakai2, Yuta Nabae1, Teruaki Hayakawa1 and Masa-aki Kakimoto1

Synthesis and solid-state polymerization of diacetylene derivatives directly substituted with a phenylcarbazole moiety ( pp.1013 - 1018 )
Masataka Ikeshima1, Masashi Mamada1, Tsuyoshi Minami1, Shizuo Tokito1 and Shuji Okada1

Fabrication of polymer-calcite composite thin films by phase transition of vaterite composite particles with octacarboxy-terminated T8-caged silsesquioxane ( pp.1019 - 1027 )
Sakina Miyauchi1, Hiroaki Imoto1 and Kensuke Naka1

Surface carboxylation of cellulose nanowhiskers using mPEG-TEMPO: its recovery and recycling ( pp.1029 - 1033 )
Jun Araki1,2 and Maiko Iida1



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