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Polymer Journal
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Polymer design using trimethylene carbonate with ethylene glycol units for biomedical applications ( pp.751 - 760 )
Hiroharu Ajiro1,2,3, Yoshiaki Haramiishi1, Nalinthip Chanthaset1 and Mitsuru Akashi4

Design of pH-sensitive polymer-modified liposomes for antigen delivery and their application in cancer immunotherapy ( pp.761 - 771 )
Eiji Yuba1

Development of free-standing polymer nanosheets for advanced medical and health-care applications ( pp.773 - 780 )
Toshinori Fujie1,2

Acyclic artificial nucleic acids with phosphodiester bonds exhibit unique functions ( pp.781 - 786 )
Hiromu Kashida1,2, Keiji Murayama1 and Hiroyuki Asanuma1

One-pot synthesis of triptycene-based porous organic frameworks with tailored micropore environments for highly efficient and selective amine adsorption ( pp.787 - 792 )
Haijiang Wang1, Lili Pan1, Wenxiu Deng1, Guangjie Yang1 and Xikui Liu1

Multivariate analysis of 13C NMR spectra of branched copolymers prepared by initiator-fragment incorporation radical copolymerization of ethylene glycol dimethacrylate and tert-butyl methacrylate ( pp.793 - 800 )
Tomohiro Hirano1, Ryota Kamiike1, Yuchin Hsu1, Hikaru Momose1,2 and Koichi Ute1

Anomalous small-angle X-ray scattering study on the spatial distribution of hydrophobic molecules in polymer micelles ( pp.801 - 806 )
Ryosuke Nakanishi1, Ginpei Machida1, Masaki Kinoshita1, Kazuo Sakurai1 and Isamu Akiba1

Optically active polyurethane based on tyrosine: synthesis, characterization and study of hydrogen bonding ( pp.807 - 812 )
Yong Yang1, Chen Sun1, Yuming Zhou2, Tianhe Wang1 and Yiwei Zhang2

Synthesis and characterization of stable main-chain polymeric metal complex dyes based on phenothiazine or carbazole units for dye-sensitized solar cells ( pp.813 - 819 )
Xu Chen1, Ye Liu1, Qiufang Xie1, Jun Zhou1, Yanlong Liao1, Chunxiao Zhu1, Tianqi Chen1 and Chaofan Zhong1

Improvement of the rheological properties of trans-1,4-polyisoprene from Eucommia ulmoides Oliver by tri-branched poly(ricinoleic acid) ( pp.821 - 827 )
Bo-xing Zhang1, Jun-ichi Azuma1, Shinya Takeno2, Nobuaki Suzuki2, Yoshihisa Nakazawa2 and Hiroshi Uyama1

Low-dielectric-constant polyimide aerogel composite films with low water uptake ( pp.829 - 834 )
Jinyoung Kim1, Jinuk Kwon1, Myeongsoo Kim1, Jeonguk Do1, Daero Lee1 and Haksoo Han1



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