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Polymer Journal
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Polymer functionalization by luminescent supramolecular gels ( pp.843 - 853 )
Hirotaka Ihara1,2, Makoto Takafuji1 and Yutaka Kuwahara1

Polymerization of a divalent metal salt of an unsaturated carboxylic acid stimulated by ion exchange with a metal salt of fatty acids ( pp.855 - 858 )
Satoshi Nakashima1, Yoko Tatewaki1,3, Shuji Okada1, Hikaru Nagakura2, Ayaka Shindo2, Chiemi Mikura2, Kazuyoshi Shiga2, Katsumi Terakawa2 and Mikio Yamada2

Cyclopolymerization of a bisacrylate through selective formation of a 19-membered ring ( pp.859 - 862 )
Bungo Ochiai1, Tetsuya Shiomi1 and Hasumi Yoshita1

Local and global conformations of flower micelles and flower necklaces formed by an amphiphilic alternating copolymer in aqueous solution ( pp.863 - 867 )
Kai Uramoto1,2, Rintaro Takahashi1, Ken Terao1 and Takahiro Sato1

Characteristic dynamic rheological responses of nematic poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) and cholesteric hydroxypropyl cellulose phases ( pp.869 - 874 )
Youngho Eom1, Dae Eon Jung1, Seung Sang Hwang2 and Byoung Chul Kim1

Assembly structure and rod orientation of rod–coil diblock copolymer films ( pp.875 - 881 )
Ya-Juan Su1, Ze-Xin Ma1 and Jian-Hua Huang1

Effects of three-segment interactions on the second virial coefficient of ring polymers in the Θ state ( pp.883 - 887 )
Daichi Ida1 and Takenao Yoshizaki1

Contamination control of polymer films by two atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatments ( pp.889 - 896 )
Keiko Gotoh1, Eriko Shohbuke1, Yuki Kuroda1 and Yasuyuki Kobayashi2

Polymer microgel particles as basic catalysts for Knoevenagel condensation in water ( pp.897 - 904 )
Hirokazu Seto1, Kenta Imai1, Yu Hoshino1 and Yoshiko Miura1

Sulfonated polyimide/chitosan composite membranes for a vanadium redox flow battery: influence of the sulfonation degree of the sulfonated polyimide ( pp.905 - 918 )
Xiaodong Huang1, Shuai Zhang1, Yaping Zhang1, Hongping Zhang1 and Xuping Yang1

Synthesis of controllable monodisperse gold nanoparticles using wood material and their catalytic activity for p-nitrophenol reduction ( pp.919 - 923 )
Xiaobo Lin1, Min Wu2, Shigenori Kuga2, Takashi Endo3 and Yong Huang2



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