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Polymer Journal
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Polymeric hydrogel microspheres: design, synthesis, characterization, assembly and applications ( pp.695 - 702 )
Daisuke Suzuki1, Koji Horigome1, Takuma Kureha1, Shusuke Matsui1 and Takumi Watanabe1

High-performance SPEEK/SWCNT/fly ash polymer electrolyte nanocomposite membranes for fuel cell applications ( pp.703 - 709 )
Gandhimathi Sivasubramanian1, Krishnan Hariharasubramanian1, Paradesi Deivanayagam2 and Jeyalakshmi Ramaswamy2

Structural studies of thermally stable, combustion-resistant polymer composites ( pp.711 - 719 )
Gregory N Smith1,2, James E Hallett1,3, Paul Joseph4, Svetlana Tretsiakova-McNally5, Tan Zhang6,7, Frank D Blum6 and Julian Eastoe1

Synthesis of polyfluorene-polytriarylamine block copolymers with light-emitting benzothiadiazole moieties: effect of chromophore location on electroluminescent properties ( pp.721 - 728 )
Kyusun Kim1, Yohei Inagaki1, Shinji Kanehashi1 and Kenji Ogino1

π-conjugated naphthodithiophene homopolymers bearing alkyl/alkylthio-thienyl substituents: facile synthesis using hexamethylditin and their charge-transport and photovoltaic properties ( pp.729 - 734 )
Hideaki Komiyama1,2, Tatsuya Oyama1,3, Tatsuya Mori1,3 and Takuma Yasuda1,3

Macromolecular templates for biomineralization-inspired crystallization of oriented layered zinc hydroxides ( pp.735 - 739 )
Fumiya Katase1, Satoshi Kajiyama1 and Takashi Kato1



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