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Polymer Journal
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Network polymers derived from the integration of flexible organic polymers and rigid metal–organic frameworks ( pp.345 - 353 )
Kenta Kokado1,2

The dawn of chiral material development using saccharide-based helical polymers ( pp.355 - 362 )
Tomoyuki Ikai1

Design of networked polymers based on radical ring-opening polymerization of vinyloxiranes ( pp.363 - 368 )
Shinya Maeda1, Kozo Matsumoto2 and Takeshi Endo1

Synthesis and properties of poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide)-b-Poly(ε-caprolactone) multiblock copolymers formed by self-polycondensation of diblock macromonomers ( pp.369 - 375 )
Mitsutoshi Jikei1, Takahiro Suga1, Yuta Yamadoi1 and Kazuya Matsumoto1

Preparation of new photo-crosslinked β-cyclodextrin polymer beads ( pp.377 - 383 )
Hirohito Yamasaki1, Aya Odamura1, Yousuke Makihata1 and Kimitoshi Fukunaga2

Small-angle X-ray scattering from the concentrated bulk phase separated from an amphiphilic block-copolymer solution ( pp.385 - 389 )
Masaaki Kondo1,4, Rintaro Takahashi1,5, Xing-Ping Qiu2, Françoise M Winnik2,3, Ken Terao1 and Takahiro Sato1

In situ polymerized polyaniline nanofiber-based functional cotton and nylon fabrics as millimeter-wave absorbers ( pp.391 - 399 )
Nina Joseph1,2, Jobin Varghese1,2 and Mailadil Thomas Sebastian1,2

Preparation of bridged polysilsesquioxane-based membranes containing 1,2,3-triazole moieties for water desalination ( pp.401 - 406 )
Kazuki Yamamoto1, Masakoto Kanezashi2, Toshinori Tsuru2 and Joji Ohshita1



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