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Polymer Journal
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Equibinary (cis-1,4—1,2)Polybutadiene
( pp.231 - 242 )
Junji Furukawa1), Eiichi Kobayashi1) and Takahiro Kawagoe1)

The Chemical-Composition Distribution of Styrene—Acrylonitrile Copolymer Synthesized by Radiation-Induced Copolymerization at Low Temperature
( pp.243 - 247 )
Shinya Teramachi1) and Hisashi Uchiyama1)

Dissolution and Chain Dimensions of Nylon 6 in Metal Halide—Alcohol Systems
( pp.248 - 254 )
Akio Nakajima1) and Kazuo Tanaami1)

Radiation-Induced Heterogeneous Polymerization. II. Polymerization of Acrylonitrile in the Presence of DMF
( pp.255 - 262 )
Takeshi Wada1) and Masaaki Takehisa1)

X-Ray Study on the Thermal Expansion of Cotton Cellulose
( pp.263 - 267 )
Sulo Seitsonen1) and Ilkka Mikkonen1)

An Improved Apparatus for Measuring Complex Viscosity of Dilute Polymer Solutions at Frequencies from 2 to 500 kHz
( pp.268 - 277 )
Haruhiko Nakajima1), Hideho Okamoto1) and Yasaku Wada1)

Molecular Weight Distribution of Polystyrene Formed in Cationic “Two-Counterion” Systems
( pp.278 - 282 )
Toshinobu Higashimura1) and Toshio Masuda1)

Stress Relaxation of Polymer Solutions under Large Strain: Application of Double-Step Strain
( pp.283 - 287 )
Kunihiro Osaki1), Yoshiyuki Einaga1), Michio Kurata1), Nobuhiro Yamada2) and Mikio Tamura2)

Monte Carlo Studies of the Brownian Motion of a Polymer Chain under Topological Constraints
( pp.288 - 300 )
Masao Doi1)

Synthesis of Poly(amide-quinazolinedione)s
( pp.301 - 308 )
Yoshio Iwakura1), Keikichi Uno1) and Nguyen Chau1)

A Model Experiment for Piezoelectric Relaxations in Polymers
( pp.309 - 315 )
Hiroyuki Yamagami1) and Eiichi Fukada1)

Diluent Dispersion in Poly(vinyl chloride)—Plasticizer Systems
( pp.316 - 323 )
Noriyuki Kinjo1) and Tsurutaro Nakagawa1)

Dielectric Dispersion of Hinged-PBLG (Head to Head)
( pp.324 - 326 )
Hiroshi Kihara1), Kayoko Tanno1) and Akiyoshi Wada1)

Determination of Microstructure of Polybutadiene by Decoupled PMR Spectra
( pp.327 - 328 )
Koichi Hatada1), Yasuyuki Tanaka1), Yoshio Terawaki1) and Hiroshi Okuda1)

Tacticity of Poly(methyl methacrylate) Obtained by Slow-Growth Polymerization Using n-BuLi Catalyst
( pp.329 - 331 )
Heimei Yuki1), Koichi Hatada1) and Susumu Kokan1)

Glass Transition in Aliphatic Ionenes
( pp.332 - 334 )
Tetsuo Tsutsui1), Toshiaki Sato1) and Takehide Tanaka1)



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