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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.7 No.5 (1975)

Polymer Journal
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Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate with Tris(π-allyl)chromium—Pyridine System
( pp.523 - 528 )
N. A. Shirokov1) and V. V. Mazurek1)

Orientation and Crystal Transformation in Polybutene-1 under Stress Relaxation
( pp.529 - 537 )
Akira Tanaka1), Naohiko Sugimoto1), Tadahiro Asada1) and Shigeharu Onogi1)

Syntheses and Conformational Studies of Poly(S-aminoalkyl-homocysteine)s and Their Benzyloxycarbonyl Derivatives
( pp.538 - 543 )
Tadao Hayakawa1), Yoshiyuki Kondo1) and Nagao Kobayashi1)

Active Polycondensation of Aromatic Hydroxyl Diesters with Diamines
( pp.544 - 549 )
Naoya Ogata1), Kohei Sanui1), Kyoichi Kanasugi1) and Nobumichi Ohira1)

Interactions between Oppositely Charged Polypeptides
( pp.550 - 557 )
Akio Nakajima1), Katsuro Shinoda1), Toshio Hayashi1) and Hiroko Sato1)

Dilute Solution of Bisphenol A Polycarbonate
( pp.558 - 569 )
Takuji Tsuji1), Takashi Norisuye1) and Hiroshi Fujita1)

Studies on the Formation of Graft Copolymer by Coupling Reaction. II. Determination of Grafting Site of 1: 1 Graft Copolymer by Using Star Polymers
( pp.570 - 576 )
Koji Ishizu1), Takashi Fukutomi1) and Toshio Kakurai1)

Thin-Layer Chromatographic Identification of Chain Architectures of Styrene—Butadiene Copolymers
( pp.577 - 583 )
Nobuo Donkai1), Takeaki Miyamoto1) and Hiroshi Inagaki1)

Influence of Pressure on Free Radical Decay in Irradiated Poly(ethylene terephthalate)
( pp.584 - 585 )
F. Szocs1) and T. Lacza1)

Remark on Yamakawa—Fujii’s Paper Concerning the Intrinsic Viscosity of Rod-like Macromolecules
( pp.586 - 587 )
Nobuko Taki1)

Structure and Properties of Highly Cross-Linked Polymers
( pp.588 - 590 )
Kenkichi Murakami1) and Sumio Takasugi1)



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