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Polymer Journal
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Fractionation of Styrene—Acrylonitrile Copolymer by Column Adsorption Chromatography
( pp.593 - 599 )
Shinya Teramachi1) and Hiromi Esaki2)

Evidence of a Heterogeneous Nucleus in a Polypropylene Spherulite Using Electron Probe Microanalysis
( pp.600 - 603 )
Kiyoshi Ikeda1) and Genzo Hashizume1)

Theory of Diffusion-Controlled Intrachain Reactions of Polymers
( pp.604 - 612 )
Seiichi Sunagawa1) and Masao Doi1)

The Effect of Hot and Cold Rolling on the Properties of Poly(oxymethylene)
( pp.613 - 621 )
Shyam Bahadur1)

Photoconductivity of Poly(N-vinylcarbazole). VI. Photocoductivity of PoIy(β-N-carbazoIylethyl vinyl ether)
( pp.622 - 628 )
Ken-ichi Okamoto1), Akira Itaya1) and Shigekazu Kusabayashi1)

Studies of the Cyclopolymerization in the Presence of Alkylaluminum Chlorides. I. Polymerization of o-Allylphenyl Acrylate
( pp.629 - 636 )
Kazuaki Yokota1), Nobuhiro Hirayama1) and Yoshiyuki Takada1)

Asymptotic Form of the Intrinsic Viscosity of a Once-Broken Rod
( pp.637 - 640 )
Nobuko Taki1) and Hiroshi Fujita1)

Influence of pH and Salt Concentration on the Helix—Coil Transition of Poly A Determined by a Modified DSC
( pp.641 - 645 )
Yoshihiro Baba1), Shigeyuki Tanaka1) and Akihiro Kagemoto1)

Dilatometric Study on Some Poly(α-amino acid)s
( pp.646 - 649 )
Kunio Hikichi1), Akihiro Tsutsumi1), Shigekazu Isozaki1) and Motozo Kaneko1)

Orientation of the Atomic Groups of Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate)s in Liquid Crystalline States
( pp.650 - 654 )
Eisaku Iizuka1)



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