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Polymer Journal
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Characterization and Solution Properties of Randomly Branched Polymers
( pp.527 - 535 )
Hideomi Matsuda1), Izumi Yamada1), Masaru Okabe1) and Shigetaka Kuroiwa1)

Conformational Analysis of Stereoisomers of Triphenylheptane by Depolarized Rayleigh Scattering
( pp.537 - 539 )
Georges Fourche2), Bruno Jasse1) and Pierre Maelstaf1)

Calculated Circular Dichroism of Acridine Orange Bound to Random-Coil Polypeptide
( pp.541 - 552 )
Toyoko Imae1)

Effect of Substituents on Cationic Polymerization of Six-Membered Spiro Orthocarbonates
( pp.553 - 560 )
Tatsuo Fujinami1), Hisanori Tsuji1) and Shizuyoshi Sakai1)

Studies of Nitrogen—Phosphorus Compounds. XXIX. Synthesis and Thermal Stability of Phosphorus Diamide Nitride Resins
( pp.561 - 568 )
Etsuro Kobayashi1) and Tadao Kanayama1)

Proton NMR Study of Copolymer Composition in Styrene—Methyl Methacrylate System under Magnetic Saturation-Free Condition
( pp.569 - 572 )
Riichirô Chûjô1), Hiroshi Matsuo1) and Yoshio Inoue1)

Unperturbed Chain Dimension of Branched Polypeptides. I. Star-Like Polypeptides
( pp.573 - 582 )
Masahito Oka1) and Akio Nakajima1)

Unperturbed Chain Dimension of Branched Polypeptides. II. Comb-Like Polypeptides
( pp.583 - 593 )
Masahito Oka1) and Akio Nakajima1)

Syntheses of Organozinc Enolates and Their Reactivities in Polymerization Reactions
( pp.595 - 604 )
Kazunori Kataoka1) and Teiji Tsuruta1)

Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering of Poly(tetraoxane) Obtained by the Radiation-Induced Solid-State Polymerization
( pp.605 - 611 )
Yoshiaki Nakase1), Toshio Kato1), Osamu Yoda1), Isamu Kuriyama1) and Akira Odajima2)

Stiff Chain Behavior of Poly(phthaloyl-trans-2,5-dimethyIpiperazine) in Dilute Solution
( pp.613 - 624 )
Masanori Motowoka1), Takashi Norisuye1) and Hiroshi Fujita1)

Dynamics of the Helix—Coil Transition in Isotope Exchange of Polypeptide
( pp.625 - 631 )
Masako Fujiwara1) and Nobuhiko Saitô1)

Alternating Copolymerization of 1,3-Cyclooctadiene and Acrylic Monomers
( pp.633 - 639 )
Junji Furukawa1), Eiichi Kobayashi1) and Shiro Nagata1)

Dielectric Dispersion of Polypeptide Solutions. III. Conformation and Dipole Moment of Copolypeptides of γ-Benzyl L-Glutamate and L-Alanine in m-Cresol
( pp.641 - 648 )
Noboru Nishioka1), Hiroko Mishima1) and Akio Teramoto1)

Studies on Chitin. V. Kinetics of Deacetylation Reaction
( pp.649 - 651 )
Takanori Sannan1), Keisuke Kurita1) and Yoshio Iwakura1)

Preparation of Well-Defined Polymers by Polymer-Coupling Reaction. I. A Facile Evaluation of the Extent of Polymer-Coupling Reaction
( pp.653 - 655 )
Mikio Takaki1) and Ryuzo Asami1)



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