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Home  >  Journal list  >  Science and Technology of Advanced Materials  >  Vol.6 No.3-4 (2005)

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
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Nanotechnology in environmental protection and pollution ( pp.219 - 220 )
Jurgen Schulte, a, and Joydeep Duttaa

Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous, nanorods, nanowires metal oxides ( pp.224 - 229 )
Sorapong Pavasupreea, Yoshikazu Suzukia, Sommai Pivsa-Artb and Susumu Yoshikawaa

Improvement of oxidative decomposition activity on hollandite type photocatalyst against pentachlorophenol ( pp.230 - 235 )
Toshiyuki Moria, Motoi Takahashia, Tetsuya Fujimotob, Hiromitsu Nakajimaa and Mamoru Watanabec

Titanium (IV) oxide nanofibers by combined sol–gel and electrospinning techniques: preliminary report on effects of preparation conditions and secondary metal dopant ( pp.240 - 245 )
Jeerapong Watthanaaruna, Varong Pavarajarna, and Pitt Supapholb

Air pollution monitoring and GIS modeling: a new use of nanotechnology based solid state gas sensors ( pp.251 - 255 )
O. Pummakarnchanaa, N. Tripathia and J. Duttab

Corrosion studies on Fe-based amorphous alloys in simulated PEM fuel cell environment ( pp.282 - 289 )
J. Jayaraj, Y.C. Kim, K.B. Kim, H.K. Seok and E. Fleury

Activity of nanosized titania synthesized from thermal decomposition of titanium (IV) n-butoxide for the photocatalytic degradation of diuron ( pp.290 - 295 )
Jitlada Klongdeea, Wansiri Petchkrohb, Kosin Phuempoonsathapornc, Piyasan Praserthdama, Alisa S. Vangnaib, d and Varong Pavarajarna

A review of micro-nano-scale wireless sensor networks for environmental protection: Prospects and challenges ( pp.302 - 306 )
Mohammad Upal Mahfuz, and Kazi M. Ahmed

Nanostructured and nanoscale devices, sensors and detectors ( pp.312 - 318 )
A. Vaseashtaa, and D. Dimova-Malinovskab

Controlled growth of silicon nanowires synthesized via solid–liquid–solid mechanism ( pp.330 - 334 )
Y.Y. Wong, M. Yahaya, M. Mat Salleh and B. Yeop Majlis

Heavy-metal ion sensors using chitosan-capped gold nanoparticles ( pp.335 - 340 )
A. Sugunana, C. Thanachayanontb, J. Duttaa, and J.G. Hilbornc



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