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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.17  No.1 (1985)  >  pp.117-132

Polymer Journal
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A New Class of Polymers: Starburst-Dendritic Macromolecules

D. A. Tomalia2), H. Baker1), J. Dewald1), M. Hall1), G. Kallos1), S. Martin1), J. Roeck1), J. Ryder1) and P. Smith1)
1) Functional Polymers/Process Dow Chemical U.S.A.
2) The Analytical Laboratory, Dow Chemical U.S.A.

ABSTRACT:  This paper describes the first synthesis of a new class of topological macromolecules which we refer to as “starburst polymers.” The fundamental building blocks to this new polymer class are referred to as “dendrimers.” These dendrimers differ from classical monomers/oligomers by their extraordinary symmetry, high branching and maximized (telechelic) terminal functionality density. The dendrimers possess “reactive end groups” which allow (a) controlled moelcular weight building (monodispersity), (b) controlled branching (topology), and (c) versatility in design and modification of the terminal end groups. Dendrimer synthesis is accomplished by a variety of strategies involving “time sequenced propagation” techniques. The resulting dendrimers grow in a geometrically progressive fashion as shown: Chemically bridging these dendrimers leads to the new class of macromolecules—”starburst polymers” (e.g., (A)n, (B)n, or (C)n).

Starburst Polymers/ Straburst Oligomers/ Dendrimers/ Topological Macromers/ Polyamidoamines/ Dendritic Macromolecules Organic Clusters

Published online: March 03, 2006
© Copyright, 2006 by The Society of Polymer Science, Japan



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