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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.13  No.2 (1981)  >  pp.135-139

Polymer Journal
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Partial Alkali Metalation of Poly(p-hydroxystyrene) and Poly(p-hydroxystyrene-co-styrene) and the Solubility of the Resulting Polymer in Tetrahydrofuran

Mikio Takaki1), Ryuzo Asami1) and Shigeyuki Tsuzuki1)
1) Department of Synthetic Chemistry, Nagoya Institute of Technology

ABSTRACT:  The partial alkali metalation of poly(p-hydroxystyrene) (PHS) and poly(p-hydroxystyrene-co-styrene) P(HS-co-S) with alkali metal naphthalene (M-Naph) was carried out to obtain a solution of the metalated polymer. The value for {[OM]/[OH]0}tur was determined as the ratio of pendant metal phenolates ((Remark: Graphics omitted.)OM; M=Li, Na, and K) to the initial pendant phenols when the titration of a PHS or P(HS-co-S) solution with M-Naph begins to give a turbid solution and/or a polymer precipitation. The value of {[OM]/[OH]0}tur was found to depend on the counter cation (M+); i.e., the solubility of partially-metalated P(HS-co-S) was in the order OK≈ONa<OLi. Also, the solubility of P(HS-co-S)–Na increased with an increase in the styrene content of the copolymer. The plot of {[ONa]/[OH]O}tur vs. the concentration of P(HS-co-S) was linear and “intrinsic” {[ONa]/[OH]O}tur was found to be 0.70. These results can be interpreted in terms of solubility parameter. The polymer which was once precipitated at a high [OM]/[OH]O ratio became soluble again by hydrolysis with acid or by dilution with a THF solution of PHS or P(HS-co-S).

Poly(p-hydroxystyrene)/ Poly(p-hydroxystyrene-co-styrene)/ Alkali Metal Naphthalene/ Alkali Metalation/ Solubility Parameter

Published online: March 03, 2006
© Copyright, 2006 by The Society of Polymer Science, Japan



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