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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan  >  Vol.56 No.3 (2007)

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
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Molecular Dynamics Study of Impact Velocity Dependence of Structure of Debris Cloud under Hyper Velocity Impact
( pp.199 - 204 )
Keiko NAKATANI1), Ryosuke KAYANOKI2) and Yoshihiko SUGIYAMA3)

Molecular Dynamics Study of Impact Angle Dependence of Structure of Debris Cloud under Hyper Velocity Impact
( pp.205 - 210 )
Keiko NAKATANI1), Ryosuke KAYANOKI2) and Yoshihiko SUGIYAMA3)

Effect of P(LLA-CL) Blending on the Mechanical Properties of PLLA/PCL
( pp.211 - 216 )
Tetsuo TAKAYAMA1), Mitsugu TODO2), Hideto TSUJI3) and Kazuo ARAKAWA2)

Measurement of Residual Stress Distribution in Laser-Shock Peened Ti-Alloy Using Hard Synchrotron X-Rays
( pp.217 - 222 )
Kenji SUZUKI1), Takahisa SHOBU2) and Keisuke TANAKA3)

X-Ray Diffraction Analyses of ZnO and (Zn, Mg)O Single Crystalline Films Epitaxially Grown on a-Plane Sapphire Substrates
( pp.223 - 228 )
Katsuhiko INABA1), Kazuto KOIKE2), Shigehiko SASA2), Masataka INOUE2) and Mitsuaki YANO2)

Effects of Stress Ratio and Frequency on Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.229 - 235 )
Yoshikazu NAKAI1) and Makoto SEKI2)

Influences of Hardness, Defect Size and Retained Austenite on Fatigue Strength at N = 107 for Carburized Steels
( pp.236 - 243 )
Junichiro YAMABE1) and Toshiharu MATSUI1)

Brittle Fracture Analysis of Porous Ceramics Based on Initiation of Micro Damages
( pp.244 - 251 )
Tomoyuki FUJII1), Yoshiaki AKINIWA2) and Takafumi AMATA3)

Water Resistance and Mechanical Properties of Modified Porous Carbon Materials Made from Rice Hull
( pp.252 - 257 )
Michiaki SHISHIDO1), Satoshi KUBO1), Keigo YOSHIDA1), Takeshi TAKAHASHI2) and Hiroshi IIZUKA3)

Evaluation of Seismic Reliability of Steel Bridge Piers Considering Energy Absorption Performance
( pp.258 - 265 )
Hiromitsu KOSHIDA1), Wataru SHIRAKI2) and Masahiro DOGAKI3)

Effects of Frequency and Stroke on Lubricated Reciprocating Friction between Plain Carbon Steel and Bearing Steel
( pp.266 - 271 )
Toku ITOH1) and Sadamu FUJII2)

A Fast-Response Thermopile Photodetector Fabricated by a Photolithography Technique Combined with Laser-Beam Machining
( pp.272 - 277 )
Shigenobu MURAOKA1), Mitsuaki YANO2), Yoshihiro KITA1) and Kozo ICHIKAWA1)

Direct Growth of ZnO Whiskers Bridging between Micron-Gap Electrodes in Aqueous Solution
( pp.278 - 281 )
Keisuke KAMETANI1), Hérve DUMONT2), Hiroshi IMAMOTO3) and Shizuo FUJITA1)

Effect of Coarse Aggregate on the Tensile Strength of Expansive Concrete in Early Age
( pp.282 - 286 )
Isamu YOSHITAKE1), Kunikazu YOSHIOKA2), Yuji EBITANI3), Keisuke MIYAMOTO2) and Sumio HAMADA1)

Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Concrete Using Crushed Waste Expanded Polystyrene Melts Ingot
( pp.287 - 293 )
Seiji FUKUSHIMA1) and Tetsuro KASAI2)

Shrinkage Characteristics of Cement Paste and Mortar at Very Early Ages
( pp.294 - 301 )
Yusuke BABA1) and Tetsurou KASAI2)

III : Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue in Electronic Devices
( pp.302 - 308 )
Masao SAKANE1)



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