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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan  >  Vol.60 No.3 (2011)

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
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Improvement of Catalytic Activity of LaSrCoO4 by Micronization
( pp.191 - 193 )
Xiaomao YANG1) and Masakuni OZAWA2)

Influence of Ceria Doping on Oxygen Relaxation and Oxide Ion Conduction in Yttria Stabilized Cubic Zirconia
( pp.194 - 197 )
Masakuni OZAWA1) and Kensuke IMURA2)

Anelastic Behavior of Hydroxyapatite Ceramic
( pp.198 - 201 )
Masakuni OZAWA1), Masayuki ICHIYANAGI2) and Suguru SUZUKI3)

Refurbishment of Creep Damage Using Re-Heat Process for Ni-Based Superalloy under Bending Load
( pp.202 - 209 )
Masaru SEKIHARA1), Kunihiro ICHIKAWA2), Shinya IMANO1), Yukio KAGIYA3), Akihiro ITO3) and Kouji CHUUJOU4)

Effect of Pre-Strain History on Small Crack Growth under Low Cycle Fatigue for JIS SFVQ1A Steel
( pp.210 - 216 )
Shota HASUNUMA1), Yohei MIYATA2), Kenichi SAKAUE2) and Takeshi OGAWA2)

Strength of Torsional Pre-Strained Specimen of Aluminum and Observation of Fatigue Fractured Surface
( pp.217 - 223 )
Kazuo KUNIYOSHI1), Daisaku SHINOHARA2), Chobin MAKABE1), Masaki FUJIKAWA1) and Ryouji KONDOU1)

Parameters Evaluation of Three-Element Solid Model for Viscoelastic Materials by Indentation Test
( pp.224 - 228 )
Mitsuhiro TANI1), Atsushi SAKUMA2), Makoto OGASAWARA1) and Takashi SAITO3)

Method of Determination of Young's Modulus Anisotropy of Brittle Material Known the Direction of Anisotropy with Diametrical Compression Test
( pp.229 - 234 )
Takashi TSUTSUMI1)

UV Irradiation Degradation Control of Sand Stabilized with Containing Organic Slurry Hydrophilic Polyurethane
( pp.235 - 239 )
Zhiren WU1), Zhishen WU2), Kentaro IWASHITA3), Weiming GAO1) and Hirondo INAGAKI4)

Experimental Study for Swelling Ratio and Pressure of Water Swelling Material as an Impermeable Material
( pp.240 - 244 )
Shinya INAZUMI1), Makoto KIMURA2), Tadashi WAKATSUKI3) and Masakatsu KOBAYASHI3)

Damage Condition of GFRP Tank Used for Long Period in Alkaline Environment
( pp.245 - 250 )
Tatsuro MORITA1), Ryota TAKENAKA1), Shinta MABUCHI2), Yoshimichi FUJII1) and Masanori OKANO1)

Vacuum Assisted High Speed Compression Molding and Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate Composite
( pp.251 - 258 )
Kazuto TANAKA1), Hitoshi KASHIHARA2) and Tsutao KATAYAMA1)

Wetting Characteristics of Different Types of Liquid on Particulate Composite Materials
( pp.259 - 264 )
Kentaro YAMAUCHI1), Goro YAMAUCHI2) and Kenichi TAKAI3)



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