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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan  >  Vol.60 No.8 (2011)

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
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Effect of Fly-Ash on Fresh Concrete Using Cement of High Temperature
( pp.687 - 692 )
Shinichi YUGE1), Takuya SUGIYAMA2), Kunikazu YOSHIOKA2) and Isamu YOSHITAKE1)

The Effect of Post-Curing Condition on the Hydration of Slag Blended Cement Subjected to a Temperature History at Early Age
( pp.693 - 700 )
Ryuichiro KUGA1), Hiroaki MORI1) and Masami UZAWA1)

Strength Development, Toughness and Fire Resistive Performance of 150 to 200N/mm2 Super-High Strength, High Performance Concrete
( pp.701 - 708 )
Kenro MITSUI1), Toshio YONEZAWA1), Masaro KOJIMA1), Mitsuo KINOSHITA2) and Hirozo MIHASHI3)

A Study on the Application and Quality of Sewage Sludge Molten Slag Coarse Aggregate for Concrete
( pp.709 - 714 )
Masumi INOUE1), Carlos AQUINO2), Naho TAKEDA3) and Takahisa OKAMOTO4)

Evaluation for Durability of Concrete Surface Coating Method from the Viewpoint of Adhesion Performance of Coating Films
( pp.715 - 720 )
Takuji YAMADA1), Yoichi TSUKUDA1), Kaname KATSUI1), Yoshihiko WATANABE2) and Toyoaki MIYAGAWA3)

Estimation of Volume Fraction of Martensite Induced in Austenitic Stainless Steel during the Tensile Deformation by the Resistivity and Specimen Configuration Dependency
( pp.721 - 727 )
Hidefumi DATE1)

Effects of Pre-Working and Dynamic Strain Aging on High Cycle Fatigue Fracture of a Stainless Steel SUS316NG at 300°C
( pp.728 - 734 )
Yukio TAKAHASHI1), Kenji KANAZAWA1), Maya SUGIMOTO1), Riho MURAI2) and Hiroaki OKADA2)

Role of Internal Stress in Whisker Growth of Electrodeposited Tin Thin Films
( pp.735 - 741 )
Hiromi UENO1), Keisuke TANAKA2), Hirohisa KIMACHI2) and Daisuke SHIMADA1)

Crack-Healing Behaviour of Zirconia /SiC Composite Ceramics and Strength Properties of Crack-Healing Specimens
( pp.742 - 747 )
Keiji HOUJOU1), Syunsuke SUDO2) and Koji TAKAHASHI3)

Stress Intensity Factor of an Edge Interface Crack in a Bonded Finite Plate under Arbitrary Material Combination Subjected to Tension
( pp.748 - 755 )
Xin LAN1), Kengo MICHINAKA1), Yu ZHANG1) and Nao-Aki NODA2)

Mapping Measurement of Residual and Internal Stresses in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics by Confocal Raman Microspectroscopy
( pp.756 - 762 )
Hirohisa KIMACHI1), Yuichi YOGO2), Tatsuya IKEDA3) and Yoshimasa MIZUNO4)

Influence of Curing in Early-Age and Drying to Microstructure of Fly Ash Concrete
( pp.763 - 770 )
Yuko OGAWA1), Kimitaka UJI2) and Atsushi UENO2)



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