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Home  >  Journal list  >  MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS  >  Vol.45 No.12 (2004)

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Physical Property Measurements of Liquid Metals at High Temperatures under Microgravity
( pp.3235 - 3240 )
Ivan Egry1)

Oxidation Behavior of In Situ Synthesized TiB/Ti Composite in Air Environment
( pp.3241 - 3246 )
Yexia Qin1), Weijie Lu1), Jining Qin1) and Di Zhang1)

Preferential Growth of Cube-Oriented Grains in Partially Annealed and Additionally Rolled Aluminum Foils for Capacitors
( pp.3247 - 3255 )
Masakazu Kobayashi1), Yoshimasa Takayama2) and Hajime Kato2)

Characterisation of Precipitation Hardening Response and As-Quenched Microstructures in Al-Mg(-Ag) Alloys
( pp.3256 - 3263 )
Masahiro Kubota1), Jian Feng Nie1) and Barry Chales Muddle1)

Solidification Process and Mechanical Behavior of the Nb/Nb5Si3 Two Phase Alloys in the Nb-Ti-Si System
( pp.3264 - 3271 )
Nobuaki Sekido, Yoshisato Kimura1), Seiji Miura2) and Yoshinao Mishima1)

Time-Temperature-Transformation Diagram within the Bainitic Temperature Range in a Medium Carbon Steel
( pp.3272 - 3281 )
Francisca G. Caballero1)2), Maria Jesús Santofimia1)2), Carlos García-Mateo1)2) and Carlos García de Andrés1)2)

Effect of Mo Addition on Phase Stability and High-Temperature Strength of NbSi2/Nb5Si3 Composites
( pp.3282 - 3285 )
Wei Li1), Haibo Yang1), Aidang Shan1), Lanting Zhang1) and Jiansheng Wu1)

Characteristics of Glass Beads from Molten Slag Produced by Rotary Cup Atomizer
( pp.3286 - 3290 )
Hadi Purwanto1), Toshio Mizuochi2), Hiroyuki Tobo2), Masato Takagi2) and Tomohiro Akiyama1)

Observation of Multi-Scale Structure for a Creep-Fatigued Ferritic 12Cr-2W Steel
( pp.3291 - 3297 )
Masao Hayakawa1), Koji Yamaguchi1), Megumi Kimura1) and Kazuo Kobayashi1)

Superplasticity in a Fine-Grained Mg—Zn—Y—Zr Alloy Containing Quasicrystalline Particles
( pp.3298 - 3303 )
Yule Kim1) and Donghyun Bae1)

Fabrication of Silicon Nitride Thick Coatings by Reactive RF Plasma Spraying
( pp.3304 - 3308 )
Motohiro Yamada1), Tatsuya Inamoto1), Masahiro Fukumoto1) and Toshiaki Yasui1)

Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of Hot-Pressed p-Type Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 Alloys Prepared by Rapid Solidification Technique
( pp.3309 - 3313 )
Yuma Horio1), Hiroyuki Yamashita1) and Takahiro Hayashi1)

Influence of Electron Beam Irradiation on Bending Fracture Stress for Soda Glass
( pp.3314 - 3317 )
Yoshitake Nishi1), Atsushi Kadowaki1) and Tomohiro Sinoda1)

Characterization of SnO2/TiO2 Double-Layer Films as Alcohol Sensing Materials
( pp.3318 - 3323 )
Meng-Heng Yeh1), Weng-Sing Hwang1), Gwo-Bin Lee2) and Yang-Ming Lu3)

Fracture Toughness of Yttria-Stabilized Cubic Zirconia (8Y-CSZ) Doped with Pure Silica
( pp.3324 - 3329 )
Keijiro Hiraga1), Koji Morita1), Byung-Nam Kim1) and Yoshio Sakka1)

Adhesion of Electrodeposited Copper, Nickel and Silver Films on Copper, Nickel and Silver Substrates
( pp.3330 - 3333 )
Naoki Okamoto1), Feng Wang2) and Tohru Watanabe1)

Photodecomposition and Surface Adsorption of Methylene Blue on TiO2 Nanofluid Prepared by ASNSS
( pp.3334 - 3337 )
Ho Chang1), Chaochin Su2), Chih-Hung Lo1), Liang-Chia Chen3), Tsing-Tshih Tsung1) and Ching-Song Jwo4)

Development of Severe Torsion Straining Process for Rapid Continuous Grain Refinement
( pp.3338 - 3342 )
Katsuaki Nakamura1), Koji Neishi1), Kenji Kaneko1), Michihiko Nakagaki2) and Zenji Horita1)

Grain Boundary Morphology and Its Effect on Creep of TiAl Alloys
( pp.3343 - 3348 )
Hanliang Zhu1), Dongyi Seo2), Kouichi Maruyama1) and Peter Au2)

The Application of FEM to Cathodic Corrosion Protection of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete
( pp.3349 - 3355 )
Masataka Masuda1), Makoto Arita1), Lee Eun Ju1), Kenshi Hanada1), Hiroshi Minagawa2) and Koji Kawamata2)

Cl K-Edge XANES Spectra of Atmospheric Rust on Fe, Fe-Cr and Fe-Ni Alloys Exposed to Saline Environment
( pp.3356 - 3359 )
Hiroyuki Konishi1), Masato Yamashita2), Hitoshi Uchida2) and Jun'ichiro Mizuki1)

Hydrogen Permeation of Eutectic Nb-Zr-Ni Alloy Membranes Containing Primary Phases
( pp.3360 - 3362 )
Tomoyuki Takano1), Kazuhiro Ishikawa2), Tsuyoshi Matsuda2) and Kiyoshi Aoki2)



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