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An Orbital-dependent Correlation Energy Functional in Density-functional Theory for the Study of Strongly-correlated Electronic Systems
( pp.1402 - 1410 )
Hiroshi Yasuhara1), Masahiko Higuchi2), Soh Ishii1), Kenta Hongo1) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

GW Calculation of a Carbon Oxide Molecule Using an All-Electron Mixed-Basis Approach
( pp.1411 - 1413 )
Soh Ishii1), Kaoru Ohno2) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

First Principles Calculation of Fe L2,3-edge X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structures of Iron Oxides
( pp.1414 - 1418 )
Hidekazu Ikeno1), Isao Tanaka1), Toru Miyamae1), Takahiro Mishima1), Hirohiko Adachi1) and Kazuyoshi Ogasawara2)

First-principles Calculation Method for Electronic Structures of Nanojunctions Suspended between Semi-infinite Electrodes
( pp.1419 - 1421 )
Takashi Sasaki1), Yoshiyuki Egami1), Atsushi Tanide1), Tomoya Ono2), Hidekazu Goto1) and Kikuji Hirose1)

A Second-Variational Prediction Operator for Fast Convergence in Self-Consistent Electronic-Structure Calculations
( pp.1422 - 1428 )
Akitaka Sawamura1) and Masanori Kohyama2)

Growth and Magic Behavior of Metal Encapsulated Silicon Clusters
( pp.1429 - 1432 )
Hiroaki Kawamura1), Vijay Kumar1)2) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

First-Principles Study on Electron Conduction Property of Monatomic Sodium Nanowire
( pp.1433 - 1436 )
Yoshiyuki Egami1), Takashi Sasaki1), Shigeru Tsukamoto2), Tomoya Ono3), Kouji Inagaki1) and Kikuji Hirose1)

Study on Cap Closure Mechanism of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Molecular Dynamics
( pp.1437 - 1441 )
Sang Soo Han1) and Hyuck Mo Lee1)

Nanomechanical Behavior of β-SiC Nanowire in Tension: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
( pp.1442 - 1449 )
Tae Yeon Kim1), Sang Soo Han1) and Hyuck Mo Lee1)

Stability of Copper Atoms Embedded in Sodium-Chloride Crystals
( pp.1450 - 1451 )
Miou Furuya1), Soh Ishii2), Yoshio Takahashi3), Shin-ichiro Nagasaka3), Takehisa Yoshinari3), Yoshiyuki Kawazoe2) and Kaoru Ohno1)

Ab Initio Study of Hydrogen Storage in Hydrogen Hydrate Clathrates
( pp.1452 - 1454 )
Marcel H.F. Sluiter1), Hitoshi Adachi1), Rodion V. Belosludov1), Vladimir R. Belosludov2) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

The Effects of Solute and Vacancy Depletion on the Formation of Precipitation-Free Zone in a Model Binary Alloy Examined by a Monte Carlo Simulation
( pp.1455 - 1460 )
Hiroshi Okuda1) and Shojiro Ochiai1)

First-Principles Study of a {122} Σ = 9 Boundary in Cubic SiC: Relative Stability between Zigzag and Straight Models and Comparison with Electron Microscopy Observation
( pp.1461 - 1464 )
Masanori Kohyama1), Koji Tanaka1) and Shingo Tanaka1)

Lattice Anomaly of MgB(h-BN) under Anisotropic Compression
( pp.1465 - 1468 )
Kazuaki Kobayashi1) and Masao Arai1)

Ab initio Modeling of the Stress-Strain Response of SiAlON (Si6-zAlzOzN8-z, z = 0.5 and 1)
( pp.1469 - 1472 )
Cenk Kocer1)2), Naoto Hirosaki1) and Shigenobu Ogata3)4)

Vibrational Contribution on Nucleation Free Energy of Cu Precipitates in Fe-Cu System
( pp.1473 - 1477 )
Koretaka Yuge1), Atsuto Seko1), Kengo Kobayashi1), Tetsuyuki Tatsuoka1), Shigeto R. Nishitani1) and Hirohiko Adachi1)

First-Principles Calculation of L10-Disorder Phase Boundary in Fe-Pd System
( pp.1478 - 1484 )
Tetsuo Mohri1) and Ying Chen2)

Instability of the B2 Ordered Structure in TiNi Shape Memory Alloys due to Atom Displacements on (110) Planes
( pp.1485 - 1488 )
Yoshiyuki Nakata1)

Phase Separation of the B2 Structure Accompanied by an Ordering in Co-Al and Ni-Al Binary Systems
( pp.1489 - 1498 )
Hiroshi Ohtani1), Ying Chen2) and Mitsuhiro Hasebe1)

Effect of the Order-Disorder Transition of the bcc Structure on the Solubility of Be in the Fe-Be Binary System
( pp.1499 - 1506 )
Hiroshi Ohtani1), Yoshiko Takeshita1) and Mitsuhiro Hasebe1)

Thermodynamic Analysis of the Ni-Si-Ti System Using Thermochemical Properties Determined from Ab Initio Calculations
( pp.1507 - 1514 )
Tatsuya Tokunaga1), Koji Hashima2), Hiroshi Ohtani2) and Mitsuhiro Hasebe2)

Numerical Study on LiCaAlF6 Czochralski Crystal Growth
( pp.1515 - 1521 )
Zhong Zeng1)2), Jingqiu Chen1), Hiroshi Mizuseki2), Hiroki Sato3)4), Kiyoshi Shimamura1)5), Kyoko Ichinoseki2), Tsuguo Fukuda2)3) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe2)

Oscillatory Thermocapillary Convection in Liquid Bridge under Microgravity
( pp.1522 - 1527 )
Zhong Zeng1)2), Hiroshi Mizuseki2), Jingqiu Chen1), Kyoko Ichinoseki2) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe2)

Dendritic Morphogenesis by Means of a Fractal
( pp.1528 - 1534 )
Maricel Agop1)2), Pavlos Ioannou1), Dorina Luchian2), Petru Nica1)2) and Cristina Radu2)

The Prediction on Initial Discharge Capacity of AB5-Based Alloy with Simulated Annealing
( pp.1535 - 1538 )
Liu Yang1) and Wu Feng1)2)

Fatigue, Fretting Fatigue and Corrosion Characteristics of Biocompatible Beta Type Titanium Alloy Conducted with Various Thermo-Mechanical Treatments
( pp.1540 - 1548 )
Toshikazu Akahori1), Mitsuo Niinomi1), Hisao Fukui2) and Akihiro Suzuki3)

Dynamic Young's Modulus and Mechanical Properties of Ti−Hf Alloys
( pp.1549 - 1554 )
Ying Long Zhou1), Mitsuo Niinomi1) and Toshikazu Akahori1)

Effect of Composition on Microstructure and Compressive Mechanical Properties in Ti-Cu-Fe-Sn-Nb Alloys
( pp.1555 - 1560 )
Guo He1) and Masuo Hagiwara1)

Microscopic Feature of Fractured Implant in Practical Dental Use
( pp.1561 - 1565 )
Hidenori Era1), Yasuyuki Mastushita2), Mayumi Miura1) and Katsuhiko Kishitake1)

The Effect of Cooling Rate from Solution Treatment Temperature on Phase Constitution and Tensile Properties of Ti-4.3Fe-7.1Cr-3.0Al Alloy
( pp.1566 - 1570 )
Masahiko Ikeda1), Shin-ya Komatsu1), Mitsuhide Ueda1) and Akihiro Suzuki2)

Tensile Behavior and Cold Workability of Ti-Mo Alloys
( pp.1571 - 1576 )
Yoshito Takemoto1), Ichiro Shimizu1), Akira Sakakibara1), Moritaka Hida1) and Yoshikazu Mantani2)

Effect of Aging on Fatigue-Crack Growth Behavior of a High-Temperature Titanium Alloy
( pp.1577 - 1585 )
Jianrong Liu1)2), Shouxin Li2), Dong Li1) and Rui Yang1)

Fretting Fatigue Characteristics with Relating Contact Pressure and Surface Roughness of Highly Workable Titanium Alloy, Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe
( pp.1586 - 1593 )
Junji Takeda1), Mitsuo Niinomi1), Toshikazu Akahori1) and Gunawarman1)

Hydrogen-Assisted Degradation of Titanium Based Alloys
( pp.1594 - 1600 )
Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher1) and Dan Eliezer1)

Formation of Diamond-Like Carbon Based Double-Layer Film on Ti-6Al-4V Substrate by Ionization Deposition
( pp.1601 - 1606 )
Tsuyoshi Mano1), Osamu Sugiyama1), Yoshio Shibuya1), Hiroshi Nakayama1) and Osamu Takai2)

One-Pot Process for Anodic Oxide Films of Titanium with High Photocatalytic Activity
( pp.1607 - 1612 )
Mitsunobu Iwasaki1), Yoshiyuki Iwasaki2), Hiroaki Tada3) and Seishiro Ito1)2)

Surface Modification of Titanium using Laser Beam
( pp.1613 - 1619 )
Kazumasa Nishio1), Tomiko Yamaguchi2), Hidenori Era3) and Mitsuaki Katoh3)

Ti-Al, Graded Al/AlTi, and Ti-Al-N Coatings Prepared by Supersonic Free-Jet PVD
( pp.1620 - 1623 )
Atsushi Yumoto1), Takahisa Yamamoto2), Fujio Hiroki1), Ichiro Shiota3) and Naotake Niwa1)

Decomposition Processes of β Phase in a Ti-15Zr-4Nb-4Ta Alloy
( pp.1624 - 1628 )
Sengo Kobayashi1), Arihiro Matsuzaki1), Kiyomichi Nakai1) and Yoshimitsu Okazaki2)

Phase Transformation of α″ Martensite Structure by Aging in Ti-8 mass%Mo Alloy
( pp.1629 - 1634 )
Yoshikazu Mantani1), Yoshito Takemoto2), Moritaka Hida2), Akira Sakakibara2) and Mamoru Tajima1)

Effects of Biological Factors on the Repassivation Current of Titanium
( pp.1635 - 1639 )
Takao Hanawa1)2), Yuko Kohayama1), Sachiko Hiromoto1) and Akiko Yamamoto1)

Self-Division Behavier of TiB Particles in TiB/Ti Composite
( pp.1640 - 1645 )
Tatsuaki Yoshihiro1), Toshihiro Tsuchiyama1) and Setsuo Takaki1)

Shape Recovery Force of TiNi Fiber Reinforced Composite by Electric Heating
( pp.1646 - 1652 )
Keitaro Yamashita1) and Akira Shimamoto1)

Casting Pressure in Two Types of Titanium Casting Equipment
( pp.1653 - 1659 )
Kouichi Watanabe1) and Toru Okabe2)

Fundamental Aspects of Calciothermic Process to Produce Titanium
( pp.1660 - 1664 )
Katsutoshi Ono1)

Reduction of TiO2 in Molten CaCl2 by Ca Deposited during CaO Electrolysis
( pp.1665 - 1671 )
Ryosuke O. Suzuki1) and Shinji Fukui1)

Effect of Ni Addition on Fatigue Properties of Bulk Glassy Zr50Cu40Al10 Alloys
( pp.1672 - 1678 )
Yoshihiko Yokoyama1), Kenzo Fukaura1) and Akihisa Inoue2)

Stress-Temperature Relationship in Compression Mode in Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloys
( pp.1679 - 1683 )
Catalina Picornell1), Jaime Pons1) and Eduard Cesari1)

Photoluminescent Properties of Europium-Activated Zn2SnO4 Phosphors
( pp.1684 - 1686 )
Yu-Chung Chen1), Yen-Hwei Chang1) and Bin-Siang Tsai1)

Influence of Purity on the Formation of Cube Texture in Aluminum Foils for Electrolytic Capacitors
( pp.1687 - 1692 )
Naoki Takata1), Ken-ichi Ikeda2), Fuyuki Yoshida2), Hideharu Nakashima2) and Hiroshi Abe2)

Oxidation Resistance of TiAl Improved by Ion Implantation of Beta-Former Elements
( pp.1693 - 1699 )
Shigeji Taniguchi1), Michiko Yoshihara2) and Kazuhisa Fujita3)

Mechanical Properties Related to Microstructural Variation of 6061 Al Alloy Joints by Friction Stir Welding
( pp.1700 - 1705 )
Won-Bae Lee1), Yun-Mo Yeon2) and Seung-Boo Jung1)

Tear Toughness of Permanent Mold Cast and DC Cast A356 Aluminum Alloys
( pp.1706 - 1713 )
Shinji Kumai1), Toshikazu Tanaka1), Hong Zhu1) and Akikazu Sato1)

Tear Toughness Evaluation of a Permanent Mold Cast A356 Aluminum Alloy Using a Small-size Specimen
( pp.1714 - 1721 )
Hong Zhu1), Shinji Kumai1), Toshikazu Tanaka1) and Akikazu Sato1)

Rock Fragmentation Control in Blasting
( pp.1722 - 1730 )
Sang Ho Cho1) and Katsuhiko Kaneko1)

Creep Characteristic of NiAl-9Mo Eutectic Alloy
( pp.1731 - 1737 )
Weili Ren1), Jianting Guo2), Gusong Li2) and Jiansheng Wu1)

High-loading Velocity Tensile Properties and Fracture Behavior of SiCp/AC4CH Composite
( pp.1738 - 1742 )
Lei Wang1)2), Toshiro Kobayashi1), Chunming M. Liu2) and Tomokazu Masuda1)

The Damping Capacity of AZ91 Magnesium Matrix Composites Reinforced with the Coated Carbon Fiber Fabric
( pp.1743 - 1747 )
Jinhai Gu1), Xiaonong Zhang1) and Mingyuan Gu1)

Effect of Temperature on Equilibria in Synthetic Sulfuric Acid Leaching Solution of Zinc Calcine
( pp.1748 - 1753 )
Man-Seung Lee1), Kyoung-Ju Lee1) and Young-Joo Oh2)

Measurement of the Density of Binary Ni-X (X=Co, W, Ta, Al) Alloys
( pp.1754 - 1763 )
Kusuhiro Mukai1), Liang Fang1), Zushu Li1) and Feng Xiao1)

Prediction of the Occurrence of Swirling Liquid Jet
( pp.1764 - 1768 )
Manabu Iguchi1), Daisuke Iguchi2) and Jin Yoshida3)

Thermal Expansion Behavior of SiCP/Aluminum Alloy Composites Fabricated by a Low-Pressure Infiltration Process
( pp.1769 - 1773 )
Masayuki Mizumoto1), Yoshiharu Tajima1) and Akio Kagawa1)

Mechanical Alloying of Fe25Al75−xTix Mixed Powders
( pp.1774 - 1777 )
Yifang Ouyang1), Wenzheng Zhou1), Xiaping Zhong1) and Shanhua Qin1)

Evaluation of Degradability of CaTiO3 Thin Films in Simulated Body Fluids
( pp.1778 - 1781 )
Naofumi Ohtsu1), Kenji Sato1), Kesami Saito1), Takao Hanawa2)3) and Katsuhiko Asami1)

Bone-like Layer Growth and Adhesion of Osteoblast-like Cells on Calcium-deficient Hydroxyapatite Synthesized at Different pH
( pp.1782 - 1787 )
Hiroyuki Y. Yasuda1)2), Yohei Fujita2), Wataru Fujitani2), Yukichi Umakoshi2), Yoshio Sakka3), Fengqiu Tang3), Akio Takaoka1) and Nariaki Matsuura4)

Mechanism of Vertical Microcracking in CaO·SiO2-CaO·ZrO2 Sprayed Thermal Barrier Top Coating
( pp.1788 - 1793 )
Noriyuki Mifune1) and Yoshio Harada2)

Study of Micro-Droplet Behavior for a Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing Device Using a Single Pulse Voltage Pattern
( pp.1794 - 1801 )
Hsuan-Chung Wu1), Tzu-Ray Shan1), Weng-Sing Hwang1) and Huey-Jiuan Lin2)

Formation of New Ti-based Metallic Glassy Alloys
( pp.1802 - 1806 )
Chaoli Ma1), Satoru Ishihara1), Hideki Soejima1), Nobuyuki Nishiyama1) and Akihisa Inoue2)

Bending Properties of Nanocrystalline Ni-18 at% W Alloy Produced by Electrodeposition
( pp.1807 - 1810 )
Hiroyuki Hosokawa1), Tohru Yamasaki2), Noriaki Sugamoto3), Motoyuki Tomizawa3), Koji Shimojima1) and Mamoru Mabuchi1)



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