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Enhanced Phenomena in Metals with Electric and Magnetic Fields: I Electric Fields
( pp.1083 - 1087 )
Hans Conrad1)

Enhanced Phenomena in Metals with Electric and Magnetic Fields: II Magnetic Fields
( pp.1088 - 1092 )
Masato Enomoto1)

Electronic and Lattice Properties of Layered Hexagonal Compounds Under Anisotropic Compression: A First-Principles Study
( pp.1094 - 1099 )
Kazuaki Kobayashi1)

Ab Initio All-Electron GW Calculation of Lithium Chloride Crystal
( pp.1100 - 1102 )
Shohei Iwata1), Soh Ishii1) and Kaoru Ohno1)

Instability of Dianions of Alkali-Metal Clusters
( pp.1103 - 1105 )
Yoshifumi Noguchi1), Soh Ishii1) and Kaoru Ohno1)

Local Geometry and Energetics of Hydrogen in Orthorhombic SrZrO3
( pp.1106 - 1111 )
Yi Liu1), Masahito Yoshino1), Kazuyoshi Tatsumi2), Isao Tanaka2), Masahiko Morinaga1) and Hirohiko Adachi2)

First Principles Calculation of Defect Structure in Non-stoichiometric CoAl and CoTi
( pp.1112 - 1116 )
Masataka Mizuno1), Hideki Araki1) and Yasuharu Shirai1)

Elastic Constants of AlLi from First Principles
( pp.1117 - 1121 )
Tokuteru Uesugi1), Yorinobu Takigawa1) and Kenji Higashi1)

First-Principles Study of the Electronic Properties of γ⁄γ′ Interface in Ni Based Superalloys
( pp.1122 - 1126 )
Cuiyu Geng1), Chongyu Wang1)2)3), Jian-Tao Wang4) and Tao Yu1)

Thermodynamic Properties of Transition Metals Using Face-Centered-Cubic Lattice Model with Renormalized Potentials
( pp.1127 - 1130 )
Ryoji Sahara1), Hiroshi Mizuseki1), Kaoru Ohno2) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

Local Electronic Structure and Protonic Conductivity in Perovskite-Type Oxide, SrZrO3
( pp.1131 - 1139 )
Masahito Yoshino1), Katsuya Kato1), Etty Mutiara1), Hiroshi Yukawa1) and Masahiko Morinaga1)

Interaction between Substitutional and Interstitial Elements in α iron Studied by First-principles Calculation
( pp.1140 - 1147 )
Hideaki Sawada1), Kazuto Kawakami1) and Masaaki Sugiyama1)

Atomic Bonding and Properties of Al–Mg–Sc Alloy
( pp.1148 - 1153 )
Gao Yingjun1), Huang Chuanggao1), Hou Xianhua1), Mo Qifeng1) and Liu Hui1)

Compressive Deformation Simulation of Regularly Cell-Structured Materials with Various Column Connectivity
( pp.1154 - 1160 )
Kanyatip Tantikom1) and Tatsuhiko Aizawa1)

High-Pressure Elasticity and Auxetic Property of α-Cristobalite
( pp.1161 - 1166 )
Hajime Kimizuka1)2), Shigenobu Ogata1)3) and Yoji Shibutani1)3)

Equilibrium between Fluorite and Pyrochlore Structures in the ZrO2–Nd2O3 System
( pp.1167 - 1174 )
Hiroshi Ohtani1)5), Satoshi Matsumoto2), Bo Sundman3), Taketo Sakuma4) and Mitsuhiro Hasebe1)5)

Development of New Equilibrium Calculation Software: CaTCalc
( pp.1175 - 1179 )
Kazuhisa Shobu1) and Tatsuo Tabaru1)

Glass Transition within Cluster Variation and Path Probability Methods
( pp.1180 - 1186 )
Tetsuo Mohri1)

Computer Simulation of Phase Decomposition in Fe–Cu–Mn–Ni Quaternary Alloy Based on the Phase-Field Method
( pp.1187 - 1192 )
Toshiyuki Koyama1) and Hidehiro Onodera1)

Thermodynamic Study of Phase Equilibria in the Ni–Fe–B System
( pp.1193 - 1198 )
Tatsuya Tokunaga1), Hiroshi Ohtani1)2) and Mitsuhiro Hasebe1)2)

Experimental Verification of Magnetically Induced Phase Separation in αCo Phase and Thermodynamic Calculations of Phase Equilibria in the Co–W System
( pp.1199 - 1207 )
Jun Sato1), Katsunari Oikawa2)3), Ryosuke Kainuma1)3) and Kiyohito Ishida1)3)

Phase Field Simulation of the Effect of Anisotropy in Grain Boundary Energy on Growth kinetics and Morphology of Grain Structure
( pp.1208 - 1213 )
Yoshihiro Suwa1) and Yoshiyuki Saito2)

Computer Simulation of Grain Growth in Three Dimensions by the Phase Field Model and the Monte Carlo Method
( pp.1214 - 1220 )
Yoshihiro Suwa1) and Yoshiyuki Saito2)

Computational Study of Compressive Mechanical Response in Two-dimensional Cellular Solids under Microstructural Control
( pp.1221 - 1229 )
Yoshihiro Suwa1), Toshiji Mukai1) and Tatsuhiko Aizawa1)

Experimental and Computational Investigation of Formation of Precipitate Free Zones in an Al–Cu Alloy
( pp.1230 - 1234 )
Shoichi Hirosawa1), Yoshifumi Oguri1) and Tatsuo Sato1)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation on the Single Particle Impacts in the Aerosol Deposition Process
( pp.1235 - 1239 )
Hiroshi Ogawa1)

Thermodynamic and Structural Properties for the FeO–SiO2 System by using Molecular Dynamics Calculation
( pp.1240 - 1247 )
Won-Gap Seo1) and Fumitaka Tsukihashi1)

Computer Simulation of Multiphase Binary Diffusion in Gas–Solid Type Couples
( pp.1248 - 1254 )
Shinji Tsuji1)

Dynamic Simulation of Multiplier Effects of Helium Plasma and Neutron Irradiation on Microstructural Evolution in Tungsten
( pp.1255 - 1260 )
Qiu Xu1), Naoaki Yoshida2) and Toshimasa Yoshiie1)

Sample Length Dependence of Giant Magnetoimpedance in Fe–Zr–Nb–Cu–B Nanocrystalline Ribbons
( pp.1261 - 1263 )
Hongwei Qin1), Xiaojun Yu2), Bo Li2), Yanming Hao3), Shanxing Huang1), Jifan Hu1) and Minhua Jiang1)

Characterization of Nanocrystal Dispersed Cu60Zr30Ti10 Metallic Glass
( pp.1264 - 1270 )
D. Nagahama1)2), T. Ohkubo2), T. Mukai2) and K. Hono1)2)

Elastic Properties of Sn-Based Pb-Free Solder Alloys Determined by Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Method
( pp.1271 - 1273 )
Hiroyuki Tanaka1), Lang Feng Qun2), Osamu Munekata3), Toshihiko Taguchi3) and Toshio Narita2)

Effect of Deformation on Damping Capacity and Microstructure of Fe–22%Mn–8%Co Alloy
( pp.1274 - 1277 )
Young-Seob Seo1), Young-Kook Lee1) and Chong-Sool Choi2)

Characterisation of Quasicrystalline Particles in an Isothermally Aged Al–10Mg–0.5Ag (mass%) Alloy
( pp.1278 - 1287 )
Masahiro Kubota1), Jian Feng Nie1) and Barry C. Muddle1)

Identification of Metastable Rod-Like Particles in an Isothermally Aged Al–10Mg–0.5Ag (mass%) Alloy
( pp.1288 - 1294 )
Masahiro Kubota1), Jian Feng Nie1) and Barry C. Muddle1)

Intermetallic Compound Formation and Growth Kinetics in Flip Chip Joints Using Sn–3.0Ag–0.5Cu Solder and Ni–P under Bump Metallurgy
( pp.1295 - 1300 )
Dae-Gon Kim1) and Seung-Boo Jung1)

Evaluation of Grain Boundary Effect on Strength of Fe–C Low Alloy Martensitic Steels by Nanoindentation Technique
( pp.1301 - 1305 )
Jinxu Li1), Takahito Ohmura2) and Kaneaki Tsuzaki2)

Effect of Hydrogen on Damping Capacity of Ti50Ni25Cu25 Alloy
( pp.1306 - 1310 )
Takuya Sakaguchi1), Tomohisa Ueura2), Yasuo Kogo2), Shin Takeuchi2) and Naohiro Igata2)

Theoretical Analysis on Crystal Alignment of Feeble Magnetic Materials under High Magnetic Field
( pp.1311 - 1317 )
Cunyou Wu1), Shuqin Li2), Kensuke Sassa1), Yasumasa Chino3), Kazutoshi Hattori1) and Shigeo Asai1)

Thermal Cycle Resistance of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Coatings Prepared by MO-CVD
( pp.1318 - 1323 )
Rong Tu1) and Takashi Goto1)

Prediction of Granulated Slag Properties Produced from Spinning Disk Atomizer by Mathematical Model
( pp.1324 - 1330 )
Hadi Purwanto1), Toshio Mizuochi2) and Tomohiro Akiyama1)

Oxidation of Pd–Al(111) Epitaxial Films in Ultra-High Vacuum
( pp.1331 - 1334 )
Michiko Yoshitake1), Yasuhiro Yamauchi1) and Weijie Song1)

Thermodynamic Property of B in Molten Si and Phase Relations in the Si–Al–B System
( pp.1335 - 1340 )
Takeshi Yoshikawa1) and Kazuki Morita1)

Laser Cladding of Fe–Cr–C Alloys on A5052 Aluminum Alloy Using Diode Laser
( pp.1341 - 1347 )
Shingo Iwatani1), Yasuhito Ogata1), Keisuke Uenishi2), Kojiro F. Kobayashi1) and Akihiko Tsuboi3)

Vapor Pressure Measurements for Metal Chloride Systems by the Knudsen Effusion Method
( pp.1348 - 1353 )
Yanling Zhang1), Etsuro Shibata1), Eiki Kasai1) and Takashi Nakamura1)

Preparation of Mg–Li–Al–Zn Master Alloy in Air by Electrolytic Diffusing Method
( pp.1354 - 1359 )
Meng-Chang Lin1) and Jun-Yen Uan1)

Change in Ultrasonic Parameters and Dislocation Structures during Fatigue Process of Aluminum Alloy under High Stress Amplitude
( pp.1360 - 1367 )
Xiaohua Min1), Hiroshi Kato1), Fuxing Yin2) and Seiji Konuma3)

Production Conditions of Acicular Magnetic Metal Nanoparticles for Magnetic Recording
( pp.1368 - 1377 )
Kazuharu Iwasaki1), Takuya Itoh1) and Tsutomu Yamamura2)

Modelling Columnar Dendritic Growth into an Undercooled Metallic Melt in the Presence of Convection
( pp.1378 - 1387 )
Jerzy Banaszek1)2) and David J. Browne1)

Synergistic Effects of Heavy Ion and Helium Irradiation on Microstructural and Dimensional Change in β-SiC
( pp.1388 - 1392 )
Sosuke Kondo1), Tatsuya Hinoki2) and Akira Kohyama2)

Crystal Structures of La–Mg–Nix (x=3–4) System Hydrogen Storage Alloys
( pp.1393 - 1401 )
Hiroshi Hayakawa1), Etsuo Akiba1), Midori Gotoh1) and Tatsuoki Kohno2)

Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of High-Density Sintered Iron Formed by Warm Compaction Using Die Wall Lubrication
( pp.1402 - 1406 )
Shin Tajima1), Takeshi Hattori1), Mikio Kondoh1), Hiroshi Okajima2), Masaki Sugiyama2) and Tadayoshi Kikko3)

Effect of Mn or Co on Kinetics of Eutectoid Decomposition in Sintered α-Fe2Si5 Alloys
( pp.1407 - 1412 )
Junxiang Jiang1), Kazuhiro Matsugi1), Gen Sasaki1) and Osamu Yanagisawa1)

Characteristics of Sputtered Al-Sc and Al-Nd Alloy Thin Films for use in Liquid Crystal Display
( pp.1413 - 1416 )
Chia-Hua Chen1) and Hsin-Erh Huang1)

Erosion and Corrosion Behaviors of ADI Deposited TiN/TiAlN Coatings by Cathodic Arc Evaporation
( pp.1417 - 1424 )
Cheng-Hsun Hsu1), Jung-Kai Lu1), Kuei-Liang Lai1) and Ming-Li Chen1)

Martensitic Transformation of Ni2.18Mn0.82Ga Single Crystal Observed by Synchrotron Radiation White X-Ray Diffraction
( pp.1425 - 1432 )
Kazuko Inoue1), Yasuo Yamaguchi2)3), Kazumasa Ohsumi4), Katsuhiro Kusaka4) and Takeshi Nakagawa4)

Growth Kinetic Model for Isothermal Omega Phase Particles in Low-Cost Beta Titanium Ti–6.8Mo–4.5Fe–1.5Al Alloy
( pp.1433 - 1435 )
Jean Debuigne1) and Frédéric Prima1)

Characteristics and Sintering Behavior of Oxide Coated Iron Nanopowder Synthesized by Plasma Arc Discharge Process
( pp.1436 - 1439 )
Ji-Hun Yu1), Cheol-Su Youn1), Byoung-Kee Kim1), Jai-Sung Lee2) and Chul-Jin Choi1)

Characterization of the Gas Tungsten Arc Welded Cu54Ni6Zr22Ti18 Bulk Metallic Glass Weld
( pp.1440 - 1442 )
Jonghyun Kim1), Seungyong Shin1) and Changhee Lee2)



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