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Microstructural Change by Friction Stir Processing in Zr-Al-Cu-Ni Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.1580 - 1583 )
Yorinobu Takigawa1), Junpei Kobata1), Sung Wook Chung2), Hiroshi Tsuda1) and Kenji Higashi1)

Twin-Roll Strip Casting of Iron-Base Amorphous Alloys
( pp.1584 - 1588 )
Yoon S. Oh1), Hakcheol Lee1), Jung G. Lee2) and Nack J. Kim1)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Porous Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 Bulk Metallic Glass Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering Process
( pp.1589 - 1594 )
Guoqiang Xie1), Wei Zhang1), Dmitri V. Louzguine-Luzgin1), Hisamichi Kimura1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Preparation and Characterization of Dual-Phase Bulk Metallic Glasses through Powder Metallurgy Route
( pp.1595 - 1599 )
Pee-Yew Lee1), Sung-Ting Chung2), Chung-Kwei Lin3), Wen-Ta Tsai2) and Hong-Ming Lin4)

Ceramic Particulate Reinforced Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 Metallic Glassy Matrix Composite Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering
( pp.1600 - 1604 )
Guoqiang Xie1), Dmitri V. Louzguine-Luzgin1), Hisamichi Kimura1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Fabrication of Bulk Metallic Glass Sheet in Cu-47 at% Zr Alloys by ARB and Heat Treatment
( pp.1605 - 1609 )
Yufeng Sun1), Nobuhiro Tsuji1), Shiro Kato1), Satoru Ohsaki2) and Kazuhiro Hono2)

Development of Low Density Ca-Mg-Al-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses
( pp.1610 - 1616 )
O. N. Senkov1), J. M. Scott1) and D. B. Miracle2)

Effect of Purity and Superheating on the Glass-Forming Ability of Mg-Cu-Y Alloys by an Electromagnetic Vibration Method
( pp.1617 - 1620 )
Takuya Tamura1), Shinsuke Maki1), Daisuke Kamikihara1), Naoki Omura1) and Kenji Miwa1)

Development of Mg Based Amorphous Alloys with Higher Amounts of Rare Earth Elements
( pp.1621 - 1625 )
T. H. Hung1), Y. C. Chang1), Y. N. Wang1)2), C. W. Tang1), J. N. Kuo1), H. M. Chen1), Y. L. Tsai1), J. C. Huang1), J. S. C. Jang3) and C. T. Liu4)

Glass-Forming Ability and Mechanical Properties of the Ternary Cu-Zr-Al and Quaternary Cu-Zr-Al-Ag Bulk Metallic Glasses
( pp.1626 - 1630 )
Qingsheng Zhang1), Wei Zhang1), Guoqiang Xie1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Phase Equilibrium in the Cu–Ti–Zr System at 800°C
( pp.1631 - 1634 )
Wei-Ren Chiang1), Ker-Chang Hsieh1), Y. Austin Chang2), Guojiang Fan3), Donchun Qiao3), Donchun Qiao3), Feng Jiang3) and Peter K. Liaw3)

Evaluation of the Glass-Forming Ability of Nb-Ni-Ti-Zr Quaternary Alloys Using the CALPHAD Approach
( pp.1635 - 1638 )
Tatsuya Tokunaga1), Hiroshi Ohtani1)2) and Mitsuhiro Hasebe1)2)

Phase Separation and Crystallization in Cu-Zr Metallic Glasses
( pp.1639 - 1643 )
N. Mattern1), U. Kühn1), A. Concustell2), A. Schöps3), M. D. Baro2) and J. Eckert1)

Electron Irradiation Induced Crystallization Behavior in Zr66.7M33.3 (M=Cu, Ni, Pd) Metallic Glasses
( pp.1644 - 1650 )
Yukichi Umakoshi1), Takeshi Nagase1) and Takashi Hosokawa1)

Electron Irradiation Induced Crystal-to-Amorphous-to-Crystal Transition in Some Metallic Glasses
( pp.1651 - 1658 )
Takeshi Nagase1), Akihiro Nino2), Takashi Hosokawa1) and Yukichi Umakoshi1)

Electron Irradiation Induced Phase Transformation in Fe-Nd-B Alloys
( pp.1659 - 1664 )
Akihiro Nino1), Takeshi Nagase2) and Yukichi Umakoshi2)

Nanocrystalline Transformation and Inverse Transformation in Metallic Glasses Induced by Electropulsing
( pp.1665 - 1670 )
H. Mizubayashi1), T. Takahashi1), K. Nakamoto1) and H. Tanimoto1)

Estimation of Relative Glass Forming Abilities of Multicomponent Alloy Systems
( pp.1671 - 1674 )
Deok Kim1), Yoon S. Oh1), Geun T. Bae1), Byeong-Joo Lee1) and Nack J. Kim1)

A Simple Model for Examining Composition Effects in Eutectic Nucleation
( pp.1675 - 1679 )
J. R. Morris1)2), F. Jiang2) and P. K. Liaw2)

The Influence of Similar Element Coexistence in (La-Ce)-Al-(Co-Cu) Bulk Metallic Glasses
( pp.1680 - 1683 )
Ran Li1), Fengjuan Liu1), Shujie Pang1), Chaoli Ma1) and Tao Zhang1)

Glass Forming Ability and Thermal Properties of the Mg-Based Amorphous Alloys with Dual Rare Earth Elements Addition
( pp.1684 - 1688 )
J. S. C. Jang1), C. C. Tseng1), L. J. Chang1), C. F. Chang1), W. J. Lee1), J. C. Huang2) and C. T. Liu3)

Comparison of Crystallization Process of Amorphous Zr2Ni Alloy and Metallic Zr2Cu Glass
( pp.1689 - 1693 )
D. Okai1), T. Fukami1), M. Asada1), I. Noda1), T. Yamasaki1), Y. Yokoyama2) and A. Inoue2)

Effects of P Content on Nanocrystalline Morphology Formed by FIB Irradiation in Ni-P Amorphous Alloy
( pp.1694 - 1697 )
Koji Sato1), Chiemi Ishiyama1), Masato Sone1) and Yakichi Higo1)

Voronoi Analysis of the Structure of Ni-Zr-Al Ternary Metallic Glass
( pp.1698 - 1702 )
T. Fukunaga1), K. Itoh1), T. Otomo2), K. Mori1), M. Sugiyama1), H. Kato3), M. Hasegawa3), A. Hirata4), Y. Hirotsu4) and A. C. Hannon5)

Local Structure Study in Zr-Based Metallic Glasses
( pp.1703 - 1707 )
Junji Saida1), Takashi Sanada2), Shigeo Sato2), Muneyuki Imafuku3), Eiichiro Matsubara4) and Akihisa Inoue5)

Precise Measurement of Density in the Isothermal Relaxation Processes of Pd42.5Cu30Ni7.5P20 and Zr50Cu40Al10 Glasses
( pp.1708 - 1710 )
Osami Haruyama1), Yoshihiko Yokoyama2) and Akihisa Inoue2)

Cluster Expansion Approach for Relative Stability among Different Atomic Structures in Alloys: an Approach from a Dilute Limit
( pp.1711 - 1716 )
M. Asato1), H. Takahashi2), T. Inagaki2), N. Fujima2), R. Tamura2) and T. Hoshino3)

Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Spray-Formed and Melt-Spun Al89La6Ni5 Metallic Glass Matrix Composites
( pp.1717 - 1721 )
M.-L. Ted Guo1), Chi Y. A. Tsao1), K. F. Chang1), J. C. Huang2) and J. S. C. Jang3)

Structural Relaxation and Crystallization of a Zr44Ti11Cu9.8Ni10.2Be25 Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.1722 - 1728 )
Kwang Seok Lee1)2), Hyun-Joon Jun3), Dae Woo Kim3), Jürgen Eckert1) and Young Won Chang2)3)

Atomic Dynamics in Metallic Liquids and Glasses
( pp.1729 - 1733 )
T. Egami1)2)3), V. Levashov2), R. S. Aga3) and J. R. Morris1)3)

Ab-Initio Data for Interatomic Interactions in Zr-Rich ZrX (X=Sc-Cu) Alloys and Stability of Icosahedron-Like Zr13−nCun (n=3, 4) Clusters in Zr70Cu30 Metallic Glass
( pp.1734 - 1738 )
N. Fujima1), M. Asato2), R. Tamura1) and T. Hoshino3)

Topological Instability as a Criterion for Design and Selection of Easy Glass-Former Compositions in Cu-Zr Based Systems
( pp.1739 - 1742 )
C. S. Kiminami1), R. D. Sá Lisboa1), M. F. de Oliveira2), C. Bolfarini1) and W. J. Botta1)

Microindentation of a Zr57Ti5Cu20Ni8Al10 Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.1743 - 1747 )
Rong Chen1), Fuqian Yang1), Peter K. Liaw2), Guojiang Fan2) and Hahn Choo2)

The Influence of Viscous Flow Deformation on the Thermal Stability and Hardness of ZrCuAlNi Bulk Glassy Alloy
( pp.1748 - 1751 )
Shengli Zhu1), Xinmin Wang1), Fengxiang Qin1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Temperature-Dependent Mechanical Property of Zr-Based Metallic Glasses
( pp.1752 - 1754 )
Hongqi Li1), Cang Fan1), Hahn Choo1)2) and Peter K. Liaw1)

Internal Friction of Nitrogen-Doped Zr-Based Glassy Composite Alloy
( pp.1755 - 1758 )
Masashi Hasegawa1), Daisuke Nagata1), Takeshi Wada1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Characterization of Shear Banding in La-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses through Indentation
( pp.1759 - 1764 )
Wei Peng1), Bingchen Wei1), Taihua Zhang2), Yuan Liu1) and Lei Li1)

Influence of Indenter Geometry on the Deformation Behavior of Zr60Cu30Al10 Bulk Metallic Glass during Nanoindentation
( pp.1765 - 1769 )
Byung-Gil Yoo1), Ju-Young Kim2) and Jae-il Jang1)

Fatigue Crack Initiation and Small-Crack Propagation in Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.1770 - 1773 )
Yoshikazu Nakai1) and Shohei Hosomi1)

Temperature, Strain and Strain Rate Dependence of Serrated Flow in Bulk Metallic Glasses
( pp.1774 - 1780 )
Florian H. Dalla Torre1), Alban Dubach1), Adrienne Nelson1) and Jörg F. Löffler1)

Effect of Structural Relaxation on Mechanical Behavior of a Zr-Based Bulk-Metallic Glass
( pp.1781 - 1784 )
W. H. Jiang1), F. X. Liu1), H. Choo1)2) and P. K. Liaw1)

Evaluation of Micro-Sized BMG Tensile Specimen Fabricated by Electrolytic Polishing Technique
( pp.1785 - 1788 )
Mikito Kondo1), Ryo Morihashi1), Chiemi Ishiyama2), Masato Sone2) and Yakichi Higo2)

Bulk Glassy and Quasicrystalline (Zr65Al7.5Cu27.5)100−xTix Alloys and Their Mechanical Properties
( pp.1789 - 1792 )
J. B. Qiang, W. Zhang, G. Q. Xie and A. Inoue

A Model for the Fragility of Metallic Glass Forming Liquids
( pp.1793 - 1796 )
Masaru Aniya1) and Takaki Shinkawa1)

Mechanical Properties of the Hot-Pressed Amorphous Mg65Cu20Y10Ag5/NanoZrO2 Composite Alloy
( pp.1797 - 1801 )
L. J. Chang1), G. R. Fang1), J. S. C. Jang1), I. S. Lee1), J. C. Huang2), Chi Y. A. Tsao3) and J. L. Jou4)

Compression Behavior of Mg-Cu-Gd Bulk Metallic Glasses with Various Specimen Height to Diameter Ratios
( pp.1802 - 1805 )
H. M. Chen1), Y. C. Chang1), T. H. Hung1), X. H. Du1)2), J. C. Huang1), J. S. C. Jang3) and P. K. Liaw4)

Impact of Microstructural Inhomogenities on the Ductility of Bulk Metallic Glasses
( pp.1806 - 1811 )
J. Eckert1), J. Das1), S. Pauly1)2), C. Duhamel1)2), K. B. Kim3), S. Yi4) and W. H. Wang5)

Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Composites of Ti-Based Metallic Glass and β–Ti
( pp.1812 - 1815 )
Tokujiro Yamamoto1), Hirofumi Ito1), Masashi Hasegawa1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Free Volume Evolution in Metallic Glasses Subjected to Mechanical Deformation
( pp.1816 - 1821 )
Qi-Kai Li1)2) and Mo Li1)

Characterization of Zr-Cu Base Metallic Glasses by means of Hydrogen Internal Friction Peak
( pp.1822 - 1827 )
H. Mizubayashi1), I. Nakamura1), K. Yamagishi1) and H. Tanimoto1)

Compression-Compression Fatigue and Fracture Behaviors of Zr50Al10Cu37Pd3 Bulk-Metallic Glass
( pp.1828 - 1833 )
Dongchun Qiao1), Gongyao Wang1), Wenhui Jiang1), Y. Yokoyama2), Peter K. Liaw1) and Hann Choo1)

Annealing Effects on Viscosity of Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 Supercooled Liquids
( pp.1834 - 1837 )
T. Yamasaki1), S. Maeda1), T. Fukami1), Y. Yokoyama2), H. M. Kimura2) and A. Inoue2)

Thermoplastic Deformation and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses
( pp.1838 - 1841 )
Takamasa Yoshikawa1), Masataka Tokuda1) and Tadashi Inaba1)

Low Temperature Elastic Properties of CuZrTi Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.1842 - 1845 )
R. Tarumi1), M. Hirao1), T. Ichitsubo2), E. Matsubara2), J. Saida3) and H. Kato4)

Relations between the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Cast Zr-TM-Al (TM: Cu, Ni, or Co) Bulk Glassy Alloys
( pp.1846 - 1849 )
Yoshihiko Yokoyama1), Toru Yamasaki2), Peter K. Liaw3) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Corrosion Properties of Ca Based Bulk Metallic Glasses
( pp.1850 - 1854 )
James Dahlman1), Oleg N. Senkov2), James M. Scott2) and Daniel B. Miracle3)

Corrosion Behavior of a Ti-Based Bulk Metallic Glass and Its Crystalline Alloys
( pp.1855 - 1858 )
Fengxiang Qin1), Masahiro Yoshimura2), Xinming Wang1), Shengli Zhu1), Asahi Kawashima1), Katsuhiko Asami1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Microstructure and Elasticity of Glassy Alloy Surface by Reactive and Inert Ion Implantation
( pp.1859 - 1863 )
Shinji Muraishi1), Hirono Naito1) and Tatuhiko Aizawa2)

Air Oxidation of an Fe48Cr15C15Mo14B6Er2 Bulk Metallic Glass at 600–725°C
( pp.1864 - 1869 )
H. H. Hsieh1), W. Kai1), R. T. Huang1), D. C. Qiao2) and P. K. Liaw2)

Oxidation Behavior of Ca-Based Bulk Amorphous Materials
( pp.1870 - 1878 )
Bryan R. Barnard1), Peter K. Liaw1), Raymond A. Buchanan1), Oleg N. Senkov2) and Daniel B. Miracle3)

Formation and Biocompatibility of Ni-Free Zr60Nb5Cu20Fe5Al10 Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.1879 - 1882 )
L. Liu1)2), K. C. Chan2), C. L. Qiu1) and Q. Chen1)

Ab-Initio Study of Hyperfine Structure of M7 (M=Li, Na, K, Cu and Ag) Clusters, Using All-Electron Mixed-Basis Method
( pp.1883 - 1885 )
Mohammad Saeed Bahramy1) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

Quantitative Analysis of Texture Evolution of Direct Chill Cast and Continuous Cast AA 1100 Aluminum Alloys during Cold Rolling
( pp.1886 - 1890 )
Hui Yuan1), Jing Li1), Dayong Cai1), Qingxiang Yang1) and Wenchang Liu1)

Effect of Mo on Phase Separation in Fe-40 at% Cr Alloys Based on Numerical Solutions of the Cahn Hilliard Equation
( pp.1891 - 1895 )
Yoshihiro Suwa1) and Yoshiyuki Saito2)

Crystal Nucleation Behavior Caused by Annealing of SiC Irradiated with Ne at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature or at 573 K
( pp.1896 - 1900 )
Jun Aihara1), Kiichi Hojou2), Shigemi Furuno3), Tomohiro Hojo4), Kazuhiro Sawa1), Hiroyuki Yamamoto2) and Yoshinobu Motohashi5)

Crushing Simulation of Foam-Filled Aluminium Tubes
( pp.1901 - 1906 )
Wenyi Yan1), Emilien Durif2), Yasuo Yamada3) and Cui’e Wen4)

CO Oxidation Process on Pt-M(111) Alloys (M=Ru, Sn): An ab initio Study
( pp.1907 - 1912 )
Toshiaki Oka1), Hiroshi Mizuseki1) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

The Effect of Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (HEC) and Chloride Ions on the Surface Morphology and Mechanical Characteristics during Copper Electrodeposition
( pp.1913 - 1918 )
Tae-Gyu Woo1), Il-Song Park1), Hyun-Woo Lee1), Cheul-Ro Lee1) and Kyeong-Won Seol1)

Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity of Epitaxial BaRuO3 Thin Films Prepared on (001), (110) and (111) SrTiO3 Substrates by Laser Ablation
( pp.1919 - 1923 )
Akihiko Ito1), Hiroshi Masumoto1) and Takashi Goto1)

Effects of Electron Beam Irradiation on Charpy Impact Value of GFRP
( pp.1924 - 1927 )
Yoshitake Nishi1), Hiroyuki Kobayashi1) and Michelle Salvia2)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Aluminum Joints of AA2024-T3 and AA7075-T6
( pp.1928 - 1937 )
Saad Ahmed Khodir1) and Toshiya Shibayanagi1)

Effect of Annealing on the Interfacial Structure of Aluminum-Copper Joints
( pp.1938 - 1947 )
Chih-Yuan Chen1) and Weng-Sing Hwang1)

Interfacial Reaction in AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Matrix Composite Reinforced with Aluminum Borate Whisker
( pp.1948 - 1954 )
W. G. Wang1), K. Matsugi1), H. Fukushima1) and G. Sasaki1)

Determination of Acid-Base Properties of Silicas by Inverse Gas Chromatography: Variation with Surface Treatment
( pp.1955 - 1960 )
Young-Cheol Yang1) and Pyoung-Ran Yoon1)

Thermodynamic Properties of AlNd Determined by Low Temperature Heat Capacity Measurements
( pp.1961 - 1964 )
Masao Morishita1), Hiroaki Yamamoto1), Shinya Kojima1) and Tomohiro Horike1)

Use of Laser Irradiation to Form Anti-Corrosive Surface Oxide Layer on Mg Metal
( pp.1965 - 1968 )
Shogo Izumi1), Michiaki Yamasaki1), Masaaki Otsu1) and Yoshihito Kawamura1)

Effect of Chloride Ion Concentration on the Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of a Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.1969 - 1972 )
Asahi Kawashima1), Hiroaki Kurishita2), Hisamichi Kimura1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

A New Method for the Production of Alloy Nanoparticles by Electrical Wire Explosion
( pp.1973 - 1974 )
Wonbaek Kim1), Je-shin Park1), Chang-yul Suh1), Jae-chun Lee1), Junghwan Kim2) and Yong-Jun Oh2)



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