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Biologically and Mechanically Biocompatible Titanium Alloys
( pp.2170 - 2178 )
Mitsuo Niinomi1)

Influence of Welding Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded 6061-T6 Launch Box
( pp.2179 - 2184 )
Hsing-Ta Hsieh1)2) and Jahau Lewis Chen1)

Mechanical Properties of Newly Developed Age Hardenable Mg-3.2 mol%Gd-0.5 mol%Zn Casting Alloy
( pp.2185 - 2189 )
Tomomichi Ozaki1), Yasunori Kuroki1), Kentaro Yamada2), Hiroaki Hoshikawa2), Sigeharu Kamado2) and Yo Kojima2)

Influence of Microstructures on the Notched Tensile Strength of Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Fe-2Mo Alloy
( pp.2190 - 2195 )
Wei-Chih Chung1), Leu-Wen Tsay2), Yi-Shiung Ding2) and Chun Chen1)

Microstructural Mechanisms during Dynamic Globularization of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
( pp.2196 - 2200 )
Chan Hee Park1), Kyung-Tae Park2), Dong Hyuk Shin3) and Chong Soo Lee1)

Alloy Design of Nb-Based Hydrogen Permeable Membrane with Strong Resistance to Hydrogen Embrittlement
( pp.2202 - 2207 )
Hiroshi Yukawa1), Tomonori Nambu2), Yoshihisa Matsumoto3), Naoshi Watanabe1), Guoxing Zhang1) and Masahiko Morinaga1)

Electron Microscopy Study of Eutectic Structure in Nb-Ti-X and Nb-Zr-X (X = Co, Ni) Hydrogen Permeation Alloys
( pp.2208 - 2213 )
Mitsuhiro Matsuda1), Takuya Murasaki1), Minoru Nishida2), Kazuhiro Ishikawa3) and Kiyoshi Aoki3)

Effect of Ti/Ni Ratio and Annealing on Microstructure and Hydrogen Permeability of Nb-TiNi Alloy
( pp.2214 - 2219 )
Tetsuya Kato1), Kazuhiro Ishikawa1) and Kiyoshi Aoki1)

Microstructure, Ductility and Hydrogen Permeability of Nb-Ti-Zr-Ni Alloys
( pp.2220 - 2223 )
Huixiang Tang1), Kazuhiro Ishikawa1) and Kiyoshi Aoki1)

Synthesis and Hydrogen Storage Properties of a Single-Phase Magnesium Borohydride Mg(BH4)2
( pp.2224 - 2228 )
Hai-Wen Li1), Kentaro Kikuchi2), Toyoto Sato1), Yuko Nakamori1), Nobuko Ohba3), Masakazu Aoki3), Kazutoshi Miwa3), Shin-ichi Towata3) and Shin-ichi Orimo1)

Effects of Y Substitution for La on the Microstructure and Electrochemical Properties of LaNi3.55Mn0.4Al0.3Co0.75 Hydrogen Storage Alloys
( pp.2229 - 2232 )
W. Li1) and Y. L. Du1)

Spontaneous Bending of Ni-Ti Alloy Plates Caused by Preferential Hydrogen Absorption
( pp.2233 - 2237 )
K. Horikawa1), Y. Kawabata1) and H. Kobayashi1)

Effect of Continuous Hydrogen Charging on Tensile and Fatigue Properties of Amorphous Ni-Zr Alloy Membranes
( pp.2238 - 2242 )
K. Horikawa1), K. Yamaue1) and H. Kobayashi1)

Fatigue Behavior of Cold-Worked 304 Stainless Steels under In-Situ Irradiation at 300°C
( pp.2243 - 2246 )
Yoshiharu Murase1), Johsei Nagakawa1)2) and Norikazu Yamamoto1)

Liquid-Solid Equilibrium and Intermediate Phase Formation during Solidification in Mg-1.3 at%Zn-1.7 at%Y Alloy
( pp.2247 - 2253 )
Toshiaki Horiuchi1), Akemi Ono1), Kentaro Yoshioka1), Takero Watanabe2), Kenji Ohkubo3), Seiji Miura3), Tetsuo Mohri3) and Shigeyuki Tamura4)

The Variation of Absorption Edges of X-Rays for Liquid Hg-Rb Alloys
( pp.2254 - 2258 )
Toshio Itami1) and Akitoshi Mizuno1)

Precipitation of Solid Transmutation Elements in Irradiated Tungsten Alloys
( pp.2259 - 2264 )
Takashi Tanno1), Akira Hasegawa1), Mitsuhiro Fujiwara1), Jian-Chao He1), Shuhei Nogami1), Manabu Satou1), Toetsu Shishido2) and Katsunori Abe1)

Immobilization of Arsenic and Manganese in Contaminated Groundwater by Permeable Reactive Barriers Using Zero Valent Iron and Sheep Manure
( pp.2265 - 2274 )
Wahyu Wilopo1), Keiko Sasaki1), Tsuyoshi Hirajima1) and Toshiro Yamanaka2)

Identification of Sulfate- and Arsenate-Reducing Bacteria in Sheep Manure as Permeable Reactive Materials after Arsenic Immobilization in Groundwater
( pp.2275 - 2282 )
Wahyu Wilopo1), Keiko Sasaki1) and Tsuyoshi Hirajima1)

Resistivity Evolution with Temperature of 7050 Aluminium Alloy in Different Casting Methods
( pp.2283 - 2287 )
Chunyan Ban1), Fei Fan1), Yang Wang1), Qixian Ba1) and Jianzhong Cui1)

Optical and Electric Properties of Aligned-Growing Ta2O5 Nanorods
( pp.2288 - 2291 )
W. Miao1), M. M. Zhu1), Z. C. Li1) and Z. J. Zhang1)

A New Approach on the Modelling of Isothermal Recrystallisation in Cold Rolled Ferritic Steels: An Application to Back-Annealing of Low Carbon Sheet Steels
( pp.2292 - 2297 )
T. De Cock1), C. Capdevila1), F. G. Caballero1) and C. García de Andrés1)

The Recrystallization of Microelectronic Lead-Free Solders
( pp.2298 - 2302 )
Fei-Yi Hung1), Truan-Sheng Lui2), Li-Hui Chen2) and Zhi-Feng Gu2)

Effects of Carbon and/or Alkaline Earth Elements on Grain Refinement and Tensile Strength of AZ31 Alloy
( pp.2303 - 2309 )
Jun Du1)2), Jian Yang2)3), Mamoru Kuwabara2), Wenfang Li1) and Jihua Peng1)

Mechanical Properties of CaSiO3/Ti3SiC2 Composites and Hydroxyapatite Forming Ability in Simulated Body Fluid
( pp.2310 - 2314 )
Songjue Zhao1), Lianjun Wang1), Wan Jiang1), Jianfeng Zhang1) and Lidong Chen1)

Effects of Vacancies on Deformation Behavior in Nanocrystalline Nickel
( pp.2315 - 2321 )
Motohiro Yuasa1), Hiroshi Matsumoto1), Masataka Hakamada2) and Mamoru Mabuchi1)

Effect of Alloying Elements on Variation of Micro-Hardness during Heat Treatment of Hypoeutectic High Chromium Cast Iron
( pp.2322 - 2330 )
Sudsakorn Inthidech1) and Yasuhiro Matsubara2)

Improvement in Adhesion of Sputtered TiB2 Nano-Compostite Coatings onto High Speed Steel by a Chromium Interlayer
( pp.2331 - 2334 )
Nurot Panich1), Panyawat Wangyao2), Patama Visuttipitukul2), Prasonk Sricharoenchai2) and Yong Sun3)

Synthesis of TiB2-TiC-Ti3SiC2 Composites by Reactive Hot Pressing of B4C-SiC-Ti Powder Mixtures
( pp.2335 - 2340 )
Hitoshi Taimatsu1), Shigeaki Sugiyama2) and Shuhou Koseki1)

Characterization of AE Signals Generated by Gas Leak on Pipe with Artificial Defect at Different Wall Thickness
( pp.2341 - 2346 )
Rem Nunez Laodeno1), Hideo Nishino1) and Kenichi Yoshida1)

Microelectronic Wire Bonding with Insulated Au Wire: Effects of Process Parameters on Insulation Removal and Crescent Bonding
( pp.2347 - 2353 )
Jaesik Lee1), Michael Mayer1), Norman Zhou1) and John Persic2)

Magnetic-Domain Structure Analysis of Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets Using XMCD-PEEM Technique
( pp.2354 - 2359 )
Sukeyoshi Yamamoto1), Mitsuharu Yonemura1), Takanori Wakita2)3), Keiki Fukumoto2), Tetsuya Nakamura2), Toyohiko Kinoshita2), Yoshio Watanabe2), Fang Zhun Guo2), Masugu Sato2), Tomoyuki Terai4) and Tomoyuki Kakeshita4)

Hardness and Composition of Solution-Treated Ag-Pd-Cu-Au Alloy Microstructures
( pp.2360 - 2364 )
Setsuo Saitoh1), Kaori Sasaki1), Takashi Nezu1), Masayuki Taira1) and Yoshima Araki1)

Water-Pathway Sealing by Crystallization under Advective Supersaturated Solution Conditions
( pp.2365 - 2370 )
Mitsuo Manaka1), Takato Takemura2) and Manabu Takahashi1)

Immersion Behavior of Automobile Shredded Residue in Surfactant Solutions and Detachment of Particulate Matter
( pp.2371 - 2376 )
Mayumi Ito1), Maiko Akatsuka1), Yutaka Kuwayama1), Kunihiro Hori1), Naoki Hiroyoshi1) and Masami Tsunekawa1)

Removal of Lead from Contaminated Soils with Chelating Agents
( pp.2377 - 2382 )
Masakazu Niinae1), Koudai Nishigaki1) and Kenji Aoki1)

Metal Leaching from Spent Petroleum Catalyst by Acidophilic Bacteria in Presence of Pyrite
( pp.2383 - 2388 )
Dong J. Kim1), D. Mishra1), K. H. Park1), J. G. Ahn1) and D. E. Ralph2)

Effect of pH and Temperature on Iron Oxidation by Mesophilic Mixed Iron Oxidizing Microflora
( pp.2389 - 2393 )
Dong-Jin Kim1), Debabrata Pradhan1)2), Kyung-Ho Park1), Jong-Gwan Ahn1) and Seoung-Won Lee2)

Formation of In Situ Composite Layer on Magnesium Alloy Surface by Casting Process
( pp.2394 - 2398 )
Kazunori Asano1) and Hiroyuki Yoneda1)

Machinability of Short Potassium Titanate Fiber Reinforced AC4A Aluminum Alloy Composite
( pp.2399 - 2404 )
Kazunori Asano1), Hiroyuki Yoneda1) and Yasuyuki Inui1)

The Effect of Microstructure Evolution on the Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties in Mg-Sn-Ca System
( pp.2405 - 2413 )
Do Hyung Kim1), Ju Youn Lee1), Hyun Kyu Lim1), Joon Seok Kyeong1), Won Tae Kim2) and Do Hyang Kim1)

Cold Rolling-Induced Multistage Transformation in Ni-Rich NiTi Shape Memory Alloys
( p.2414 )
Chiang-Hao Li, Lung-Jen Chiang, Yung-Fu Hsu and Wen-Hsiung Wang



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