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Microstructural Evolution in Pure Aluminum in the Early Stages of Processing by High-Pressure Torsion
( pp.2 - 7 )
Cheng Xu1), Zenji Horita2) and Terence G. Langdon1)3)

Rate Independent and Rate Dependent Structural Evolution during Severe Plastic Deformation
( pp.8 - 13 )
Andrea Bachmaier1), Martin Hafok1) and Reinhard Pippan1)

Heterogeneous Process of Disordering and Structural Refinement in Ni3Al during Severe Plastic Deformation by High-Pressure Torsion
( pp.14 - 22 )
Octav Ciuca1), Koichi Tsuchiya1)2), Yoshihiko Yokoyama3), Yoshikazu Todaka1) and Minoru Umemoto1)

High-Pressure Torsion of Machining Chips and Bulk Discs of Amorphous Zr50Cu30Al10Ni10
( pp.23 - 26 )
Kaveh Edalati1), Yoshihiko Yokoyama2) and Zenji Horita1)

Effect of Shear Strain on the Microstructural Evolution of a Low Carbon Steel during Warm Deformation
( pp.27 - 35 )
Joo-Hee Kang1)2), Tadanobu Inoue2) and Shiro Torizuka2)

Mechanical Behavior of Different Constitutional Regions Characterized by Nanoindentation in a Bimodal Cu-Al Alloy
( pp.36 - 38 )
Shaohua Xia1) and Jingtao Wang1)

New Microstructure Design for Commercially Pure Titanium with Outstanding Mechanical Properties by Mechanical Milling and Hot Roll Sintering
( pp.39 - 45 )
Tatsuya Sekiguchi1), Keita Ono1), Hiroshi Fujiwara2) and Kei Ameyama1)

Deformation Characteristics Evaluation of Modified Equal Channel Angular Pressing Processes
( pp.46 - 50 )
Seung Chae Yoon1)2), Anumalasetty Venkata Nagasekhar3), Ji Hoon Yoo4), Mohamed Ibrahim Abd El Aal4)5), Majid Vaseghi4)6) and Hyoung Seop Kim4)

Local Atomic Configuration of Dislocation-Accumulated Grain Boundary and Energetics of Gradual Transition from Low Angle to High Angle Grain Boundary in Pure Aluminum by First-Principles Calculations
( pp.51 - 57 )
Masato Yoshiya1) and Hiroki Yoshizu1)

Magnetic Properties of Fe77.5−xSi13.5B9Cux As-Cast Ribbons
( pp.58 - 61 )
Juan Chen1), Jifan Hu1), Hongwei Qin1), Zhongli Zhang1), Zhangang Zhao1) and Bo Li2)

The Effects of Structure Orientation on the Growth of Fe2B Boride by Multi-Phase-Field Simulation
( pp.62 - 67 )
Raden Dadan Ramdan1), Tomohiro Takaki2), Kisaragi Yashiro1) and Yoshihiro Tomita3)

Formation of Metastable Phases and Their Effect on the Glass-Forming Ability of Cu-Hf Binary Alloys
( pp.68 - 71 )
L. Xia1), K. C. Chan1), S. K. Kwok1) and Y. D. Dong2)

Alloying Behavior of Ni3Nb
( pp.72 - 77 )
H. Sugimura1), Y. Kaneno1) and T. Takasugi1)

Effects of Alloying Elements in Aluminum Alloys and Activations on Zincate Treatment and Electroless Nickel-Phosphorus Plating
( pp.78 - 84 )
Koji Murakami1), Makoto Hino1), Ryosuke Furukawa2) and Teruto Kanadani2)

Effect of Cr Thickness on Adhesion Strength of Cu/Cr/Polyimide Flexible Copper Clad Laminate Fabricated by Roll-to-Roll Process
( pp.85 - 89 )
Bo-In Noh1), Jeong-Won Yoon1), Jung-Hyun Choi1) and Seung-Boo Jung1)

Preparation of Co-Added β-FeSi2 by Cation-Exchange Reaction between Molten Salts and Si
( pp.90 - 93 )
Motohiro Sakamoto1) and Kazuki Morita2)

Influence of Phosphate Concentration on Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of AZ80 Magnesium Alloy in Alkaline Aluminate Solution
( pp.94 - 102 )
Santosh Prasad Sah1), Yoshitaka Aoki1) and Hiroki Habazaki1)

Production of the 7-ton Nonmagnetic Ductile Iron Castings for World Largest Class Power Generator
( pp.103 - 109 )
Haruki Itofuji1), Mikio Tamura1), Hiromichi Ito2), Takanobu Nishimura2) and Yasuo Esashika2)

Eutectic Growth Model Using Cell-Automaton Method
( pp.110 - 115 )
Toshiaki Himemiya1), Kenichi Ohsasa2) and Takahiro Saga1)

Effect of Sputtering Power on the Nucleation and Growth of Cu Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
( pp.116 - 120 )
Minh-Tung Le1)2), Yong-Un Sohn1), Jae-Won Lim1) and Good-Sun Choi1)

Effects of Electron Beam Irradiation on Impact Value of Borosilicate Glass
( pp.121 - 127 )
Keisuke Iwata1) and Yoshitake Nishi1)

Quality Improvement of a β-Type Titanium Alloy Cast for Biomedical Applications by Using a Clacia Mold
( pp.128 - 135 )
Harumi Tsutsumi1), Mitsuo Niinomi1), Toshikazu Akahori1), Masaaki Nakai1), Tsutomu Takeuchi2) and Shigeki Katsura3)

Mechanical Properties of a β-Type Titanium Alloy Cast Using a Calcia Mold for Biomedical Applications
( pp.136 - 142 )
Harumi Tsutsumi1), Mitsuo Niinomi1), Toshikazu Akahori1), Masaaki Nakai1), Tsutomu Takeuchi2) and Shigeki Katsura3)

Mechanism of Generation and Suppression of Tin Whiskers on Tin and Tin-Lead Plated Films
( pp.143 - 151 )
Koji Murakami1), Masako Okano1), Makoto Hino1), Masao Takamizawa2) and Kiyomichi Nakai3)

Preparation of Single Phase β-Zn4Sb3 Thermoelectric Materials by Mechanical Grinding Process
( pp.152 - 155 )
Chinatsu Okamura1), Takashi Ueda1) and Kazuhiro Hasezaki1)

Influence of Water Pulsation with Different Frequency and Amplitude on Orbit of a Particle Placed on a Fixed Screen
( pp.156 - 164 )
Tatsuya Oki1), Taeko Hazumi1), Yoko Umemiya1) and Mikio Kobayashi2)

Impact Value of High Electric Conductive ABS Composites with Copper Powder Dispersion Prepared by Solution-Cast Method
( pp.165 - 170 )
Yoshitake Nishi1)2), Nobuaki Kunikyo1), Masae Kanda1)2), Laurent Lebrun2) and Daniel Guyomar2)

Oxygen Adsorption on Anatase TiO2 (101) and (001) Surfaces from First Principles
( pp.171 - 175 )
Wen Zeng1)2), Tianmo Liu1), Zhongchang Wang2), Susumu Tsukimoto2), Mitsuhiro Saito2) and Yuichi Ikuhara2)3)

Effect of Silicon and Bismuth on Solidification Structure of Thin Wall Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
( pp.176 - 185 )
Hiromitsu Takeda1), Hiroyuki Yoneda1) and Kazunori Asano1)

The Charge-Discharge Characteristics of Woody Carbon Modified with Fe3O4 Nano Phase Using the Hydrothermal Method
( pp.186 - 191 )
Chih-Hsien Wang1), Fei-Yi Hung2), Truan-Sheng Lui1) and Li-Hui Chen1)

Dispersion and Shortening of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Size Modification
( pp.192 - 195 )
Byung-Koog Jang1) and Yoshio Sakka1)

( p.196 )

( p.196 )



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