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Structure, Dye Degradation Activity and Stability of Oxygen Defective BaFeO3−x
( pp.1981 - 1989 )
Mengmeng Sun1), Yinshan Jiang1), Fangfei Li1), Maosheng Xia1), Bing Xue1) and Darui Liu1)

Core-Shell Formation and Juxtaposition in Fe and Si Hybrid Clusters Prepared by Controlling the Collision Stages
( pp.1990 - 1996 )
Naokage Tanaka1), Kenji Sumiyama1), Ryoji Katoh1), Takehiko Hihara1), Kazuhisa Sato2), Toyohiko J. Konno2) and Ko Mibu3)

Dynamic Electropulsing Induced Phase Transformations in a Furnace Cooled Zn-Al Based Alloy (ZA22)
( pp.1997 - 2004 )
S. To1), Y. H. Zhu1), W. B. Lee1) and X. M. Liu2)

Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study of Fe Adsorption on TiN (001) Surface
( pp.2005 - 2008 )
Chao Wang1), Yongbing Dai1), Haiyan Gao1), Xiaoming Ruan2), Jun Wang1) and Baode Sun1)

Grain Refinement and Hardness Increase of Titanium via Trace Element Addition
( pp.2009 - 2012 )
J.-M. Oh1)2), J.-W. Lim1), B.-G. Lee1)2), C.-Y. Suh1), S.-W. Cho1), S.-W. Lee2) and G.-S. Choi1)

Dependence of Microstructural Evolution of Nanoindented Cu/Si Thin Films on Annealing Temperature
( pp.2013 - 2018 )
Woei-Shyan Lee1), Tao-Hsing Chen2), Chi-Feng Lin3) and Yu-Liang Chuang1)

Refinement of Oxide Particles by Addition of Hf in Ni-0.5 mass%Al-1 mass%Y2O3 Alloys
( pp.2019 - 2024 )
Qingxin Tang1), Takeshi Hoshino1), Shigeharu Ukai1), Bin Leng1), Shigenari Hayashi1) and Yongming Wang1)

Determination of the Mechanical Properties of Extruded Pure Magnesium During Tension–Tension Low-Cycle Fatigue Using Ultrasonic Testing
( pp.2025 - 2032 )
Hideki Yamagishi1)2), Mikio Fukuhara2) and Akihiko Chiba2)

Influence of Precipitation Behavior of Different Crystalline Phases for Embrittlement Behavior of Several Zr-Based Metallic Glasses
( pp.2033 - 2038 )
Ichiro Seki1), Hisamichi Kimura1), Kazuhiro Nakata2) and Akihisa Inoue3)

Generalized Self-Consistent Model for Predicting Thermal Conductivity of Composites with Aligned Short Fibers
( pp.2039 - 2044 )
Jae-Kon Lee1) and Jin-Gon Kim1)

Application of Dual-Energy K-Edge Subtraction Imaging to Assessment of Heat Treatments in Al-Cu Alloys
( pp.2045 - 2048 )
Hiroyuki Toda1), Kazuyuki Shimizu1), Kentaro Uesugi2), Yoshio Suzuki2) and Masakazu Kobayashi1)

Factors Influencing Tensile Ductility of OFHC Cu Having Different Ultrafine Grained Structures
( pp.2049 - 2055 )
Lee Ju Park1), Hyung Won Kim1), Chong Soo Lee2) and Kyung-Tae Park3)

Synthesis of Fe Based Metallic Glass–Pd Based Metallic Glass Composite by Slightly Pressured Liquid Phase Sintering
( pp.2056 - 2062 )
N. Yodoshi1), R. Yamada1), N. Morita1), A. Kawasaki1) and R. Watanabe1)

Grain Orientation and Texture Evolution in Pure Titanium Lap Joint Produced by Friction Stir Welding
( pp.2063 - 2068 )
Hong Liu1), Kazuhiro Nakata1), Naotsugu Yamamoto2) and Jinsun Liao2)

Laser-Generation Based Imaging of Ultrasonic Wave Propagation on Welded Steel Plates and Its Application to Defect Detection
( pp.2069 - 2075 )
Shigeki Yashiro1), Nobuyuki Toyama2), Junji Takatsubo2) and Tetsuro Shiraishi3)

Fabrication of Porous High-Purity Iron with Directional Pores by Continuous Zone Melting Technique
( pp.2076 - 2079 )
S. K. Hyun1), M. Uchikoshi2), K. Mimura2), M. Isshiki2) and H. Nakajima1)

Corrosion Behavior of Magnesium with Hydroxyapatite Coatings Formed by Hydrothermal Treatment
( pp.2080 - 2087 )
Sachiko Hiromoto1)2) and Masanari Tomozawa1)

Microstructure Evolution of Dual-Directional-Extruded Mg Alloy AZ31: An Experimental and Simulation Study
( pp.2088 - 2093 )
Liwei Lu1)2), Tianmo Liu1)2), Yong Chen1)2), Liguang Wang3) and Zhongchang Wang4)

Hybridization of FePt/ZnS Nanocore-Shell Structure with DNAs of Different Sequences
( pp.2094 - 2098 )
Ho Chang1) and Sheng-hong Wu1)

Fine-Sized Etching of Flexible Substrates Using Nano Particle Deposition System (NPDS)
( pp.2099 - 2103 )
Woojin Song1), Yang-Hee Kim1), Min-Saeng Kim2), Sung-Hoon Ahn2) and Caroline Sunyong Lee1)

Extraction of Plastic Properties of Aluminum Single Crystal Using Berkovich Indentation
( pp.2104 - 2108 )
Jui-Chao Kuo1) and I-Hua Huang1)

A Comparison of the Effects of Pre-ECAR and Post-ECAR Aging on Microstructure and Strengthening in 7050 Al Alloy Sheet
( pp.2109 - 2112 )
Jun-Hyun Han1)

Effects of the Edm Combined Ultrasonic Vibration on the Machining Properties of Si3N4
( pp.2113 - 2120 )
Chaiya Praneetpongrung1), Yasushi Fukuzawa1), Shigeru Nagasawa1) and Ken Yamashita1)

Quantitative Analysis of Titanium Ions in the Equilibrium with Metallic Titanium in NaCl-KCl Equimolar Molten Salt
( pp.2121 - 2124 )
Hidehiro Sekimoto1), Yoshitaro Nose1), Tetsuya Uda1) and Hiroyuki Sugimura1)

Electrical Wire Explosion of Cr-Coated Ti Wire in N2 Gas
( pp.2125 - 2128 )
Wonbaek Kim1), Sujeong Lee1), Chang-yul Suh1), Sung-wook Cho1), Taegong Ryu1), Je-shin Park2) and In-Jin Shon2)

Rapid Consolidation of Nanostructured TiCu Compound by High Frequency Induction Heating and Its Mechanical Properties
( pp.2129 - 2131 )
In-Jin Shon1), Na-Ri Kim1), Song-Lee Du1), In-Yoong Ko1), Sung-Wook Cho2) and Wonbaek Kim2)



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