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Role of Temperature Dependent Chemical Potential on Thermoelectric Power
( pp.421 - 427 )
Tsunehiro Takeuchi1)2), Yasuhiro Toyama2) and Akio Yamamoto2)

Kinetic Analysis of Crystallization Process in Amorphous Se90−xTe10Pbx Glasses
( pp.428 - 433 )
M. A. Abdel Rahim1), A. Y. Abdel Latief1), A. El-Korashy2) and M. A. Sabet1)

Influence of Cold-Working and Subsequent Heat-Treatment on Young’s Modulus and Strength of Co-Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy
( pp.434 - 441 )
Takuma Otomo1), Hiroaki Matsumoto2), Naoyuki Nomura3) and Akihiko Chiba2)

Coarsening of β′ Precipitates in an Isothermally-Aged Fe75-Ni10-Al15 Alloy
( pp.442 - 446 )
Orlando Soriano-Vargas1)2), Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz1), Victor M. Lopez-Hirata1) and Ana Ma. Paniagua-Mercado1)

Growth Behavior and Interfacial Character of Ir3Y Precipitates in the Ir2Y Lave Phase Matrix
( pp.447 - 454 )
N. Sekido1) and Y. Yamabe-Mitarai1)

Atomic Arrangement of Interphase Boundary between Bainite and Austenite in Fe-Si-C Alloy
( pp.455 - 462 )
Kazuyuki Ogawa1), Takahiro Sawaguchi1) and Setuo Kajiwara1)

Order of Phase Transition on a Simple Cubic Lattice Determined by Cluster Variation Method
( pp.463 - 468 )
Naoya Kiyokane1) and Tetsuo Mohri1)2)

Kinetic Arrest of Martensitic Transformation in Ni33.0Co13.4Mn39.7Ga13.9 Metamagnetic Shape Memory Alloy
( pp.469 - 471 )
Xiao Xu1), Wataru Ito1), Rie Y. Umetsu1), Keiichi Koyama2), Ryosuke Kainuma1) and Kiyohito Ishida3)

Microstructure and Corrosion Properties of Mg-xSn-5Al-1Zn (x=0, 1, 5 and 9 mass%) Alloys
( pp.472 - 476 )
Kyung Chul Park1), Byeong Ho Kim1), Hisamichi Kimura2), Yong Ho Park1) and Ik Min Park1)

Effect of Tool Materials on Dynamic Friction Characteristics and Microstructural Evolution at Elevated Temperature in Extruded AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
( pp.477 - 481 )
Li-Fu Chiang1), Noriaki Nishioka1), Jian-Yih Wang2), Hiroyuki Hosokawa3), Tokuteru Uesugi1), Yorinobu Takigawa1) and Kenji Higashi1)

Calculations of Internal Oxidation Rate Equations and Boundary Conditions between Internal and External Oxidation in Silicon Containing Steels
( pp.482 - 487 )
Takashi Onishi1), Shouhei Nakakubo1) and Mikako Takeda1)

Effects of Graphite, SiO2, and Fe2O3 on the Crushing Strength of Direct Reduced Iron from the Carbothermic Reduction of Residual Materials
( pp.488 - 495 )
Hsin-Chien Chuang1), Weng-Sing Hwang1) and Shih-Hsien Liu2)

Effect of Conditions of Unidirectional Solidification on Microstructure and Pore Morphology of Al-Mg-Si Alloys
( pp.496 - 502 )
Tae Bum Kim1), Shinsuke Suzuki1) and Hideo Nakajima1)

Titanium Doped ITO Thin Films Produced by Sputtering Method
( pp.503 - 509 )
Leandro Voisin1), Makoto Ohtsuka2) and Takashi Nakamura2)

Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Vapor-Grown Carbon Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites by Plasma Sintering
( pp.510 - 515 )
Zhe-Feng Xu1)2), Yong-Bum Choi1), Kazuhiro Matsugi1), Dong-Chun Li2) and Gen Sasaki1)

Estimation of Kinetic Parameters for Combustion Synthesis of FeAl Intermetallic Compound by Dipping Experiment of Fe Wire into Al Melt
( pp.516 - 524 )
Atsushi Hibino1)

Shape Memory Response in Ni40Co10Mn33Al17 Polycrystalline Alloy
( pp.525 - 528 )
Wataru Ito1), Burak Basaran2), Rie Y. Umetsu1), Ibrahim Karaman2), Ryosuke Kainuma1) and Kiyohito Ishida3)

Bioactivity of a Ni-Free Ti-Based Metallic Glass
( pp.529 - 534 )
F. X. Qin1), K. Wada1), X. J. Yang2), X. M. Wang1), M. Yoshimura1), K. Asami1) and A. Inoue1)

Detection of Neodymium-Rich Phase for Development of Coercivity in Neodymium-Iron-Boron-Based Alloys with Submicron-Sized Grains Using Positron Lifetime Spectroscopy
( pp.535 - 541 )
Takeshi Nishiuchi1)2), Masaki Nakamura2), Satoshi Hirosawa1), Masataka Mizuno2), Hideki Araki2) and Yasuharu Shirai3)

Effects of Tool Rotating Rate and Pass Number on Pore Structure of A6061 Porous Aluminum Fabricated by Using Friction Stir Processing
( pp.542 - 547 )
Takao Utsunomiya1), Ken-ichi Tamura2), Yoshihiko Hangai2), Osamu Kuwazuru3) and Nobuhiro Yoshikawa4)

Nondestructive Observation of Pore Structures of A1050 Porous Aluminum Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing
( pp.548 - 552 )
Yoshihiko Hangai1), Yuichiro Ozeki1), Shigehiro Kawano1), Takao Utsunomiya2), Osamu Kuwazuru3), Makoto Hasegawa4), Shinji Koyama1) and Nobuhiro Yoshikawa5)

Structural Flexibility of a Pd40Ni40Si5P15 Bulk Metallic Glass
( pp.553 - 556 )
N. Chen1), D. V. Louzguine-Luzgin1)2), G. Q. Xie2), Y. C. Wang3), K. F. Yao3) and A. Inoue1)2)

Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Cobalt and Aluminum Co-Doping Tin Dioxide Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
( pp.557 - 560 )
Xingzhi Ning1), XiaoFang Liu1), Ronghai Yu1), Ji Shi2) and Yoshio Nakamura2)

Phase Stability of Bi2(V1−xMEx)O5.5+δ (ME=Li and Ag, x=0.05 and 0.1)
( pp.561 - 566 )
Yu-ki Taninouchi1), Tetsuya Uda1), Tetsu Ichitsubo1), Yasuhiro Awakura1) and Eiichiro Matsubara1)

Influence of Flat Cavity Formation on Stress vs. Strain and Strain-Rate Relations of Superplastic Deformation in 3Y-TZP
( pp.567 - 573 )
Yoshinobu Motohashi1), Vasyl Ryukhtin2), Takaaki Sakuma1) and Jan Saroun2)

First-Principles Calculations of the Specific Heats of Cubic Carbides and Nitrides
( pp.574 - 577 )
Satoshi Iikubo1), Hiroshi Ohtani2) and Mitsuhiro Hasebe2)

Densification of TiO2 Nanopowders by Magnetic Pulsed Compaction
( pp.578 - 581 )
H. S. Kim1), J. G. Lee2), C. K. Rhee2), U. H. Joo3) and S. J. Hong1)



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