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Home  >  Journal list  >  MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS  >  Vol.51 No.6 (2010)

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Void Formation and Structure Change Induced by Heavy Ion Irradiation in GaSb and InSb
( pp.1059 - 1063 )
Noriko Nitta1), Tokiya Hasegawa1), Hidehiro Yasuda1), Yoshihiko Hayashi2), Toshimasa Yoshiie2), Masafumi Taniwaki3) and Hirotaro Mori4)

Influence of TiO2 Buffer on Structure and Optical Properties of ZnO Film on Si(100) Substrate
( pp.1064 - 1066 )
Weiying Zhang1)2), Jianguo Zhao1), Zhenzhong Liu1), Zhaojun Liu1) and Zhuxi Fu2)

Evaluation of Dislocation Density in a Mg-Al-Mn-Ca Alloy Determined by X-ray Diffractometry and Transmission Electron Microscopy
( pp.1067 - 1071 )
Takashi Shintani1), Yoshinori Murata1), Yoshihiro Terada1) and Masahiko Morinaga1)

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Pure V and Mo Processed by High-Pressure Torsion
( pp.1072 - 1079 )
Seungwon Lee1), Kaveh Edalati1) and Zenji Horita1)

Charging Effects on SEM/SIM Contrast of Metal/Insulator System in Various Metallic Coating Conditions
( pp.1080 - 1083 )
Ki Hyun Kim1), Zentaro Akase1), Toshiaki Suzuki2) and Daisuke Shindo1)

Relationship between Microstructures and Tensile Properties of an Fe-30Mn-8.5Al-2.0C Alloy
( pp.1084 - 1088 )
Chih Lung Lin1), Chuen Guang Chao1), Hui Yum Bor2) and Tzeng Feng Liu1)

Analysis of 3D Random Al18B4O33 Whisker Reinforced Mg Composite Using FEM and Random Sequential Adsorption
( pp.1089 - 1093 )
Wook Jin Lee1), Jae Hyoung Son1), Ik Min Park1), Jeong-Jung Oak2), Hisamichi Kimura2) and Yong Ho Park1)

Dissolution Behavior of Solid 5CaO·SiO2·P2O5 in CaO-SiO2-FeOx Slag
( pp.1094 - 1101 )
Xiao Yang1), Hiroyuki Matsuura1) and Fumitaka Tsukihashi1)

Production of Metallic Vanadium by Preform Reduction Process
( pp.1102 - 1108 )
Akihiko Miyauchi1) and Toru H. Okabe2)

Effect of Anodizing Potential on the Surface Morphology and Corrosion Property of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
( pp.1109 - 1113 )
S. A. Salman1), R. Mori1), R. Ichino2) and M. Okido1)

Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation of Graphite Structures in Flake Graphite Cast Iron
( pp.1114 - 1119 )
Tetsuya Uchimoto1), Toshiyuki Takagi1) and Toshihiko Abe1)

Synthesis of Graphite Reinforced Aluminum Nanocomposite by Mechanical Alloying
( pp.1120 - 1126 )
J. L. R. Hernández1), J. J. R. Cruz2), C. Y. Gómez3), O. A. Coreño4) and R. Martínez-Sanchez1)

Thermoelectric Properties of Si2Ti-Type Al-Mn-Si Alloys
( pp.1127 - 1135 )
Tsunehiro Takeuchi1)2), Yasuhiro Toyama1), Akio Yamamoto1), Hirofumi Hazama3) and Ryoji Asahi3)

Pyrometallurgical Recovery of Indium from Dental Metal Recycling Sludge by Chlorination Treatment with Ammonium Chloride
( pp.1136 - 1140 )
Osamu Terakado1), Takashi Saeki1), Ryoji Irizato1) and Masahiro Hirasawa1)

Controlling the Percolation Threshold of Conductor-Insulator Composites by Changing the Granular Size of Insulators
( pp.1141 - 1144 )
Kazuhito Shida1), Ryoji Sahara1), MN Tripathi1), Hiroshi Mizuseki1) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

Electromagnetic Shielding by Composite Films Prepared with Carbon Fiber, Ni Nanoparticles, and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Polyurethane
( pp.1145 - 1149 )
Ho Chang1), Yun-Min Yeh1) and Kouhsiu-David Huang2)

Spectral and Angular Responses of Surface Plasmon Resonance Based on the Kretschmann Prism Configuration
( pp.1150 - 1155 )
Hyuk Rok Gwon1) and Seong Hyuk Lee1)

Femtosecond Laser Pulse Train Effect on Optical Characteristics and Nonequilibrium Heat Transfer in Thin Metal Films
( pp.1156 - 1162 )
Hyung Sub Sim1), Seungho Park2), Tae-Hyoung Kim1), Young Ki Choi1), Joon Sik Lee3) and Seong Hyuk Lee1)

Electrical Properties of Semiconductive α-Fe2O3 and Its Use as the Catalyst for Decomposition of Volatile Organic Compounds
( pp.1163 - 1167 )
Shimpei Ito1), Yuhki Yui1) and Jin Mizuguchi1)

Formation of Hägg Carbide in an Fe-30Mn-10Al-4Cr-0.45C Alloy
( pp.1168 - 1172 )
YiHsuan Tuan1), ChuenGuang Chao1) and TzengFeng Liu1)



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