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Improved Thermoelectric Performances of Oxide-Containing FeSi2
( pp.1526 - 1530 )
Sunao Sugihara1) and Kentaro Morikawa2)

Effect of Addition of Titanium Nitride on Thermoelectric Performance of Yttrium-Doped Strontium Titanate
( pp.1531 - 1534 )
Tomoyoshi Shoji1), Shigeaki Sugiyama2) and Kiyoshi Fuda1)

Preparation of Single-Phase Pb-Filled Chevrel-Phase Sulfide and Its Thermoelectric Properties
( pp.1535 - 1538 )
Hirotaka Nishiate1), Michihiro Ohta1), Atsushi Yamamoto1), Haruhiko Obara1), Chul-Ho Lee1) and Kazuo Ueno1)

Effect of Chemical Potential on Thermoelectric Power of Bi2Te3 and Bi2Se3
( pp.1539 - 1545 )
Akio Yamamoto1), Koto Ogawa1) and Tsunehiro Takeuchi1)2)

Power Generation Performance of Thermoelectric Module Consisting of Sb-Doped Heusler Fe2VAl Sintered Alloy
( pp.1546 - 1548 )
Masashi Mikami1), Keizo Kobayashi1) and Suguru Tanaka2)

Computational Simulation of Thermoelectric Generators in Marine Power Plants
( pp.1549 - 1552 )
Min Chen1)2), Y. Sasaki1) and R. O. Suzuki1)

Effect of Pd Addition in ENIG Surface Finish on Drop Reliability of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Joint
( pp.1553 - 1559 )
Sang-Su Ha1), Jongwoo Park1) and Seung-Boo Jung2)

The Bias-Crystallization Mechanism on Structural Characteristics and Electrical Properties of Zn-In-Sn-O Film
( pp.1560 - 1564 )
Kuan-Jen Chen1)3), Fei-Yi Hung2)3), Truan-Sheng Lui3), Shoou-Jinn Chang4) and Zhan-Shuo Hu5)

Dynamic Electropulsing Induced Evolution of Basal Texture and Its Effect on Properties of Magnesium Alloy AZ61
( pp.1565 - 1568 )
Guoliang Hu1)2), Zhenting Wang2), Yaohua Zhu3), Jianan Liu1) and Guoyi Tang1)

Alloying Behavior of Quaternary Elements in Ni3(Si,Ti)
( pp.1569 - 1574 )
H. Sugimura1), Y. Kaneno1) and T. Takasugi1)

Dynamic Friction Properties and Microstructural Evolution in AZ31 Magnesium Alloy at Elevated Temperature during Ring Compression Test
( pp.1575 - 1580 )
Noriaki Nishioka1), Li-Fu Chiang1), Tokuteru Uesugi1), Yorinobu Takigawa1) and Kenji Higashi1)

Assessment of Hardness in As-Cast and Homogenized Zn-Al-Cu Alloys
( pp.1581 - 1584 )
Jose D. Villegas-Cardenas1)2), Victor M. Lopez-Hirata1), Antonio De Ita-De la Torre3) and Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz1)

Law of Atomic Motion during {10\bar11} Twinning in Magnesium Alloys
( pp.1585 - 1588 )
Shan Jiang1)2)3), Tianmo Liu1)2), Cheng Chen1)2) and Xianquan Jiang3)

Development of Model Materials for Physical Forming Simulation of Metals and Alloys
( pp.1589 - 1594 )
Satoru Kuwaharada1), Kenji Nakanishi2), Yuji Mure1) and Yasumichi Matsumoto3)

Slip Deformation Analysis Based on Full Constraints Model for α-Titanium Alloy at Low Temperature
( pp.1595 - 1602 )
Motoaki Morita1) and Osamu Umezawa2)

A Coupled Molecular Dynamics/Coarse-Grained-Particle Method for Dynamic Simulation of Crack Growth at Finite Temperatures
( pp.1603 - 1610 )
Ryo Kobayashi1), Takahide Nakamura1) and Shuji Ogata1)

Optimization of Strength, Ductility and Corrosion Resistance in Ti-Mo Base Alloys by Controlling Mo Equivalency and Bond Order
( pp.1611 - 1616 )
X. H. Min1), K. Tsuzaki1)2), S. Emura1), T. Nishimura1) and K. Tsuchiya1)2)

Compressive Deformation Behaviors of Coarse- and Ultrafine-Grained Pure Titanium at Different Temperatures: A Comparative Study
( pp.1617 - 1622 )
Feng-Wu Long1), Qing-Wei Jiang1), Lin Xiao2) and Xiao-Wu Li1)3)

Deformed Microstructure and Hardness of Hadfield High Manganese Steel
( pp.1623 - 1628 )
Lihe Qian1), Xiaoyong Feng1) and Fucheng Zhang1)

A Novel Method to Remove Iron Impurity from Aluminum
( pp.1629 - 1633 )
Chong Chen1), Jun Wang1), Da Shu1), Pan Li1), Jing Xue1) and Baode Sun1)

Fabrication of Fe-Based Metallic Glass Particle Reinforced Al-Based Composite Materials by Friction Stir Processing
( pp.1634 - 1640 )
Hidetoshi Fujii1), Yufeng Sun1), Koji Inada1), Youngsu Ji1), Yoshihiko Yokoyama2), Hisamichi Kimura2) and Akihisa Inoue2)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of WC-SiC Composites
( pp.1641 - 1645 )
Akihiro Nino1), Yoshinao Nakaibayashi1), Shigeaki Sugiyama2) and Hitoshi Taimatsu1)

Effect of In-Situ TiB2 Particles on the Microstructure of Spray-Formed 70Si-Al Alloy
( pp.1646 - 1649 )
Lei Zhang1)2), Guisheng Gan1) and Bin Yang1)3)

Osteoconductivity of Anodized Titanium with Controlled Micron-Level Surface Roughness
( pp.1650 - 1654 )
Dai Yamamoto1), Ikki Kawai1), Kensuke Kuroda1), Ryoichi Ichino2), Masazumi Okido1) and Azusa Seki3)

Indium Recovery from Indium Tin Oxide, ITO, Thin Film Deposited on Glass Plate by Chlorination Treatment with Ammonium Chloride
( pp.1655 - 1660 )
Osamu Terakado1), Daisuke Iwaki1), Kyohei Murayama1) and Masahiro Hirasawa1)

High Temperature Tensile Deformation Behavior of New Heat Resistant Aluminum Alloy
( pp.1661 - 1666 )
Sung-Hwan Choi1), Si-Young Sung2), Hyun-Joo Choi3), Young-Ho Sohn3), Bum-Suck Han2) and Kee-Ahn Lee1)

Correlation between Microstructural Stability and Tensile Properties of FSWed Al-Mg-Mn Cast Plate during Subsequent Thermal Exposure
( pp.1667 - 1673 )
Chun-Yi Lin1), Truan-Sheng Lui1) and Li-Hui Chen1)

Synthesis and Characterization of Agglomerated Coarse Al Powders Comprising Nanoparticles by Low Energy Ball Milling Process
( pp.1674 - 1678 )
Nusia Eom1), Mahedi Hasan Bhuiyan1), Taek-Soo Kim2) and Soon-Jik Hong1)

Effect of CO2 Carbonation on the Chemical Properties of Waste Cement: CEC and the Heavy Metal Adsorption Ability
( pp.1679 - 1684 )
Kwang-Suk You1), Seong-Ho Lee1), Sun-Ho Hwang1) and Ji-Whan Ahn1)

Deformation of Cu-Be-Co Alloys by Aging at 593 K
( pp.1685 - 1688 )
T. Hasegawa1), Y. Takagawa1), C. Watanabe2) and R. Monzen2)

DOS Calculation Analysis of New Transparent Conductor Mg(OH)2-C
( pp.1689 - 1692 )
Takahiro Murakami1), Takamitsu Honjo1) and Toshiro Kuji1)

Three-Dimensional Visualization of Powder Motion in a High Shear Mixer
( pp.1693 - 1696 )
Yoshitoshi Saito1), Andy Ingram2), Xianfeng Fan2) and Jonathan Peter Kyle Seville1)

Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of AZ91 Mg Alloy via Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation and Subsequent Annealing
( pp.1697 - 1700 )
Young Gun Ko1), Kang Min Lee2) and Dong Hyuk Shin2)

Enhancing Corrosion Resistance of 304 Stainless Steel GMA Welds with Electromagnetic Interaction
( pp.1701 - 1704 )
Francisco F. Curiel1), Rafael García1), Victor H. López1) and Jorge González-Sánchez2)

Upgrading of Manganese from Waste Silicomanganese Slag by a Mechanical Separation Process
( pp.1705 - 1708 )
Byung-Su Kim1), Soo-Bock Jeong1), Mi-Hee Jeong1) and Jae-Wook Ryu2)

Interface Characteristic and Properties of Stainless Steel/HSLA Steel Clad Plate by Vacuum Rolling Cladding
( pp.1709 - 1712 )
Guangming Xie1), Zongan Luo1), Guanglei Wang1), Liang Li1) and Guodong Wang1)

Superelasticity at Low Temperatures in Cu-17Al-15Mn (at%) Shape Memory Alloy
( pp.1713 - 1715 )
Kodai Niitsu1), Toshihiro Omori1) and Ryosuke Kainuma1)



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