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New Growth Mechanism of Cubic Rh Clusters Composed of 8–12 Atoms Found by the Method of Euclidean Designs
( pp.459 - 462 )
Makoto Tagami1), Yunye Liang2), Yoshiyuki Kawazoe2) and Motoko Kotani1)3)

Structure and Photocatalysis of TiO2/ZnO Double-Layer Film Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition
( pp.463 - 468 )
Lei Zhao1), Maosheng Xia1), Yuhua Liu1), Biju Zheng1), Qing Jiang1) and Jianshe Lian1)

Effects of Strain Rate and Temperature on Shear Properties and Fracture Characteristics of 316L Stainless Steel
( pp.469 - 476 )
Woei-Shyan Lee1), Tao-Hsing Chen2), Chi-Feng Lin3) and Zong-Yun Li1)

Use of Chlorine to Remove Magnesium from Molten Aluminum
( pp.477 - 482 )
Estéfano Aparecido Vieira1), Jose Roberto de Oliveira1), Gianni Ferreira Alves1), Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa2) and Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório2)

Compression Behavior of Entrapped Gas in High Pressure Diecasting
( pp.483 - 488 )
Yasushi Iwata1), Shuxin Dong1), Yoshio Sugiyama1) and Hiroaki Iwahori1)

Metal Surface Modification with Vibration-Aided Micro-Forging
( pp.489 - 494 )
Yang Bai1), Kenji Nishikawa1) and Ming Yang1)

Continuous Casting of Magnesium Alloy Sheet Using Semisolid Slurry
( pp.495 - 499 )
Futoshi Kido1) and Tetsuichi Motegi1)

Effect of Minor Sn Additions on the Formation and Properties of TiCuZrPd Bulk Glassy Alloy
( pp.500 - 503 )
Shengli Zhu1), Guoqiang Xie1), Fengxiang Qin1), Xinmin Wang1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Effects of High Pressure Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Micro-Mechanical Properties of Cu77.96Al22.04 Alloy
( pp.504 - 507 )
Lailei Wu1), Lin Liu2), Jianhua Liu1) and Ruijun Zhang1)

Formation of Amorphous TiO2 Film on Ti Using Anodizing in Concentrated H3PO4 Aqueous Solution and Its Osteoconductivity
( pp.508 - 512 )
Dai Yamamoto1), Takanori Iida1), Kensuke Kuroda1), Ryoichi Ichino2), Masazumi Okido1) and Azusa Seki3)

Hydrogenation Properties of Ternary Intermetallic Compounds Mg2−xPrxNi4
( pp.513 - 517 )
N. Terashita1), K. Sakaki2), S. Tsunokake1), Y. Nakamura2) and E. Akiba2)3)

Pin-On-Disc Wear of Precipitation Hardened Titanium–Copper Alloys Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy
( pp.518 - 523 )
Tachai Luangvaranunt1) and Patchara Pripanapong1)

Preparation of Nanoporous Ruthenium Catalyst and Its CO Oxidation Characteristics
( pp.524 - 530 )
Masataka Hakamada1), Junichi Motomura1), Fumi Hirashima1) and Mamoru Mabuchi1)

Fabrication of Ultrafine-Grained Ti66Nb18Cu6.4Ni6.1Al3.5 Composites with High Strength and Distinct Plasticity by Spark Plasma Sintering and Crystallization of Amorphous Phase
( pp.531 - 536 )
Weiping Chen1), Xuemei Wu1), Chao Yang1), Xiaoqiang Li1), Mindan Chen1) and Yuanyuan Li1)

Crystal Grain Morphology Evolution over Ti, V, Nb and Ta Surface Heated in N2 Gas Environment to 2000°C by Filtered Concentrated Solar Beam in a Solar Furnace at PROMES-CNRS
( pp.537 - 545 )
Fernando Almeida Costa Oliveira1), Luís Guerra Rosa2), Gilles Peraudeau3), Bernard Granier3), Jorge Cruz Fernandes2), Teresa Magalhães1) and Nobumitsu Shohoji1)

Influence of Dislocation Separation on Dynamic Strain Aging in a Fe–Mn–C Austenitic Steel
( pp.546 - 552 )
Motomichi Koyama1)2), Takahiro Sawaguchi2) and Kaneaki Tsuzaki1)2)

Effects of Grafting Densities of Comb-Like Copolymer on the Dispersion Properties of Concentrated Cement Suspensions
( pp.553 - 558 )
Jiaping Liu1), Qianping Ran1)2), Changwen Miao1) and Min Qiao2)

Formation of Black Ceramic Layer on Aluminum Alloy by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in Electrolyte Containing Na2WO4
( pp.559 - 564 )
I. J. Hwang1), K. R. Shin1), J. S. Lee2), Y. G. Ko2) and D. H. Shin1)

Bone Loss and Reduced Bone Quality of the Human Femur after Total Hip Arthroplasty under Stress-Shielding Effects by Titanium-Based Implant
( pp.565 - 570 )
Yoshihiro Noyama1)2), Takuya Miura1), Takuya Ishimoto1), Takahiro Itaya1), Mitsuo Niinomi3) and Takayoshi Nakano1)

Characteristics of Thin-Film-Transistors Based on Zn–In–Sn–O Thin Films Prepared by Co-Sputtering System
( pp.571 - 574 )
K. J. Chen1)2), F. Y. Hung2), T. S. Lui2), S. J. Chang3) and T. Y. Liao3)

Diffusion of Tl Ions into Glass Treated by Molten Salt Ion Exchange and Hydrogen Reduction
( pp.575 - 577 )
Mikito Ueda1), Hajime Matsunaga1), Toshiaki Ohtsuka1) and Toshiharu Yamashita2)

Characteristics of Graphene-Filled Solderable Isotropically Conductive Adhesive (ICA)
( pp.578 - 581 )
Byung-Seung Yim1), Seung-Hoon Oh1), Jiwon Kim2), Jooheon Kim2) and Jong-Min Kim1)



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