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( p.1 )
Shin Takeuchi1), Masaharu Kato2), Takahito Ohmura3)

60 Years of Hall-Petch: Past to Present Nano-Scale Connections
( pp.2 - 12 )
Ronald W. Armstrong1)

Superior Strength in Ultrafine-Grained Materials Produced by SPD Processing
( pp.13 - 18 )
Ruslan Z. Valiev1) 2)

Hall–Petch Relationship and Dislocation Model for Deformation of Ultrafine-Grained and Nanocrystalline Metals
( pp.19 - 24 )
Masaharu Kato1)

On the Yield Stress of Bulk Nano Grained Polycrystals
( pp.25 - 27 )
G. Saada1)

Effect of Grain Boundary Segregation of Interstitial Elements on Hall–Petch Coefficient in Steels
( pp.28 - 34 )
Setsuo Takaki1) 2), Daichi Akama1) 2), Nobuo Nakada1) 2), Toshihiro Tsuchiyama1) 2)

A Practical Meso-Scale Polycrystal Model to Predict Dislocation Densities and the Hall–Petch Effect
( pp.35 - 38 )
H. Lim1), S. Subedi2), D. T. Fullwood2), B. L. Adams2), R. H. Wagoner3)

On the Roles of Grain Size Dispersion and Microscale Hall–Petch Relation on the Plastic Behavior of Polycrystalline Metals
( pp.39 - 43 )
Stéphane Berbenni1) 2), Francis Wagner1) 2), Nathalie Allain-Bonasso1) 2)

Hall–Petch Breakdown at Elevated Temperatures
( pp.44 - 51 )
Joachim H. Schneibel, Martin Heilmaier1)

Mechanical Responses of Copper Bicrystalline Micro Pillars with Σ3 Coherent Twin Boundaries by Uniaxial Compression Tests
( pp.52 - 57 )
Tomoyuki Hirouchi1) 2), Yoji Shibutani2)

Dislocation Multiplication from the Frank–Read Source in Atomic Models
( pp.58 - 63 )
Tomotsugu Shimokawa1), Soya Kitada2)

Atomistic Simulation of Shear Mode Deformation of Nanocrystalline Copper with Different Grain Sizes
( pp.64 - 68 )
Yoshiaki Kogure1), Yosio Hiki2)

Correlation between Continuous/Discontinuous Yielding and Hall–Petch Slope in High Purity Iron
( pp.69 - 72 )
Si Gao1), Akinobu Shibata1), Meichuan Chen1), Nokeun Park1), Nobuhiro Tsuji1)

Yielding Behavior and Its Effect on Uniform Elongation of Fine Grained IF Steel
( pp.73 - 77 )
Si Gao1), Meichuan Chen1), Shuai Chen1), Naoya Kamikawa2), Akinobu Shibata1), Nobuhiro Tsuji1) 3)

Effect of Ferrite Grain Size on Dynamic Tensile Properties of Ultrafine Grained Low Carbon Steels with Various Chemical Compositions
( pp.78 - 84 )
Yoshitaka Okitsu1), Nobuhiro Tsuji2)

EBSD Analysis of Microstructure Evolution of Pure Iron Subjected to Sliding Wear and Related Change in Vickers Microhardness
( pp.85 - 92 )
Yoshihisa Kaneko1), Taiyo Sugimoto1)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Progressively Drawn Pearlitic Steel
( pp.93 - 98 )
Jesús Toribio1), Beatriz González1), Juan-Carlos Matos2)

Application of Harmonic Structure Design to Biomedical Co–Cr–Mo Alloy for Improved Mechanical Properties
( pp.99 - 105 )
Choncharoen Sawangrat1), Osamu Yamaguchi1), Sanjay Kumar Vajpai2), Kei Ameyama1)

Mechanical Properties of Bulk Ultrafine Grained Aluminum Fabricated by Torsion Deformation at Various Temperatures and Strain Rates
( pp.106 - 113 )
Sunisa Khamsuk1), Nokeun Park1) 2), Si Gao1), Daisuke Terada1) 2), Hiroki Adachi3), Nobuhiro Tsuji1) 2)

The Effect of Microstructure on Mechanical Properties of Forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy
( pp.114 - 119 )
Manabu Nakai1) 2), Goroh Itoh1)

Influence of Grain Refinement and Texture Evolution on the Yield Strength of Mg Alloy Processed by Cyclic Extrusion and Compression
( pp.120 - 122 )
Jinbao Lin1), Qudong Wang2), Yanxia Chen1), Xiaochao Cui1)

Evolution of Texture in High Permeability Grain Oriented Silicon Steel Produced by Casting Thin Slab and Rolling Process
( pp.123 - 127 )
Fan Li-feng1) 2), Qiu Sheng-tao1) 2), Xiang Li1) 2), Tang Guang-bo3)

Direct Observation of Grain Boundary Migration during Recrystallization within the Bulk of a Moderately Deformed Aluminium Single Crystal
( pp.128 - 136 )
Steven Van Boxel1), Søren Schmidt2), Wolfgang Ludwig3), YuBin Zhang4), Dorte Juul Jensen4), Wolfgang Pantleon5)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Q345 Steel
( pp.137 - 140 )
Di Qiu He1) 2), Ning Li1) 2), Kun Yu Yang1) 2), Shao Yong Ye1) 2)

Effect of Aging Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti27Nb2Ta3Zr β Titanium Alloy for Implant Applications
( pp.141 - 146 )
Liqiang Wang1), Zhengjie Lin1), Xueting Wang1), Qiwei Shi1), Weiqing Yin1), Di Zhang1), Zhongtang Liu2), Weijie Lu1)

Solvothermal Synthesis of Shape-Controlled Perovskite MTiO3 (M = Ba, Sr, and Ca) Particles in H2O/Polyols Mixed Solutions
( pp.147 - 153 )
Takeshi Kimijima1), Kiyoshi Kanie1), Masafumi Nakaya1), Atsushi Muramatsu1)

Experimental Verification and Accuracy Improvement of Gas Entrapment and Shrinkage Porosity Simulation in High Pressure Die Casting Process
( pp.154 - 160 )
Yukio Otsuka1)

Four-Dimensional Morphological Evolution of an Aluminum Silicon Alloy Using Propagation-Based Phase Contrast X-ray Tomographic Microscopy
( pp.161 - 164 )
Emine Begum Gulsoy1), Ashwin J. Shahani1), John W. Gibbs1), Julie L. Fife2), Peter W. Voorhees1) 2)

Alloy Designs of High-Entropy Crystalline and Bulk Glassy Alloys by Evaluating Mixing Enthalpy and Delta Parameter for Quinary to Decimal Equi-Atomic Alloys
( pp.165 - 170 )
Akira Takeuchi1), Kenji Amiya1), Takeshi Wada1), Kunio Yubuta1), Wei Zhang2), Akihiro Makino1)

Evaluation of Surface Crack in Resistance Spot Welds of Zn-Coated Steel
( pp.171 - 175 )
Young Gon Kim1), In Ju Kim1), Ji Sun Kim1), Youn Il Chung2), Du Youl Choi2)

Effects of Fine Particle Peening on Oxidation Behavior of Nickel–Titanium Shape Memory Alloy
( pp.176 - 181 )
Shoichi Kikuchi1), Yutaka Kameyama2), Masayoshi Mizutani3), Jun Komotori4)

Effect of Micro-Alloying Elements on Deformation Behavior in Mg–Y Binary Alloys
( pp.182 - 187 )
Hidetoshi Somekawa1), Yoshiaki Osawa1), Alok Singh1), Kota Washio2), Akira Kato2), Toshiji Mukai3)

Assessment of the Thermal Conductivity of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Coating
( pp.188 - 193 )
Kyong Jun An1)

A Slip Enhanced Superhydrophobic Surface Based on Reticulated ZnO Nanostructure
( pp.194 - 197 )
Jun Xia1), Jun Wu1)

Size, Shape, Composition and Separation Analysis of Products from Waste Refrigerator Recycling Plants in South Korea
( pp.198 - 206 )
Kihong Kim1), Heechan Cho1), Jinan Jeong1), Sookyung Kim2)

Impact Response of Circular Aluminum Tube Filled with Polyurethane Foam
( pp.207 - 215 )
Nirut Onsalung1), Chawalit Thinvongpituk1), Kulachate Pianthong1)

Wear and Friction Properties of Mg–Zn–Y Alloy with Dispersion of Quasi-Crystalline Phase
( pp.216 - 219 )
Hidetoshi Somekawa1), Atsushi Shimoda2), Tomoko Hirayama2), Takashi Matsuoka2), Toshiji Mukai1)

Pronounced Structural Rejuvenation in Zr50Cu40Al10 Metallic Glass Strained by Torsional Straining at Elevated Temperature
( pp.220 - 222 )
Fanqiang Meng1), Koichi Tsuchiya1) 2), Yoshihiko Yokoyama3)

Formation of Fully Annealed Nanocrystalline Austenite in Fe–Ni–C Alloy
( pp.223 - 226 )
Shuai Chen1), Akinobu Shibata1), Si Gao1), Nobuhiro Tsuji1)



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