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Improved Properties of TiC Coating Deposited on Copper Alloy via Friction Stir Processing
( pp.1639 - 1642 )
Zhixiong Xie1), P. Luo2), S. J. Dong1) 2), FenFang Tan3)

Surface Observation of LaNi5 under Deuterium Atmosphere Using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
( pp.1643 - 1646 )
Kazuhiro Mori1), Kenji Iwase2), Yojiro Oba1), Toshiharu Fukunaga1), Masaaki Sugiyama1)

Influence of Mg/Si Ratio on Nanocluster Formation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys with Constant Mg + Si Concentration
( pp.1647 - 1655 )
SeongNyeong Kim1), JaeHwang Kim1), Equo Kobayashi1), Tatsuo Sato2)

Stability of {4 4 11} ⟨11 11 8⟩ Orientation in a {123} ⟨634⟩ Aluminum Single Crystal Processed by Accumulative Roll Bonding
( pp.1656 - 1661 )
Keizo Kashihara1), Yoshikazu Komi1), Daisuke Terada2), Nobuhiro Tsuji2)

On the Elastic Accommodation Between the Structural Units in the LPSO Structures
( pp.1662 - 1667 )
Xinfu Gu1), Tadashi Furuhara1)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Extruded and Aged Mg-6Al-2Sn-0.4Mn-xAg Alloys (x = 1, 2 and 3 mass%)
( pp.1668 - 1672 )
Hyeon-Taek Son1), Yong-Ho Kim1)

Assessment of Temperature and Pressure Dependence of Molar Volume and Phase Diagrams of Binary Al–Si Systems
( pp.1673 - 1682 )
Xuantong Liu1), Katsunari Oikawa1)

Relations between Parameters in Different Sublattice Configurations for CALPHAD-Type Thermodynamic Assessments
( pp.1683 - 1688 )
Taichi Abe1), Kiyoshi Hashimoto2), Ryoji Sahara3), Cenk Kocer4)

Mechanical Properties and Dislocation Substructure of Inconel 690 Alloy Impacted at Cryogenic Temperatures
( pp.1689 - 1697 )
Woei-Shyan Lee1), Ming-Chia Hsu1)

Structure of Iron-Based Cladding Layer on Al-Mg-Si Alloy Coated by a Resistance Seam Welding Method
( pp.1698 - 1706 )
Wenqin Wang1), Tomiko Yamaguchi1), Kazumasa Nishio2)

Multiphase Particle Simulation of Gas Bubble Passing Through Liquid/Liquid Interfaces
( pp.1707 - 1715 )
Shungo Natsui1), Hifumi Takai1), Takehiko Kumagai1), Tatsuya Kikuchi1), Ryosuke O. Suzuki1)

Quantitative Relation between Mn and S for Mechanical Properties of Flake Graphite Cast Iron
( pp.1716 - 1721 )
Toshitake Kanno1), Ilgoo Kang1)

Detection of Fracture in Structural Adhesive Using RFID Tags
( pp.1722 - 1726 )
Nariaki Ohashi1), Takayuki Shiraiwa1), Manabu Enoki1)

Macro-Segregation Characteristics in Semi-Solid Forging of a High Strength Al-4.8Si-0.7Mg Alloy
( pp.1727 - 1732 )
Byoung-Hee Choi1), Young-Soo Jang1), Byung-Keun Kang1), Chun-Pyo Hong1)

Reverse Current Conduction Mechanism of Transient Voltage Suppression Diode under Electrostatic Discharge Stress
( pp.1733 - 1737 )
Daoheung Bouangeune1), Ye-Ji Lee1), Deok-Ho Cho2), Kyu-Hwan Shim1) 2), Chel-Jong Choi1)

Effect of Plastic Deformation on the Proof Strength and Electrical Conductivity of Copper-Magnesium Supersaturated Solid-Solution Alloys
( pp.1738 - 1741 )
Yuki Ito1), Hirotaka Matsunaga1), Hiroyuki Mori1), Kazunari Maki1)

Adhesive Resistance to Peeling Force of PTFE/PDMS Laminated Sheet Assisted by Homogeneous Low Voltage Electron Beam Irradiation at 77 K
( pp.1742 - 1749 )
Chisato Kubo1), Takumi Okada1), Masato Uyama1), Masae Kanda2), Yoshitake Nishi1) 2)

Prediction of Intermetallic Compound Formation Sequences in Pseudo Binary Diffusion Couples: Experimental Examinations for (Sn-xZn)/Cu (x = 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 mass%) by a Kinetic Model with Thermodynamic Data Using MDR Diagram
( pp.1750 - 1754 )
Shinichi Terashima1), Tsutomu Sasaki2)

The Effects of HIP, Solution Heat Treatment and Aging Treatments on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sintering Cobalt-Based Alloys Strengthened with Tantalum Carbide Additives
( pp.1755 - 1761 )
Shih-Hsien Chang1), Chien-Chung Chen1)

Rust Preventive Properties by Using Polarization Curve Measurement on the Metal Coated with the Rust Preventive Oil
( pp.1762 - 1764 )
Daisuke Iwashima1), Sayaka Hirata2), Naoki Nagase2), Masahiko Hatakeyama3), Satoshi Sunada3)

Structural and Optical Properties of Smooth Surface TCO Thin Films Deposited on Different-Sized Staked Nanoparticle Layers for Window Electrode of Thin Film Si Solar Cells
( pp.1765 - 1769 )
Shuhei Miura1), Kazutoshi Suzuki1), Shinichi Noda1), Masanari Inoue2), Kouichi Murakami2), Shuichi Nonomura1) 2)

Numerical Study on Effective Thermal Conductivity of Radial Nanowire Heterostructures with MWCNT Core
( pp.1770 - 1776 )
Joo Hyun Moon1), Jeongmin Lee1), Jooheon Kim2), Seong Hyuk Lee1)

Stress Shift to Tensile Side by the Interruption of Deposition during Al and Cr Film Processing
( pp.1777 - 1780 )
Junyoung Yu1), Youngman Kim1)



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